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    Dinner! 2003

    I live in Montreal where there is a lot of god cheap food. Is anyone else like me...cannot bear to cook at home after a long day cooking at work. There is an authentic thai place 2 blocks from me that torments me continuosly. Last night I made dinner in 15 min. I chose ingredients I did not have to cut...much. Chix. breats sauteed with garlic, baby spinach, baby portabellos and some non descript asian inspired seasonings, served with basmati (out of jasmine), the rice was steamed with green cardamom pods. Just a recommendation; Maldon sea salt. Flaky salt, looks like snow flakes, great texture. Damn good stuff. Tiff
  2. Tiff


    what kind of recipes are you looking, I worked in a vegan/healthy restaurant for about 1 1/2 created there entire dessert menu. SC I need rcpes that stand up to 7 days in packaging. We have very little choice in the way of organic fruit this time off year;namely apples, oranges and bananas. I have a variety of different flours to choose from but whole and white soelt recipes are prefered by the boss. If you have a recipe of 2 that really stands out I would love to have them. Thanks
  3. Tiff


    Hi there, Kinda repeating myself from another topic forum, but I am looking for good spelt recipes. I am doing a lot of baking at my work as I am alone in the kithcen with no budget for a pastry chef, as is often the case these days, and I need some help in the low gluten, no gluten , wheat free area of baking which is so foriegn to my sensibilites. I like working in a healthy vegetarian enviroment but I miss the more passionate immediacy of cooking mains on a line. The things I make are packaged and have to last a week or so. My boss said she wanted someone classically trained who could learn about vegetarian and vegan eating as they go. I have found it a challenge and have learned way more than I thought I would need to learn in order to cook the way I must at work. Any advice, recipes or similar experiences would be appreciated.
  4. Hi there, I am a classically trained in the field but have found myself working solo in a kitchen that provides gluten free, dairy free, wheat free, vegetarian food of all types. I have also found myself doing alot of baking with flours I have never used before including spelt, which until recently would elicite swearing from me every time I used it. I agree with the reduction of moisture which does work. I am not entirely enthusiastic about spelt bread but am a fan of the bread machine. I would use it to knead the dough only. A standing mixer gets very hot when kneading bread and I think I would break down and cry if my kitchen aid broke. Kamut flour makes great bread by the way. I personally could use a good spelt shortbread recipe and any vegan baking recipes people have. My new work enviroment is a great challenge to me. Thanx
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