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  1. TicTac

    Dinner 2024

    Foraged morels....? And as awesome as the food looks - that pan is calling me. Can you share more about it? Looks wicked!
  2. Unless this is some belated April Fools joke, I fail to see how Vogue identified a market that would be interested in reading about a .000000000000000000000001% of the population who might choose to eat that (as some have so aptly described) cardboard wannabe cracker throughout the year. If anyone was in such an unfortunate circumstance whereby they had no choice but to sustain life from matzah....I would hope they have cases of Restoralax handy!
  3. TicTac

    Dinner 2024

    @Shelby - Echo'ing what others have already shared; it's a really shitty situation when something we take for granted (like our teeth/mouth) goes awry; especially for us folk who live to eat (not the other way around - mongrels!) My mom has gone through the same thing, she has Sjogrens so that contributes to it, but I know how upsetting and frustrating it can be when major mouth issues occur. Enjoy as much as you can pre-surgery, have a good plan (which clearly you are crafting) for what to eat post-op and then start to look forward to what you missed out most during said recovery. I would say make as many soups as you can and freeze them, variety is amazing and the form will not impact the traditional enjoyment (vs. say, putting a steak into a blender....!) Hang in there!
  4. Southern Ontario Though I do love each of our coasts!
  5. Well that's a bummer! The blurb on their website says they taste sweet and almost mullberry like. If it tastes like spinach, only thing it will be good for is a gag joke! LOL I believe this is in the wild spinach family, so from what I gather, super healthy - if it spreads, so be it! Thanks for the heads up though.
  6. Got my seed order from Incredible Seed Co out in NS - lovely owners to work with. They have such a great and unique selection, could not help to grab a 'strawberry spinach' cross - Yes - berries, growing on a spinach plant! Less than 2 weeks away from when I start my Pepper seeds 2 weeks after, tomatoes - then 3 weeks before planting, cukes - rest I will direct sow. (spinaches, lettuces, bush beans, snap peas, clatonia, and a few others). It's spring and this -10 nonsense can piss off already!
  7. I had it at a full roiling boil at some point(s) - I am assuming as hot as it can get...it was as high as my meat thermometer goes! I think the issue was either not enough sugar, or I packed the seeds too dense in the cheese cloth and they did not sit in it long enough. No science to jam making in my world....shit's a crap shoot each time! LOL
  8. TicTac

    Lunch 2024

    Looks awesome. Just a quick shout-out to @Shelby - these are what we call "Fries that are not lonely!" 😛
  9. What water/vinegar ratio do you use? How much salt? Do you salt the fish prior? Very cool!
  10. Been a 49'ers fan since the Montana/Young days - so glad to see them in it! Just a good excuse to eat shitty (for you, not taste) food once a year.... - Loaded nachos - Double baked potatoe skins - Baked mozerella sticks - Buffalo chicken wing dip - Guac Some raw veg in an attempt to balance Oh, and I am making Pain Killers
  11. TicTac

    Dinner 2024

    I feel like your fries are sad. They want more friends. Let them have friends! 😛
  12. TicTac

    Dinner 2024

    Some really great looking meals…love this threat as a source of inspiration. My 8 year old cooked dinner with me today and his extra special ingredient for the cabbage…pickles! Worked out, actually 😂 duck fat seared gnocchi, duck, sweet and sour cabbage/carrot/celery
  13. TicTac

    Dinner 2024

    While most Japanese recipes suggest you grill or broil collars; I think the ultimate prep is braising. The resulting collage and fat coupled with a reduced liquid makes for the perfect sauce to go with rice. kampachi, tuna, and seared lions mane…
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