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  1. lindaj1

    Keto Puff Pastry?

    Is there any recipe from the modernist universe or any other galaxy to make ketogenic (low carb) puff pastry and strudel type doughs? Unusual ingredients OK. There must be a way...
  2. Thank you for the replies! Very much appreciated. Does everyone buy the $100 Isi Gourmet? Is there some other brand (model number please) that is as good? I am pre-purchase so I need exact description as well as where to buy.
  3. Which of the smaller chamber vacuum packing machines work well? I see VacMaster being used- what model if this is the preferred reliable reasonably priced machine to get?
  4. What brand of pint whipping cream NO2 charge gadgets work well and what brand of cartridges? I would hate to pay a hundred bucks and have it work for a month and leak and make a mess.