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  1. The UK Amazon has the same problems, they also ship them without a shipping carton. Actually received mine today in good condition but still. For a book of $100+ dollars it's kinda stupid from amazon. Amazing book btw already love it.
  2. looks like an interesting couple...
  3. Thai Food by David Thompson is basically the book your describing in your post.
  4. http://parisbymouth.com has a page dedicated to the restaurants they recommend and are open in august (sorted by date), because as you already mentioned about 70% of the good restaurants are closed in august. http://parisbymouth....mer-not-closed/
  5. I just found out about is and I'm absolutely psyched about this. Finally a version I can afford (kinda), can't wait for it.
  6. You also have the book Tuscany in the Silver Spoon series. Which is a pretty good book for the rustic Tuscan dishes. (But if you already have the silver spoon it's a lot of the same) http://uk.phaidon.com/the-silver-spoon/the-silver-spoon-series/tuscany-9780714860787/