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  1. Made a roasted chicken and vegetables soups on the weekend and it was a success! Roasted the chicken bones, carrots, onions, celery with a bit of olive oil , salt, pepper. Then added everything in my pressure cooker with cold water, bouquet garni. Broth done in with the vegetables and some quinoa pasta topped with fresh basil oil and Parmesan cheese.
  2. Made the Carnitas last night, Made the pork stock, Achiote paste (garlic confit), whole shoulder of pork. Was delicious!!
  3. Made the white beef stock, was amazing!! Used that to make the pho soup. Added 5g of fish sauce and 5g more of the ginger and 10 less on the sugar amount and it was fantastic!!
  4. Hi all, I recently purchase frozen yellow fin tuna and wanted to know if I can use them for the Tuna confit? Thank you
  5. My Bad, did not notice it. Thank you!
  6. I made the modernist mayonnaise, being that it is a lot for two people my question is how long can it last in the fridge or can I freeze some? Thank you.
  7. Need some advise, I recently purchase some Mahi-Mahi from Costco and would like to know once and for all. When you defrost food overnight in the fridge can you sous-vide them like you would if the fish was super fresh and cook it for less time? Can we say that frozen or fresh, the food is equally eatable at the same temperature? Thank you.
  8. I will do it again with a traditional bird...ty all for the input.
  9. I make SV confit duck all the time (admittedly not from the MC@H recipe) and the method you describe sounds very strange. SV for 24 hours with that much salt in the bag? Surely they mean to ask you to leave the legs in salt for a few hours, then wash it off and confit for 24 hours? If done correctly, SV confit is a great alternative to the normal method. Much less wastage of duck fat, cleaner, and more convenient. And it tastes no different - dare I say better. The books clearly states 2 legs (2.2 pounds) sprinkle with 40g salt & 4g sugar and then in the bag and even to put the left over that did not stick, in the bag as well. Being that mine was only 800g total I have put 30g & 4g. I think the call that technique hot cure. That is why I had to ask you guys about it, the saltiest meal I ever eat! Felt bad four hours after that, drinking litters of liquids…
  10. Patmatrix, I think the main problem would be the kind of turkey that you are using. The salt and sugar ratio that you used is actually less than what is called for in the recipe, so that shouldn't have been a problem. It is, however, important that the salt and sugar is sprinkled evenly over the legs. And indeed, as you said, the fat does need to be evenly distributed around the meat, in the bag. But, mainly I think that your wild turkey legs have two main differences with the legs that we used for testing. First, they probably have less fat content. And second, they probably have less water content. The lack of fat and water would throw off the cure ratio and result in a dryer and tougher texture. This is because the leg is becoming, essentially, overcured. If you would like to try to make the wild turkey work, might I suggest that you decrease the cure to 800g legs :: 20g salt :: 2g sugar, and also try cooling the meat in the bag before eating it. This should keep the legs moist. Let me know if I can help you further. Johnny Thank you for the quick reply! I will consider what you advise for next time. Overall is cooking confit sousvide supose to be very tender as well if done corectly? Thank you.
  11. Hi all, I am very happy to have found this forum. I recently purchase the book MC@H and yesterday I tried the Turkey leg confit at 140F (60c) for 24hrs. I buy mostly all my meat from a local organic farm and he said he only as a new bread and it is wild turkey the color of the legs were very brownish kind of like duck. The were smaller About 800g total, so instead of using 40g of salts I used 30g and 3g of sugar. The result was way too salty and the meat wasn’t tender at all, even hard to cut with a knife. I have done the regular confit with duck in the oven and it was very tender so I was very disappointed to finally open the sous vide bag and see the result after 24hrs. I only put the duck fat on one side of the bag, maybe I should have rubbed it all over the legs beforehand. I packed both legs in one bag. Was the meat suppose to be tender, I heard that sous vide confit is not as tender than normal tradition. If someone can help me, maybe I have done something wrong. Thank you.
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