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  1. Austin Bush would know (I think I've seen him post here in the past.) Check his blog for details.
  2. Click here for a few reviews
  3. True enough, they are also prone to frat boy antics and the music is painfully loud-if that matters at all.
  4. Saravanaa Bhavan 955 Oak. This South Indian chain has been getting excellent reviews on the net so I slouched in after a long tiring day. If my first visit is anything to go by I'll soon be a regular-the food is outstanding, while I have had bits of South Indian food here and there the cooking at this place is outstanding. I could gush on and on but am bushed-try it for yourself-very reasonable and already busy after only a few weeks being open.
  5. Wild Salmon smoked so long it's dried out like jerky-something of an acquired taste-believe me I've eaten enough.
  6. Did no one here grow up picking Blueberries? I did and when we had enough my Mother would make each Kid their own Blueberry pie to eat as they saw fit. I still eat Blueberries regularly through the season.
  7. Who cares? If I worried about every single foodstuff that was supposed to negatively impact my health I wouldn't have time to eat or even sleep!
  8. Maybe Angel Seafoods 1345 Grant St, Vancouver 604-254-2824 maybe....
  9. Most Indian and Chinese places are open.
  10. A wonderful tribute eatrustic-Thanks for posting. My first memoy of James Barber was a cooking show on CoOp Radio-Yes radio! Just the sound of things sizzling in the pan and his low key avuncular manner were enough to rivet my attention-it was the first I'd ever heard of Basmati Rice to this day there's rarely anything else in my pantry. Quite agree about his bringing the wealth of local ethnic cookery into mainstream focus quite unlike anyone else. There'll never be anyone like him again.....
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