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  1. The UK Amazon has the same problems, they also ship them without a shipping carton. Actually received mine today in good condition but still. For a book of $100+ dollars it's kinda stupid from amazon. Amazing book btw already love it.
  2. Thai Food by David Thompson is basically the book your describing in your post.
  3. http://parisbymouth.com has a page dedicated to the restaurants they recommend and are open in august (sorted by date), because as you already mentioned about 70% of the good restaurants are closed in august. http://parisbymouth....mer-not-closed/
  4. I just found out about is and I'm absolutely psyched about this. Finally a version I can afford (kinda), can't wait for it.
  5. You also have the book Tuscany in the Silver Spoon series. Which is a pretty good book for the rustic Tuscan dishes. (But if you already have the silver spoon it's a lot of the same) http://uk.phaidon.com/the-silver-spoon/the-silver-spoon-series/tuscany-9780714860787/
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