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  1. 'wildcrafted' = 'we are trying to figure out a way to charge $9 a pound for dandelion greens' i mean, come on. i'm down with foraging and all, but seriously, $9 a pound for dandelions?
  2. i think you may be reading too much into it. a media outlet does a 'best of' piece, people talk about who is ranked #2 or #3 or whatever, meanwhile, what horror, classic respected business is ranked #10! who could imagine! then more people buy the magazine/newspaper/whatever to see what other sacrelige they might have committed. meanwhile, the 'winners' on the best of list get to hang a piece of paper in their window that says BEST OF and people see it and come buy stuff. it's a win-win! i mean, philadelphia magazine has the formula so down pat that they use it for every single issue. top doctors, top schools, top beach towns, top plastic surgeons, top mechanics, top apartment buildings, top grocery stores, top vets, top shoe repair... and then after they do that for 11 issues, they put out their 'best of philly' issue. of course if you're looking at the larger issue of why people like ranked lists of things, that's further into the human psyche than i'm going here....
  3. come on now y'all, they've had no critical violations on its last couple of health department inspections, which is more than you can say for many other places everyone likes. look here: http://welcometophilly.com/food/index.php?...s+sandwich+shop it's fine to eat at george's. they make good food.
  4. Weekday AM Philly eats?

    yes. ← From the south, I always take the Walt Whitman exit, follow the signs for Oregon, make a right on Oregon and a left on Vandalla after you cross back under the 95 overpass. That street is basically the back side of Ikea and Lowe's. John's is at the corner of Vandalla and Snyder.The gmap hack pedometer shows the route. Though OT, I saw the pedometer at a MoMA exhibition last month. For all you urban walkers and joggers, it's a great tool for calculating distances. ← Regular Google Maps does not even acknowledge the existence of Vandalla Street, so I wonder if it's well-marked? It might be, but it could also be worth knowing that a left on Swanson, rather than Vandalla would get you there too. The Google directions from the airport recommend taking 95 north to the Washington Ave exit, then making a right on Columbus Blvd, then a right on Swanson, to Snyder. I can imagine that the right on Swanson might be hard to see, so it would be even simpler to go: 95 north to Washington Avenue exit. Turn right on Columbus Blvd. Turn right on Snyder (near the IKEA) . It's about a block up Snyder. ← true, and i always miss vandalla, and end up hanging a left on weccacoe.
  5. Surf and Turf Philly Style

    That was my first thought too. But they're not really in Port Richmond, are they? ← that's fishtown yo.
  6. wow, that's quite an endorsement.
  7. Surf and Turf Philly Style

    i just had a hot dog/fishcake combo AGAIN yesterday. that's some good stuff there. a couple weeks we went down and i got a roast pork. it was very enjoyable, although really not quite in the league of dinic's or john's....
  8. Nettles

    i make a pesto out of them and serve over pasta or potatoes.
  9. Here's the deal: Sue's on 18th & Sansom is on my way home. I've been going there for years, sometimes four or five times a week for this and that. Their produce is good: Since they moved across the street, they've expanded their selection to include a lot more local and organic stuff (including good tofu, milk, eggs, Peaquea Valley yogurt and more recently the jersey gold butter, and you know how I feel about that stuff). The owners are nice, and really know their stuff. It's great to know that on my way home from work, I can stop in and, for instance buy herbs without having to go to the incredibly overpriced whitebread Rittenhouse Market. Or that on my way in to work if I don't have a lunch I can get a packed clamshell of washed spring mix, baby spinach, or baby arugula for $1, with a small loaf of Sarcones for another $1 or so. Or that sometimes they'll have those red bananas. Or that despite being a block off Rittenhouse Square, the place just isn't very expensive. Sure, they don't have the variety that Iovine's does, and they're nothing like Italian Market cheap. But the store is just right for what it is, and I love it. Props to Sue's for rewling the Rittenhouse Square produce scene. Please never close. That is all.
  10. Sue's produce

    dragging up yet another ancient thread: mangosteens are now available at sue's. $17/lb, which averages out to about $3 each.
  11. Ballpark Eats

    the only delaware pizza chain i know of is grotto, which is awful.
  12. by 'wild card' do you mean 'just plain wrong'?
  13. yes, i think i can remember most of it: eggs french toast pancakes some pork and spinach thing egg white omelet all with choice of meat i think and potatoes and apples of course eggs scrambled with sausage biscuits and gravy (with eggs) hash (with eggs) also some kinda atkins thing with no potatoes or apples. i mean, all the stuff you'd usually order. but still somehow, not right. not at 8:30 a.m. maybe later.
  14. interesting point, bob. since i don't get to the jersey diners often, i was comparing it to the various little petes's and the midtowns. we hit up the midtown... uh, III i think? the one on 18th st. and that same breakfast but with regular crappy diner food would run you about $5. at petes, maybe $7? but yeah, the food was actually really good this time....
  15. i was thinking of the discussion on this thread when we hit up down home diner today, for the first time in a while but not that long. it's an easy spot early on a sunday morning -- have some breakfast, get the boy a cheap short stack that he doesn't eat most of, and when we're done he can run around the market putting money in the pig and looking at the lobsters while i pick up a few things. anyway, here's what i found: 1. service: ok. some odd pauses, but the food came fast 2. food: really good, actually. buckwheat blueberry pancakes, thick-cut bacon, over-easy eggs that had runny yolks and didn't have gelatinous whites. good sausage that could have been crisper. great bread for the toast. the bad part was that they've abandoned a diner menu for a 'sunday brunch' menu. really the options are all the same things you'd order anyway -- pancakes, french toast, eggs, omelets, biscuits, hash -- but it just feels wrong. and it's friggin $8.95 prix fixe. and ok besides the fact that that's too much, am i the only one that thinks there's something wrong with the phrase 'prix fixe brunch menu' in a place that purports to be a diner?
  16. fun blog post. but i think you should add george's roast pork to the list of iconic places. it's right in the market, the pork is good, and... man it's midnight and i'm just back from the caribbean and all i want is a roast pork sandwich. ← Ahh, excellent point, thanks! I haven't been in a million years, so I don't remember details. Any secrets to getting the ultimate sandwich, any ways to make George smile, or at least not growl? ← i've never had noticeable service there. i mean, not noticeably cheerful or noticeably grouchy. hm.... i'll have to go back.
  17. fun blog post. but i think you should add george's roast pork to the list of iconic places. it's right in the market, the pork is good, and... man it's midnight and i'm just back from the caribbean and all i want is a roast pork sandwich.
  18. Matyson (LaBan, etc.)

    yeah, that. oh yeah, definitely that. that stuff was awesome.
  19. Matyson (LaBan, etc.)

    i went over to matyson for this last night, and while everything was good, i was expecting more mushroominess. where you say 'welcome accents', bob, i say gimme more fungitude. for instance the scallop. the scallop itself was delicious, but if that was porcini powder on it, i couldn't taste it (the risotto was great). i mean, i don't want to take away from the quality of any of the dishes. they were all delicious and executed to my liking (although some in our party thought the scallop and risotto were both undercooked, and the greens that came with my terrine were almost inedibly salty). i'm just saying, when you say mushroom, i want mushroom. anyway, i love matyson. it makes me happy to eat there, every time i go.
  20. Thai Ingredients

    it's not the terminal or montgomery county but first oriental supermarket down at 6th & washington carries frozen banana leaves.
  21. Last few meals in Philly

    if i were leaving town, i would hit up matyson, ansill and southwark. three of my favorite places for various reasons. i'd do various ethnic restaurants if i knew the place i was going didn't have them, but those three would definitely be included.
  22. i work up in fairmount and we generally order from asia on the parkway. i should clarify that i'm not a huge fan of takeout chinese. but i can tell you this: they used to order from some storefront dump at like 16th & spring garden, and asia on the parkway is approximately 1000 times better than that.
  23. Rick's Steaks Leaving RTM?

    why do you hate philadelphia? small minded people wielding their power for vindictive purposes is a hallmark of our fair city.
  24. Crabs

    OK with all the discussion of crabs in... uh.... some other forum on here, and seeing as it looks like I'm not going to get down to MD/DE this year, I'm in the mood for crabs. I'm thinking of heading out tonight. We always went to DiNardo's if we weren't going to make it down the shore, but I feel like they're overpriced and I've been kinda annoyed with them lately. We've done Snockey's a couple of times, but they're cooked and kept cold and then reheated by boiling, which doesn't provide the same thing. So we're looking for somewhere new, and we have a car at the moment, which opens up a lot of options that usually aren't available to us. Really the thing we like is more maryland/delaware style crabs, steamed with old bay. Here's what I've found so far from looking around various websites: Grabbe's, which is somewhere in NJ, but apparently has $20 AYCE. Bonk's, which doesn't do baltimore style from what I can tell Byrne's, which does (neither of these are AYCE, from what I can tell). Someone recommended getting them to go at Ippolito's, but even if someone else cooks them for you and you eat outside, you still end up with big bags of really stinky trash. Anastasi has them for 4/$12, which is a little pricey for me. So what do y'all think? Where to go for crabs? Right now I'm thinkin Byrne's--a good idea?