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  1. Agreed. Nice whiskey selection too.
  2. way late to this but: 1. tiffin has been slipping majorly. i don't bother anymore. 2. ekta is significantly better; whether or not you should bother is up to you. they still do cvery good stuff though. 3. minar palace came back in full force as exactly what it was: inexpensive (though not as cheap as it was) curry house. it's a different kind of thing than the other two.
  3. i don't know if they still carry it, but downtown cheese in the terminal used to sell bomba rice. both they and dibrunos carry a couple varieties of chorizo from palacios. dibrunos also has a couple of more handmade expensive offerings, but for the basics, those are pretty much the sources in town that i know of. edit: i should mention it's about $10 for a loop of the palacios chorizo. about the same price as you'll pay from anywhere online.
  4. they followed it up with cheesesteaks and then a kind of catch-all roast pork, cutlets, meatballs, etc. article. Really enjoyable series.
  5. Has anyone been back here since the chef bailed for Cantina? Any thoughts?
  6. well, like $6 or $8 a lb instead of $20 -- while granted you're buying a whole fish vs. filets, the perception is still that it's cheaper, you have to admit. and no, i don't buy bluefish, generally. but it's there and it's cheap.
  7. thanks bob! i guess i WAS misreading their price list or something. i'll look more closely next time. maybe i also got that impression because they don't stock the cheap junk fish i often buy -- sea bass, sardines, mackerel, bluefish and the like. so i didn't have the $4.99/lb fish right next to the $22 stuff to distract me.
  8. wait am i missing something? i've wanted to buy from otolith ever since i heard of them, at least a couple of years now. but when i go down there (or over at almanac market in northern libs) and look at their prices i'm stunned by them. am i misreading something and their stuff isn't prohibitively expensive?
  9. if you want a good cheesesteak but still want the atmosphere, walk two blocks over to cosmi's deli at 8th & dickinson, then take your steak over to the pats/genos corner and hang around while you eat it.
  10. quesadillas! http://www.saveur.com/article/Recipes/Squash-Blossom-Quesadilla
  11. no, it's vanilla. but the key thing is huge slabs of salty peanut butter going through it. so good.
  12. Hey! thats good news about them still open in some way. I thought they had closed up for good and gone away completely. but sadly... that old place they had was the BEST! There was nothing else like it around. good to know you can at least still get their ice cream. I LOVED the peanut butter ripple ! i can assure you that the peanut butter ripple (aka the best ice cream ever) is still there, and still awesome.
  13. goodnoe's still exists, but is no longer in the format it used to be -- it is now a small ice cream shop on sycamore st.
  14. oyster house should be ashamed to participate in beer week considering their beer pricing. the thing is, it's weird, considering that their wine pricing is pretty much in line with everywhere else, and their cocktails are too. but their beer prices run $1-2 more than what everywhere else charges for a pint, for a glass that sure doesn't seem like a pint -- if it is, then it's slightly less egregious, but still, EIGHT DOLLARS for a glass of dogfish head 60 minute IPA*? i pay less at citizens bank park. i will, of course, still frequent the place, since there are so many other things i like about it, but will not be buying beer there. (edit: which is a shame, because i am of the opinion that some beers go fantastically with oysters) come on now, oyster house. it's beer. we can go on and on about quality and selection and this and that, but in the end there's no excuse for that kinda gouging. *don't go by the online menu; i was there tonight and this was the price
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