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  1. Penghu 蓬灰 from Gaolan 皋兰 in his natural form A recipe for Lanzhou noodles : 500 grams of flour, 4 grams of salt, ramen agent 2% water 250 - 300 grams http://www.wxuse.com/thread-99011-1-1.html
  2. That's strange, Fuchsia Dunlop was one of their English advisers.
  3. Hi liuzhou, Do you know this one ? Sichuan(China) Cuisine in Both Chinese and English 中国川菜(中英文标准对照版) ISBN-10: 7536469640 《中国川菜(中英文标准对照版)》重点介绍了180道经典四川菜点的制作方法,全书采用中英文对照的编排方式,是目前国内第一本大型的中英文标准版的地方风味精美图文集。《中国川菜(中英文标准对照版)》的制作团队囊括了国内外饮食文化研究领域的一流专家、川菜烹饪大师、摄影名师等,由此确保了《中国川菜(中英文标准对照版)》内容的权威性。《中国川菜(中英文标准对照版)》文字简洁明了,图片美观精致,翻译标准规范,特别是180道经典四川菜点的制作方法,可供感兴趣的中外读者亲自操作实践,《中国川菜(中英文标准对照版)》具有很高的可读性、观赏性、实用性和指导性。 Content: 封面 扉页 版权页 目录 第一篇 开胃菜 Appetizer 五香牦牛肉 Five-Spice-Flavored Yak Beef 四味鲍鱼 Four-Flavor Abalone 葱酥鱼 Crispy Scallion-Flavored Fish 怪味鸡丝 Multi-Flavored Chicken Slivers 椒麻鸡
  4. A Documentary from CCTV about Lanzhou Lamian the school from the video: jwdlm.com/ they have also published a cooking book: 兰州牛肉拉面宝典https://youtu.be/4hh_gURT7NA
  5. I found this series on CCTV english The contrasting tastes of Harbin Luzhou's taste of intoxication Hengyang's vegetarian's delight Ningbo's Original Flavors The Wild Flavors of Xi'an Zibo Snacks Whole Food for Whole People The Exotic Flavors of Yanbian Guangzhou Snacks - Taste of Good Fortune Huangshan's Natural Taste A Taste of the Sea in Beihai
  6. sub

    Wok mon!

    Ain't that very dangerous ? My mod
  7. Another recipe in this book On the Noodle Road: From Beijing to Rome, with Love and Pasta by Jen Lin-Liu
  8. sub

    Wok mon!

    Same impression here, the idea is good but the average Gas Stove lacks of BTU, the flame in the video looks anemic better to buy a proper outdoor wok burner
  9. Hi, I've also tried to germinate some seeds, they are very hard to sprout, I've come across a very informative document: Zanthoxylum: A Low-Profile Asian Crop with Great Potential
  10. Hi Hassouni, Can you recommend me a brand/ shop ? I'm after a medical grade numbing effect, but It's hard to find A lot of brand are just ok, with a small tingling on the tongue and bunch of seeds in the bags.
  11. Thanks, here's anoter one (you can enable subtitles) It was taken from A bite of China the best culinary documentary series ever made, I love it ! After an youtube search with 手拉面 I've found this great tutorial (in Chinese ) http://youtu.be/EWquJ9Yvqls recipe ? flour:1000g water:650g salt:15g alkaline:5g
  12. Oh sorry, I forgot I saw it. I've managed to get a strechable dough with Caputo Pizzeria flour (12.75% protein W280-310) and some lye water 25 minutes of kneading in my Bosch MUM, few hours of rest, but I suck at pulling noodles, It's very hard to get them the same size I look so easy on the videos. . . Maybe you can try to found pizza flour in Uk. (Caputo, 5stagioni,Spadoni, divella, san felice) Next time I try without the lye and tell you if they where stretchable.
  13. Hi Chelseabun, Don't worry, I'm well aware. I've asked Meechun directly about the dosage and they replied this I saw this video on youtube with Andrew Wong http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GSSVON91NwE After some search I found his blog: Pulling noodles, very interessing read, no need for chemicals, just knead over the point of dough and do a long rest ( 6 hours ) From all the videos I saw the dough was always very hydrated !
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