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  1. No, I didn’t tried any of the Vollrath products (don’t know if they’re available in Europe, where I live). I tested a Hendi unit and another one from CASO Design. Both were commercial grade. Others came from local manufacturers.
  2. Anyone here using the Control Freak induction cooker with carbon steel pans? How do these perform on the unit? I’d like to know if the burner/heating pattern is nice and even. I have De Buyer Mineral B Pro pans (24 cm and 28 cm diameter); even if I brought them to temperature slowly, got marked hotspots when tested them on several commercial induction hobs.
  3. I’m a home cook interested in sous vide cooking. I started experimenting with it a year ago: I bought a refurbished professional vacuum chamber sealer and relied on my convection oven for the cooking part of the process. I soon realised dry air isn’t the best solution to deliver even and consistent heat. Now I want to take a step further: an immersion circulator. I prefer immersion circulators over water baths - the latter have fixed size tanks which prevent me from experimenting with different volumes. My ideal unit has stainles steel case and has programmable features such as the delayed start for unattended/overnight cooking. I'd like to know more about circulating systems: some have pumps, others rotors/stirrers. Some move the water horizontally, others vertically. Which combination provide the best temperature stability within the tank and reduce stratification and dead spaces between food items? Maximum tank capacity: how many liters would you suggest at most for household use (multiple bags at once)? Thank you for your help!
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