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  1. This last week I've been going on a "make what I can from PDT with the stuff I've got" run through the book. We made a Cloister (very nice with the Junipero) and a couple Milk Punches (supremely quaffable after dinner drink, pairs nicely with a bowl of raspberries). Mostly though, this week has resulted in a lot of Improved Whiskey Cocktails and an almost empty Rittenhouse bottle. Not sure if the proportions are original to PDT, but I like it: 2 oz Rittenhouse .25 oz Luxardo Maraschino .25 oz simple syrup (scant) 2 dashes Angostura Bitters (I use one dash Ango and one dash Bitter Punk Alpino*) absinthe rinse (St. George) *We picked up the Bitter Punk Alpino bitters last time we were in Denver. (They're from Boulder, Colorado, I guess.) It's got pine characteristics, hence the name, but also a fair amount of citrus peel, some grassy herbaceous notes (playing well with the maraschino), and maybe a bit of cardamom? And it's, for lack of a better word, just more "bitter" than the ango.
  2. I've been eying that Kaiser Penguin recipe and thinking about making it... a couple questions since you bring it up here: (1) It has an indefinite shelf life with that much OP rum, right? (2) Have you improved on the recipe at all? What about mixing a little LH with the W&N?
  3. Made a nice suissesse last night (recipe's perhaps a touch heavy on the absinthe for me, or the St. George isn't sweet enough) and this lovely Ramos Gin Fizz. Found these awesome old peacock glasses on eBay in my neverending search for the perfect Ramos glass.
  4. Dang, those ribs look fine.
  5. Thanks for the suggestions, everyone. I'll try the single ice cube. Rafa, this actually came up with the Koriko tins in the context of a Ramos last night. I otherwise haven't been experiencing any leaks since switching over to the Korikos, but I think the extra-long dry shake for a Ramos is what pushed it over the edge. FP, I've seen you advocate for the stick blender in other threads--will give that a try with my next one. KD1191, thank you especially for the repost from Mr. Kinsey. The mechanics/why behind the leaking were driving me nuts, but this explanation makes a lot of sense. Fascinating to my layman's brain.
  6. I guess my question here is two-part: (1) I recently purchased Koriko tins and had previously been using a tin plus a bar glass. With my old set up, whenever I would dry shake, inevitably a few seconds in, liquid would start to leak out and onto the sides of the glass. It also seemed like there was some pressure and I'd sometimes hear a faint hiss of air being released. Sometimes the problem was bad enough that I'd lose a fair amount of liquid around the edge of the seal, and more when I popped the tin and glass apart (which I'm assuming was related to pressure). Once I introduced ice, there was no issue. With the Koriko tins, the seal is MUCH better but there is still the occasional leak during dry shaking. Adding ice again solves whatever problem there was. Does this happen to anyone else where there's a leak only during dry shakes, but not once ice is introduced? How do I fix this? (2) What's been really bugging me is: why is there only leaking during dry shaking, but not when ice is introduced? What causes this phenomenon? Is this an effect of temperature?
  7. Man, I am so in for doing these under the broiler. This looks delicious. Wish I had a smoker and grill... damnable apartment living.
  8. Used to get very good dim sum at Lu Lu Seafood in St. Louis, Mo. Probably the best place in eastern Missouri for it. (Not sure that's saying much, but it really is good.)
  9. My belief is if you're having a couple egg white drinks and a salad, you're getting a full meal of protein, vegetables, and fruit from whatever juice you've got in there.
  10. This may not be appropriate here, in which case I can post a new thread, but... I ordered some small glass spray bottles ("atomizers"?) and thought I had bought two--one for absinthe and an extra for pastis or chartreuse. Turns out I bought a dozen and with return shipping there's no point sending them back. What should I use the extras on? Was thinking: Absinthe Pastis(es) Arak G. Chartreuse Y. Chartreuse Ango/other bitters? ??? What else do you keep in an atomizer?
  11. Made one of these last night. Quite nice. Went over well with my drinking partner who very much likes ginger and rum. Served with a candied ginger garnish.
  12. I laughed very hard at this one. Unexpected (and yet perfectly spot on)!
  13. Bought a bottle of Linie aquavit recently. Interesting flavor, lighter caraway than I expected. Looking forward to finding some cocktails for it.
  14. WineBerserkers is a great forum, but not a lot of food talk there. eG will round things out perfectly!
  15. Hmm I didn't realize the Searsucker chain was part of an even larger consortium. I wasn't planning to go back, but will definitely try to find something smaller now. Interesting to hear about Polite Provisions. Not a fan of zoos or too-sweet drinks. Thanks for the suggestions. They all look great. A bit of a drive for a quick two-day visit, but I'll see if we can free up a couple hours to go downtown.
  16. Yep. There's always next time though! I have a feeling we'll be back down that way and El Moro will still be around.
  17. I like dining at the bar at Bottega and Redd. For whatever reason, the bartenders in the area are especially friendly and a huge resource for food/wine info. Really like Ad Hoc--have had a few very fun meals there. I'm a big fan of the cookbook and Thomas Keller generally, but was not satisfied with Bouchon in Yountville. Bistro Jeanty on the other hand is a good French bistro meal (but if you've only got a couple days, I would pass as you can get the food elsewhere). As far as I am concerned, the best place for breakfast in the two valleys is Fremont Diner between Napa and Sonoma Valleys. It's on the 12 in Fremont. We usually stay in Yountville and drive down and over early in the morning, stopping there, on our way to the coast or Sonoma. Really, really good and popular with the locals as well (heard about it from one of those bartenders). Napa Valley Biscuits in Napa used to be great, but is apparently closed. Finally, Gott's Roadside is a good place to stop for breakfast if you're headed north in Napa Valley. They get BUSY for lunch but have solid tacos.
  18. Hey, FP, what do you think of Searsucker, if you've been? I was at the Del Mar location a year or so ago. It seemed OK--drinks weren't bad, but the service had an inattentive factory feel to it. The whole place felt a bit too calculated. I'm from the La Jolla area, left about nine years ago to go to college. Come back to San Diego a couple times a year to visit family and friends, and will be out for a quick trip in a few weeks. Do you know any good cocktail bars in La Jolla, UTC, or Del Mar? I've been meaning to try Polite Provisions since it opened. Looks great and like they know what they're doing. Attorney Privilege is a nice little drink and I've made it a couple times from the Imbibe recipe: http://imbibemagazine.com/attorney-privilege-recipe/
  19. Hmm I don't remember what we ordered. Española sounds like it would be the one I was looking for. My girlfriend who I was sharing it with does not like sweet chocolate, so perhaps we were scared off by the "dulce."
  20. There's also a new location in a kind of high-end food court that is easier to get to and less (albeit, still) crowded. We went there after seeing how packed the older location was. I'm sure it doesn't provide the same overall experience but the churros were good, as was the chocolate, though I'd kind of been expecting something thicker. I was hoping to recreate this churro con chocolate experience I'd had years ago while living in Madrid, but that's not a fair expectation to have going to another restaurant. On its own standard, El Moro's worth the stop. Also forgot to add Neverría Roxy in Condesa. Great little corner ice cream shop that's very open to the street with a big list of ice cream and sorbet flavors, many of which you won't see in the U.S. Able to do a sampler of several little scoops. Limited seating and was crowded when we went mid-afternoon. No English menu.
  21. Fernet-Bronco


    I like the interview. They seem like they'll create a good environment. Will try to check it out next time I'm in the city. The recent February 13 episode of the Guild of Sommeliers Wine Podcast was about Calvados and rum. They spend a lot of time in the Calvados portion talking about cider (though mostly in the course of creating Calvados, not for table drinking). Might be worth checking out.
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    Not really sure I'd be fighting to attach Julian, CA, to my product. It has pretty touristy associations for me... which I guess will help them sell bottles to the tourists. Kinda surprised Stone Brewing hasn't waded into cider.
  23. Fernet-Bronco


    Wow, very cool. Would love to see a menu for that place...
  24. Words to live by, I'm sure. After this thread, I looked up Iraqi restaurants in Houston. We have one apparently (and it has Masgouf on the menu... no picture of the fire though hmm) but is supposedly not very good, if you give Yelp much credibility, which I don't. I may have to venture out that way to try it for myself. I've had mango pickles once or twice in my lifetime, though in southeast Asian cooking, so probably different. Delicious.
  25. Fernet-Bronco


    Anyone here drink any of the Farnum Hill ciders? They're excellent and run the gamut in styles. My favorite is their bone-dry, funky "Extra Dry" cider: http://www.povertylaneorchards.com/farnum-hill-ciders/the-ciders/xdry/ It should appeal to the beer and natural wine crowd. Mr. Asimov has had a few good cider related articles and reviews in the NYT: http://www.nytimes.com/2013/11/13/dining/reviews/dry-cider-an-american-favorite-rebounds.html http://www.nytimes.com/2010/11/17/dining/17pour.html There's a lot of education to be had by drinking through these. Astor Wine & Spirits has an excellent cider selection.
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