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    More detail? How did you plate all of the ingredients separately? I think I see barley, kidney beans, favas, potato, egg obviously, but what's the mystery stuff on top/center that looks like eggplant or squash? Of course, you had me with jalapeno. Herbs/spices?
  2. I understand this as you let it proof on the peel? I have never heard of letting formed pizza dough proof further. Discuss this? Is this a typical method someplace or is it your construct?
  3. Annual thank you lunch at husband's business. No booze. Diet Coke as wild as it got. But, seriously, I've never had a good pig in blanket. I know they are a specialty of yours. How about a delicious recipe? Maybe start a new thread rather than muddle this one.
  4. Yuk it up, but at a going away party for young adults, it was 18-20 year old guys who wolfed the sprouts, several saying that they always thought they hated them but these were mind-changing. (Dressing = egg yolk, Dijon, minced garlic, s/p, half canola/half olive oil, Meyer lemon juice.) But then, we didn't offer pigs-in-blankets so there was no direct competition.
  5. A crowd pleasing buffet offering is steamed sprouts in a very Dijon mustardy vinaigrette.
  6. Mostly halved, errant leaves sliced.
  7. These recently braised with guanciale were pretty spectacular
  8. Margaret Pilgrim

    Dinner 2021

    No pics because we arrived late in the country in 35° weather, snow on the ground -> just get something hot on the table. A plate of shishitos warmed the fingers, while bowls of spaghetti alla gricia fed the soul Think of carbonara without eggs, or cacio e pepe with guanciale.
  9. While it seems logical that introducing fat into a lean chunk of meat so that it resembles wagyu. But at what cost of kitchen time? It's hardly a procedure that most modern cooks would subscribe to.
  10. Only caution is to instruct any household help re your gorgeous board's requirements. Son's fabulous au pair spent hours scouring down his precious work station. He was able to spend equal time restoring it. But a little guidance could have prevented both.
  11. Margaret Pilgrim

    Dinner 2021

    Back to a weeknight plate = pork tonkatsu (known in our house as "mashed, smashed pork"), grilled cauliflower, barley pilaf. Splat of Momofuku ranch, should you want.
  12. Finally reading the Ina article, I would love to know the secret of the writer's perfect runny eggs. Sorry she found them underdone. They are exactly what we are looking for.
  13. Margaret Pilgrim

    Dinner 2021

    Asparagus with ranch starter Roast chicken, mash, pan gravy
  14. I rely on this hand-cranked model I bought at a PA flea market for $4. Comes apart for washing easily. Husband milled the wooden plunger. Grandkids vie for time at the wheel...altho they tend to snag a sizable proportion of product while "helping out".
  15. FWIW, we usually have one batch of soft boiled eggs in any week long stay in the country. But I bounce between large, extra large and jumbo eggs, depending on the price/quality available when last shopping. While I think that I use a timer and account for egg size, we more often than not have overcooked, i.e. not runny, eggs. Husband suggested I try that "way you cook them unshelled in water"...okay, poached eggs! Perfect, and when set on cubed buttered toast as we normally serve boiled eggs, an excellent solution to a nagging problem.
  16. Margaret Pilgrim

    Dinner 2021

    Grilled zucchini with red pepper sauce and creme fraiche, with a heritage pork, Momofuku sauce on the side.
  17. Margaret Pilgrim

    Dinner 2021

    Beets, oranges, red onion, blood orange infused olive oil Spaghetti carbonara, guanciale, pecorino
  18. On the West Coast, Spreklels made/makes beet sugar. I can't say I've seen it in stores in years.
  19. Ooooooof!!! Sending all good thoughts and our thanks for taking one for the team. I remember being in a fast food joint where the late teen-age fry-cook was the French fry oil in shorts and flip-flops. Cringe-worthy.
  20. II buy cheap dried bay leaves in the Mexican seasoning department. Always add as part of a bouquet garni (dried bay leaf, fresh parsley and thyme tied together with string for easy removal) in meat braises, , in beans and split peas, in potato soup, chili, Mexican sauces. About 2" of leaf is enough.
  21. And then there was the time s couple of weeks ago when I removed the Mississippi roast from its pot onto a wooden board so we could reduce down the juices a bit. Left the board on an adjacent unused burner only to suddenly smell “campfire”, burning wood. #%£¥!!!!! Yup. Bottom of carving board on fire. Put it out under water but it is seriously scorched. Who knew maple ignited so easily? I was sure it was several inches from the in-use burner.
  22. I remember making quite excellent pie crust with corn oil. Corn oil and milk, if I remember correctly. And my still favorite carrot cake is made with oil.
  23. A few months back, I started a new after dinner dishwashing routine. I wash all dishes, glassware and silverware, and any very lightly used pans, but just leave well used pans on the stove, filled with water and Dawn. In the morning, regardless of what was stuck on the night before, they wash clean with just a swipe of a sponge. How come I've been fighting stuck-on pans at night for all these years???
  24. Off topic. but one of my favorite mine vignettes = a sign posted at a Sutter Creek, CA gold mine, "This is rattlesnake country. If you encounter a rattler, please report it to the gift shop." Huh? Where Dollie Dimples behind the cash register would do WHAT?
  25. And need to be treated very differently from usual American "baking hams". I.e., we wouldn't "bake" a prosciutto or Iberico or an untreated fine southern ham.
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