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  1. Penghu 蓬灰 from Gaolan 皋兰 in his natural form A recipe for Lanzhou noodles : 500 grams of flour, 4 grams of salt, ramen agent 2% water 250 - 300 grams http://www.wxuse.com/thread-99011-1-1.html
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    Chinese Cookbooks

    That's strange, Fuchsia Dunlop was one of their English advisers.
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    Chinese Cookbooks

    Hi liuzhou, Do you know this one ? Sichuan(China) Cuisine in Both Chinese and English 中国川菜(中英文标准对照版) ISBN-10: 7536469640 《中国川菜(中英文标准对照版)》重点介绍了180道经典四川菜点的制作方法,全书采用中英文对照的编排方式,是目前国内第一本大型的中英文标准版的地方风味精美图文集。《中国川菜(中英文标准对照版)》的制作团队囊括了国内外饮食文化研究领域的一流专家、川菜烹饪大师、摄影名师等,由此确保了《中国川菜(中英文标准对照版)》内容的权威性。《中国川菜(中英文标准对照版)》文字简洁明了,图片美观精致,翻译标准规范,特别是180道经典四川菜点的制作方法,可供感兴趣的中外读者亲自操作实践,《中国川菜(中英文标准对照版)》具有很高的可读性、观赏性、实用性和指导性。 Content: 封面 扉页 版权页 目录 第一篇 开胃菜 Appetizer 五香牦牛肉 Five-Spice-Flavored Yak Beef 四味鲍鱼 Four-Flavor Abalone 葱酥鱼 Crispy Scallion-Flavored Fish 怪味鸡丝 Multi-Flavored Chicken Slivers 椒麻鸡 Jiaoma-Flavor Chicken 白宰鸡 Baizai Chicken 花椒鸡丁 Sichuan-Pepper-Flavored Chicken 泡椒凤爪 Pickled-Chili-Flavored Chicken Feet 钵钵鸡 Bobo Chicken 腊味拼盘 Cured Meat Platter 卤水拼盘 Assorted Meat Stewed in Sichuan-Style Broth 太白酱肉 Taibai Flour-Paste-Flavored Pork 蒜泥白肉 Pork in Garlic Sauce 酱猪手 Flour-Paste-Flavored Pork Feet 糖醋排骨 Sweet-and-Sour Spareribs 烟熏排骨 Smoked Spareribs 芥末肚丝 Tripe Slivers in Mustard Sauce 红油耳片 Pork Ear Slices in Chili Oil 陈皮兔丁 Tangerine Peel-Flavored Rabbit Dices 夫妻肺片 Fuqi Feipian (Sliced Beef & Offal in Chili Sauce) 麻辣牛肉干 Mala Dried Beef Strips 灯影牛肉 Translucent Beef Slices 双味蘸水兔 Rabbit with Double-Flavor Dipping Sauces 四川泡菜 Sichuan Pickles 老妈兔头 Laoma Rabbit Heads 侧耳根拌蚕豆 Sichuan-Style Heartleaf and Broad Bean Salad 灯影苕片 Translucent Sweet Potato Chips 口口脆 Crunchy Auparagus Lettuce 酸辣蕨粉 Hot-and-Sour Fern Root Noodles 怪味花仁 Multi-Flavored Peanuts 姜汁豇豆 Asparagus Beans in Ginger Sauce 泡椒双耳 Black and White Chili-Pickle-Flavored Funguses 椒麻桃仁 Jiaoma-Flavor Walnuts 荞面鸡丝 Buckwheat Noodles with Shredded Chicken 麻酱凤尾 Asparagus Lettuce with Sesame Paste 鱼香豌豆 Peas in Fish-Flavor Sauce 第二篇 热菜 Hot Dishes 海鲜类 Seafood 红烧鲍鱼 Red-Braised Abalone 宫保龙虾球 Gongbao Lobster Balls 鱼香龙虾 Lobster in Fish-Flavor Sauce 干烧大虾 Dry-Braised Prawns 翡翠虾仁 Shrimps with Jade-Colored Broad Beans 盆盆虾 Penpen Prawns (Spicy Prawns in a Basin) 干烧辽参 Dry-Braised Liaoning Sea Cucumber 家常海参 Home-Style Sea Cucumber 酸辣海参 Hot-and-Sour Sea Cucumber 白汁鱼肚卷 Fish Maw Rolls in Milky Sauce 椒汁多宝鱼 Turbot in Pepper-Flavored Sauce 菠饺鱼肚 Spinach-Flavored Dumplings with Fish Maw 家常鱿鱼 Home-style Squid 家常鱼唇 Home-style Fish Snouts 干煸鱿鱼丝 Dry-Fried Squid Slivers 泡椒墨鱼仔 Pickled-Chili-Flavored Tiny Cuttlefish 荔枝鱿鱼卷 Lichi-Flavor Squid Rolls 香辣蟹 Hot-and-Spicy Crabs 煳辣鲜贝 Hula-Flavor Scallops 竹烤银鳕鱼 Roasted Cod on a Bamboo Platter 藿香鲈鱼 Ageratum-Flavored Perch 双椒石斑鱼 Speckled Hind Fish with Green and Red Peppers 山珍类 Mountain Delicacies 冰糖燕窝 Bird's Nest with Rock Sugar 清汤燕菜 Bird's Nest in Consomme 一品牦牛掌 Deluxe Yak Paws 竹荪鸽蛋 Pigeon Eggs with Veiled Lady Mushrooms 河鲜类 River Delicacies 清蒸百花江团 Steamed Longsnout Catfish Surrounded by Flowers 红烧裙边 Red-Braised Shell Rims of Chinese Turtle 土豆烧甲鱼 Braised Chinese Turtle with Potatoes 川式烤鳗鱼 Sichuan-Style Barbecued Eel 豆瓣鱼 Fish in Chili Bean Sauce 砂锅雅鱼 Ya Fish Casserole 香辣黄蜡丁 Hot-and-Spicy Yellow Catfish 麻辣小龙虾 Mala Crayfish 泡椒牛蛙 Pickled-Chili-Flavored Bullfrog 开门红 Good-Luck Fish Head 石锅牛蛙 Bullfrog in a Stone Pot 川味烤鱼 Sichuan-Flavor Barbecued Fish 干烧鱼 Dry-Braised Fish 糖醋脆皮鱼 Crispy Sweet-and-Sour Fish 芹黄熘鱼丝 Stir-Fried Fish Slivers with Celery 酸菜鱼 Fish with Pickled Mustard 软烧仔鲶 Braised Catfish 香辣沸腾鱼 Hot-and-Spicy Sizzling Fish 鳝段粉丝 Paddy Eels with Pea Vermicelli 干煸鳝丝 Dry-Fried Paddy Eel Slivers 大蒜烧鳝鱼 Braised Paddy Eels with Garlic 香辣泥鳅 Hot-and-Spicy Loach 禽肉类 Poultry 宫保鸡丁 Gongbao Diced Chicken 太白鸡 Taibai Chicken 鸡米杂粮配窝窝头 Chopped Chicken with Steamed Corn Buns 野生菌煨乌鸡 Stewed Silkie Chicken with Wild Mushrooms 松茸炖土鸡 Stewed Free-range Chicken with Matsutake 芙蓉鸡片 Hibiscus-like Chicken 辣子鸡丁 Diced Chicken with Pickled Chilies 鸡豆花 Chicken Curd 鸡蒙葵菜 Cluster Mallow Coated with Chicken Mince 白果炖鸡 Stewed Chicken with Gingko Nuts 黄焖鸡 Golden Chicken Stew 鱼香八块鸡 Chicken Chunks in Fish-Flavor Sauce 雪花鸡淖 Snowy Chicken 香辣掌中宝 Hot-and-Spicy Chicken Feet Pad 青椒鸡杂 Chicken Hotchpotch with Green Peppers 虫草鸭子 Steamed Duck with Caterpillar Fungus 樟茶鸭 Tea-Smoked Duck 甜皮鸭 Crispy Sweet-Skinned Duck 姜爆鸭丝 Quick-Fried Duck Slivers with Ginger 酱爆鸭舌 Quick-Fried Duck Tongues with Fermented Flour Paste 香辣鸭唇 Hot-and-Spicy Duck Jaws 香酥鸭子 Crispy Duck 鸡烩鸭腰 Braised Duck Kidneys with Collybia Mushrooms 天麻乳鸽 Pigeon Stew with Gastrodia Tuber 鱼香虎皮鸽蛋 Tiger-skin Pigeon Eggs in Fish-Flavor Sauce 畜肉类 Meat 回锅肉 Twice-Cooked Pork 盐煎肉 Stir-Fried Pork with Leeks 东坡肘子 Dongpo Pork Knuckle 红烧肉 Red-Braised Pork Belly 坛子肉 Stewed Meat in an Earthen Pot 鱼香肉丝 Pork Slivers in Fish-Flavor Sauce 酱肉丝 Stir-Fried Pork Slivers with Fermented Flour Paste 青椒肉丝 Pork Slivers with Green Peppers 锅巴肉片 Sliced Pork with Sizzling Rice Crust 粉蒸肉 Steamed Pork Belly with Rice Flour 糖醋里脊 Sweet-and-Sour Pork Tenderloin 咸烧白 Steamed Pork with Salty Stuffing 甜烧白 Steamed Pork with Sweet Stuffing 火爆双脆 Crispy Quick-Fried Pork Tripe and Chicken Gizzards 火爆腰花 Quick-Fried Pork Kidneys 萝卜连锅汤 Pork Soup with Radish 香辣猪蹄 Hot-and-Spicy Pork Feet 雪豆蹄花 Pork Feet Stew with White Haricot Beans 葱烧蹄筋 Braised Pork Tendon with Scallion 川椒牛仔骨 Sichuan-Style Pepper-Flavored Beef Spareribs 红烧牛头方 Red-Braised Water Buffalo Scalp 干煸牛肉丝 Dry-Fried Beef Slivers 水煮牛肉 Boiled Beef in Chili Sauce 小笼蒸牛肉 Steamed Beef in a Small Bamboo Steamer 竹笋烧牛肉 Braised Beef with Bamboo Shoots 香辣肥牛 Hot-and-Spicy Beef 藤椒肥牛 Beef with Green Sichuan Pepper 鲜椒仔兔 Rabbits with Chili Peppers 素菜类 Vegetables 麻婆豆腐 Mapo Tofu 家常豆腐 Home-Style Tofu 口袋豆腐 Pocket Tofu 过江豆花 Silken Tofu with Dipping Sauce 砂锅豆腐 Tofu Casserole 毛血旺 Duck Blood Curd in Chili Sauce 开水白菜 Napa Cabbage in Consomme 鱼香茄饼 Eggplant Fritters in Fish-Flavor Sauce 臊子蒸蛋 Steamed Egg with Topping 白油苦笋 Stir-Fried Bitter Bamboo Shoots 酱烧冬笋 Braised Winter Bamboo Shoots with Fermented Flour Paste 干锅茶树菇 Black Poplar Mushrooms in a Small Wok 干贝菜心 Napa Cabbage with Dried Scallops 干煸四季豆 Dry-Fried French Beans 蚕豆泥 Mashed Broad Beans 川贝酿雪梨 Pear Stuffed with Fritillaria Cirrhosa 金沙玉米 Golden-Sand Corn (Fried Corn with Egg Yolk) 番茄蛋花汤 Tomato and Egg Soup 绿豆南瓜汤 Pumpkin Soup with Mung Beans 第三篇 火锅 Hot Pot 毛肚火锅 Beef Tripe Hot Pot 鸳鸯火锅 Double-Flavor Hot Pot 羊肉汤锅 Mutton Soup Hot Pot 串串香 Chuan Chuan Xiang Hot Pot 冷锅鱼 Fish in Cold Pot 干锅鸡 Sauteed Chicken in a Small Wok 第四篇 面点小吃 Snacks 担担面 Dandan Noodles 钟水饺 Zhong’s Dumplings 川北凉粉 Northern-Sichuan-Style Pea Jelly 龙抄手 Long Wonton 牛肉焦饼 Crispy Pancakes with Beef Stuffing 小笼包子 Steamed Buns in Small Bamboo Steamers 叶儿粑 Leave-Wrapped Rice Dumplings 珍珠圆子 Pearly Tangyuan 蛋烘糕 Dan Hong Gao (Sichuan-Style Stuffed Pancakes) 黄粑 Brown Rice Cake Wrapped in Leaves 鸡丝凉面 Cold Noodles with Shredded Chicken 军屯锅盔 Juntun Pancakes 三大炮 Three Cannonshots (Sweet Rice Buns) 赖汤圆 Lai’s Tangyuan (Sweet Rice Dumplings) 铺盖面 Sheet Pasta with Topping 红烧牛肉面 Noodles with Red-Braised Beef Topping 酸辣粉 Hot-and-Sour Sweet Potato Noodles 一品锅贴 Deluxe Fried Dumplings 附录 Appendix 川菜特色调味品 Featured Seasonings 川菜烹饪术语 Terms
  4. A Documentary from CCTV about Lanzhou Lamian the school from the video: jwdlm.com/ they have also published a cooking book: 兰州牛肉拉面宝典https://youtu.be/4hh_gURT7NA
  5. I found this series on CCTV english The contrasting tastes of Harbin Luzhou's taste of intoxication Hengyang's vegetarian's delight Ningbo's Original Flavors The Wild Flavors of Xi'an Zibo Snacks Whole Food for Whole People The Exotic Flavors of Yanbian Guangzhou Snacks - Taste of Good Fortune Huangshan's Natural Taste A Taste of the Sea in Beihai
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    Wok mon!

    Ain't that very dangerous ? My mod
  7. Another recipe in this book On the Noodle Road: From Beijing to Rome, with Love and Pasta by Jen Lin-Liu
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    Wok mon!

    Same impression here, the idea is good but the average Gas Stove lacks of BTU, the flame in the video looks anemic better to buy a proper outdoor wok burner
  9. Hi, I've also tried to germinate some seeds, they are very hard to sprout, I've come across a very informative document: Zanthoxylum: A Low-Profile Asian Crop with Great Potential
  10. Hi Hassouni, Can you recommend me a brand/ shop ? I'm after a medical grade numbing effect, but It's hard to find A lot of brand are just ok, with a small tingling on the tongue and bunch of seeds in the bags.
  11. Thanks, here's anoter one (you can enable subtitles) It was taken from A bite of China the best culinary documentary series ever made, I love it ! After an youtube search with 手拉面 I've found this great tutorial (in Chinese ) http://youtu.be/EWquJ9Yvqls recipe ? flour:1000g water:650g salt:15g alkaline:5g
  12. Oh sorry, I forgot I saw it. I've managed to get a strechable dough with Caputo Pizzeria flour (12.75% protein W280-310) and some lye water 25 minutes of kneading in my Bosch MUM, few hours of rest, but I suck at pulling noodles, It's very hard to get them the same size I look so easy on the videos. . . Maybe you can try to found pizza flour in Uk. (Caputo, 5stagioni,Spadoni, divella, san felice) Next time I try without the lye and tell you if they where stretchable.
  13. Hi Chelseabun, Don't worry, I'm well aware. I've asked Meechun directly about the dosage and they replied this I saw this video on youtube with Andrew Wong http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GSSVON91NwE After some search I found his blog: Pulling noodles, very interessing read, no need for chemicals, just knead over the point of dough and do a long rest ( 6 hours ) From all the videos I saw the dough was always very hydrated !