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  1. I used to - fun times. For your decision making for a chilling unit: i think that more than the minimum temperature of your coolant your focus should be on the overall cooling capacity per hour - the more stable your coolant temperature, the more and faster you can condense and the higher your yield. When you say alcoholic black pepper reduction: could you share the proportions ? Which type of alcohol you use (percentages, source) ?
  2. I do like to add XO sauce to anything stewed/braised.
  3. I grew up on kale and I love it. All this "modern" treatment of kale of course is terribly wrong (kale smoothie, anyone ?), but given the proper treatment is one of my favorite seasonal veggies. If you find a brown one (harvested after the soil it grows in was frozen solid), the dump it chopped up into a pot full of onions caramelized in goose fat (with attached skin and other little left-overs), add a couple of heavily-smoked sausages and then boil it for a good couple of hours it's one of the best things winter has in store for you. And as you eat so much of it (including said sausages) you need a significant number of "Korn" shots to somehow digest it. Double win ! So please, no badmouthing the poor kale ...
  4. That only works out if you are interested in getting quick access to the residue. If you want to isolate all or most of the distillate you might need a tiny bit more thought ...
  5. At 150 mbar the boiling point of water is around 55 oC. As you are using a rotor vap - essentially a thin-film evaporator - you can get significant amounts of liquid into the gas phase at lower temperatures. You might raise the temp by a couple of degrees, but if your cooling medium is only 10 oC that would lead to higher losses. If your vacuum pump has a liquid separator (it should) you will find that at 10 oC cooling medium (really ?) you may condense about 80 percent, given a proper design of the cooling section. Much lower you can't get: once your cooling medium drops below 0 oC you will get solidification of the aqueous distillate. To achieve higher condensation rates you might increase the pressure (doubling it will give you 10 oC more in boiling point). You want to aim for a 50 oC differential between boiling point and cooling medium to get around 90plus percent condensation. It will improve also the "trapping" of flavours in the distillate.
  6. That does actually raise more questions than it answers. Why would the addition of Hot Dogs imply a cassoulet-type dish ..?
  7. Could you elaborate why the addition of an Hot Dog would be considered "French" ?
  8. if you are interested in the destillates, tap water as the cooling medium will most likely insufficient. If you let me know the specs of your vacuum pump and your desired application ( reduction of water-based solutions, alcohol etc.) I can give you an definite answer ...
  9. I found Camerons relatives in the local market ...
  10. I would also go with fish, preferably coated and fried (like squirrel fish) ...
  11. I find this rather unlikely. It would not make sense for the shop to deceive a well paying clientele with something pretending to be from one's home country while come from across the border. And it is most probably the French housewive buying this product just as I would pay only a premium to get my Weisswurst that I know so well from home. So, while I admire your enthusiasm for Chinese quail exports, I strongly feel that "French quail" sold here is just that. I will try to make a picture when I am back from Vietnam ...
  12. Unfortunately, most people here (and especially the expats) do not trust in the quality produce from mainland. Its all available and at a fraction of the price of the imported material. Yet, the latter is more popular. It might be a combination of wanting to buy something "safe", from home, as well as not really being bothered with the cost of living*. ____ * Disclaimer: working in the chemical industry, which unfortunately does not keep the same salary profiles as the banking sector, the latter does not apply to me ...
  13. Huiray: a proper roast goose (from a local source) will run around 450-600 HKD. You may experience higher prices if you go to places in Central. Franci: yes, exactly like in your experience the shops catering for the affluent expat community do stock basically everything and unfortunately also charge accordingly. And people buy it. I am currently living in a golf club-type of expat enclave on one of the islands of Homg Kong and our supermarket (from a crappy chain, mind you) does carry everything from imported quails from France to Matsutake from Japan. My wife always says that they carry more Catalan items than "her" supermarket in Barcelona ...
  14. Here in Discovery Bay, Hong Kong, that would be considered a bargain ...
  15. Duvel

    Dinner 2016 (Part 3)

    The spoils of the chef ... still envious.
  16. Duvel

    Dinner 2016 (Part 3)

    Oishii! I am always very envious of your uni. What did you do with the rest of that package in the first picture ?
  17. Depending on how much she is willing to spend I would go with a high quality can of Berberechos (Galician cockles) and a small bottle of Salsa d'Espinaler to go with it.
  18. Duvel

    Dinner 2016 (Part 3)

    Do you still take dinner appointments ? It's just a 10h flight, I guess ...
  19. Had the "salty roasted garlic" ones today. Definitely some mellowed garlic flavor there. Unfortunately it did not fit at all to the bottle of Sauvignon Blanc I opened tonight. Had to augment with some dried squid and sushi ... So, no: I won't have these ones either again.
  20. My wife found two unknown varieties at the local supermarket. It seems they are manufactured in Taiwan We started with the "drumstick"-flavoured one. It reminds me of the artificial chicken taste of powdered chicken broth. There is some onion/garlic aftertaste and a hint of herbs ( can't pin them down though...). Not to be bought again ...
  21. Duvel

    Dinner 2016 (Part 2)

    Great, thanks. That'll be my weekend breakfast treat !
  22. Duvel

    Dinner 2016 (Part 2)

    Wow. Despite having lived in Japan for quite some time I haven't come across this - it sounds wonderful! Can you give some more details, please ?
  23. Yes, I know - it's the "Lay's" thread. However, I found this variety of Pringles today at my local supermarket. For those of you that neither read Katakana nor can recognize the picture: it's Eggs Benedict. It's hard to describe but it somewhat tastes like powdered egg yolk with vegetable undertones. Won't buy it again and will try to get rid of the other two rolls (was a three-for-two offer, that I have never been able to refuse )...
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