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I am originally from a small town in Alabama, born to an immigrant Jewish-German family. I never felt at home in Alabama, probably because I lived in a home where English was a second language. My best friend called my home the "house of weird vegetables"! Weird vegetables were asparagus, artichokes, brussel sprouts, red cabbage..... And then there was matzo sandwiches for Passover. You get my drift. A lot of my friends had a hard time understanding my family. I was the translator.

At 17 I went to Europe for six weeks and I was never the same. I ended up studying in Germany and Switzerland (hince the Swisskaese) and now my home is in central Israel. I broadened my cooking skills in Europe. I dated a Turkish man and a Greek man in Germany and got second degree at a small college in the Italian part of Switzerland.

I am an Information Developer by profession and an avid amateur cook. I love cooking challenges. I have taken a French pastry course, Italian cooking course and learned everything about Chinese cooking from my grandmother's Chinese cook. Now I am experimenting with Middle Eastern cooking. Israel is a real melting pot and I am really enjoying cooking with all of the wonderful fresh vegetables and herbs.

I married a nice Jewish boy from London (a.k.a Tapenade), my mother is so happy!!! You'll understand from my dating track record above who enjoys my passion for living and cooking.

I have been very fortunate to have travelled a lot. I love to learn and experience different cultures, everything from language to music to food. I speak 5 languages. And understand a few others.

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