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    One of my favourite summertime whites for al fresco dining is Gewurtz, especially when paired with seafood. Or a cold gazpacho. Down here in S.A. we have several estates producing excellent, off-dry variations. I see very little mention of it on this forum. Is Gewurtztraminer produced in the USA?
  2. None of the bread baking books I have on my shelf approaches the quality of this course. Well done, Jack! My starter is resting quietly in the fridge, awaiting the time when I am more mobile. I cannot wait.
  3. From all the previous posts, I am now convinced - lovers of hot peppers are in essence all masochists. Endorfins indeed! I will remain content to stimulate my taste buds with gentler foodstuff, get my endorfins going by reading Tolstoy, and combat my intestinal bacteria by listening to political debates.
  4. I have to confess to being absolutely and totally baffled by all this. The notion of eating something that is painful to ingest, is to my mind one that belongs in the pages of the Marquis de Sade. In a pot on my stove? On a plate at my table? No, no and NO. Please, Mark, can you explain the appeal of hot foods?
  5. gsquared

    Urgent Help Needed!

    Wash well with water to remove the surface remnants. Water alone will, however, not solve the problem as the Capsaicin (the active burn ingredient) is not water soluble. It is soluble in alcohol, so wash with whatever booze you have around. If you do not have alcohol, washing with milk will also help. Good luck!
  6. I enjoyed your reminiscences - thank you! You must surely have had great meals cooked by Franey at Le Pavillon - care to share the one you remember most fondly?
  7. gsquared

    Lamb Shank

    Leslie Revsin's new (due Sept) book - Come for Dinner - has an excellent recipe for lamb shanks. That dish may well be the subject of her eGCI course on October 2nd - watch the eGCI Course Announcements.
  8. 260sq ft without the pantry, 350 with.
  9. Huevos del Toro suggested that we do a course in eGCI on growing herbs in containers. We are looking for a volunteer/volunteers do do this course. Who is up for it?
  10. If you PM me the raw text of your post (from the edit box) I,ll try and figure out what is wrong.....
  11. Thanks Carolyn! Did a sauce espagnole last night - added some red wine, simmered for a while and then whisked in some butter. This was served with pan fried Kudu fillet, topped with a round of garlic toast, on potato maxim (sort of), with a watercress and pine nut puree and a Five Spice flavoured carrot puree. Went down great! Here is a pic:
  12. Great work, Sam. I bought a new stock pot this morning using your guidelines - buying this stuff is easy if you know what to look for!
  13. On the 14th August JAZ will present a course on menu planning in the eGullet Culinary Institute. If you would like to submit a menu to JAZ for online critique, send it to her before Aug 12. Include the main ingredients, method of preparation and ethnic origin of each dish or plate, as well as the order of courses. One menu per student -- exceptions made if time permits.
  14. You mean you have never fixed a bitter sauce with a torn up 1$ bill? Well spotted! Edited and fixed.
  15. I had exactly the same - the meat on my roasted bones did not look anywhere near as dark as FG's, and his pic did not show any liquid, so I think I also under-roasted somewhat. The end result still seemed fine, if slightly lighter than expected.
  16. You will remember that I made two brown stocks - one with meat that had fewer bones than the other. After defatting and reducing, here are the results, with the stock made from the less "boney" meat on the left: The main difference between the two is that the meat with fewer bones produced a less gelatinous stock. As far as the taste is concerned, the first one is perhaps slightly more meaty. My SO, whose palate I respect, maintains that the one with more bones has more body. The mouthfeel of the boney one is distinctly smoother. I mixed the two in equal proportions as suggested by Rachel. The mixture tasted different from the two components, but not markedly so - I preferred its mouthfeel, though. In any event, I am seriously chuffed with this stock! It is far, far better than anything I have produced up to now, and streets ahead of anything I have tried off-the-shelf. Thanks FG! Bring on the sauces!
  17. Yep - in the first two the mirepoix was dominant. In the first one, I picked up mostly celery, the second one a more general "veggie" taste with the onions being distinct. The last sample tasted the way I expected the completed stock to taste - the mirepoix was still there, but as part of a far more complex flavour.
  18. I chilled the first two samples immediately after taking them. Did not specifically test for gelatine, though, but the both samples were watery and not gelatinous at all, as I observed when pouring them back into the stock. The last sample was still warm....Damn! I'll make a poor scientist. There must have been some evaporation, but I doubt that it played much of a role - in any event, evaporation would have made the first two samples darker, no?
  19. Just for interest's sake, I took 3 small samples of my brown stock (the boney one) at different times, and strained each sample. Here are the results at, from left to right, 1 hour, 3 hours and 12 hours. This is not very scientific (I wanted to it every 3 hours but got distracted!) , but it does look as though the bones still added a lot of colour after 3 hours.
  20. Meaty and boney both contentedly simmering away - meaty looking paler, but perhaps only shy due to being in a smaller pot.
  21. I have a source for good (salt-free) chicken stock and have, in view of my limited need for chicken stock, decided to home in on the brown stock. My daughter has a small (8 quart) pot, and I have a large one (16 quarts), so I am making two batches at the same time. I got two types of meat - one batch with more meat than the other, and have divided the two between the two pots, thinking that it will be interesting to compare the results of a stock made with a larger proportion of meat to the other, more bone-rich one. More later - I have to skim.....
  22. Buy fibre-less mangos - down here we hardly get the hairy ones any more.
  23. Is the Magimix one of those that you put the container in the freezer? If so, was it in there for long enough - 10-12 hours?
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