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  1. i suggest you go for it, you have a lot of ideas on your mind, u said that. so implement the ideas, you are gonna rock.Gud luck.
  2. look good and yummy. I usually make spaghetti squash.I like it so much.
  3. wow! chocolate class you are certainly gonna enjoy it. Gud Luck
  4. No, that does not mean anything, spices are always added initially in the oil, so that the spices get immersed in the oil fully, oil is never taken out but you can pour in additionally some more oil if you feel the need to do it. Gud luck
  5. i have once made it bacon larded.
  6. sachieauckland

    Wondra Flour

    Using wondra flour in baking recipes. it is type of instant flour, as it dissolves in water instantly, does not require long cooking process.it gives the flaky crust in the recipe. hence so delicious.
  7. what kind of cake you want to make?
  8. i like carrot,leek and rice soup.
  9. very good and healthy dishes.
  10. very good decision, you can earn better than before. Gud LUck
  11. unfortunately I have not tasted it. I want to.
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