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  1. thanks for all the info, about the video, good to see it once but as already said, it does not look like a genuine paella. i really want the rabbit thing! concerning pan size: since there will be some vegetarians, i even think about splitting it into 3 pans, so this wont be a problem. i just have to check out how much stuff i will need if this is part of a three course meal...
  2. thanks for all the imput: concerning the rice and the pans: there wont be a problem sourcing real bomba rice over here, i have already found numerous sources who sell a large variety so there is no need for a substitute! for the 100 people, i am planning in buying 3 pans with a diameter of 1meter, i hope this will be enough?!
  3. thanks for the infos! concerning the rice, i am located in europe and quite positive i will find the right "authentic" paella rice without to much trouble! @weinoo, this size = me wants!
  4. Hello, i wanted to ask if someone has a authentic paella recipe he would share? I am planning a cooking event for approx 100 People and wanted to make two different yet authentic paellas ( preferably with rabbit and one with seafood + a small vegetarian version maybe? ) could anyone give me some advise concerning the preparation etc.? thanks so much in advance!
  5. try chefsteps, i really really like the homepage, great recipes and technics covered!
  6. there is ferran adrias family meal or so, it focusses on basic but good food for his cooks at el bulli. also the ottolenghi books are quite a crowd pleaser.
  7. thanks you guys for the help, just got myself an iwatani. even though its not a bargain anymore due to shipping costs i think i wont regret it!
  8. hey, thanks for all you suggestions! so am i right the the iwatani is not having this specific issue? if so, could you provide a link to the gas cylinders? i am having some trouble finding them and since i only se the cap of the mits even harder to find out which would work. thanks in advance!
  9. Hello, since i am located in europe, i unfortunately am not able to buy the much recommended iwatani or bernzomatic torches, just because getting the gas for them would be an expensive and/ or impossible act. so i decided to buy an alternative with piezo starter: http://www.lidl.de/de/Loetwerkzeuge/CFH-Profi-Handloetgeraet-TS-1800 however, a problem occurs which makes it almost impssible to use the product indoors: i i start the torch everything is ok and it has a nice small blue flame, however if i am tilting the flame to blowtorch a piece of meat the flame gets red and extremely big which is
  10. looks great! would this work with an other piece of meat aswell? shortrib is really hard to get over here! also, could you porvide instructions? did you smoke it aswell? cheers!
  11. thank you all so much for the help! especially the tip with the paste sound great! believe it or not, this cheese is very hard, so hard even my microplanes have a hard time ( even though they still can handle it;))
  12. Hey, i have forgotten some piece of parmesan in the fridge and it became very hard and oily when touched. since it is quite a large piece i was wondering if i could use it for a soup or stock or so. first thing that came to my mind was onion sous. has anyone experiences and tips? also, since it is quite annoying but i dont really know how to prevent it, how to store cheese over a longer period of time in the fridge without becoming dry and hard? thanks so much!
  13. had the same problem about dry pieces of cheeks sous vide. i am quite sure it has something to do with the quality of the product, i did two bags with cheeks from different cows and some of them came out extremely dry while others were just fork tender.
  14. messermeister is for the win, best peelers i ever used, even though (strangely enough) they are not available in europe why i have to source them from the us. even at twice the price because of shipping they are still a great deal!
  15. just in case you dont want them to make sous vide, here is my failsafe and very perfect way to make duckbreasts. it worked all the time for me! cut crosses in the breasts skin. place the breasts in a COLD pan without any oil or fat, skinside down, and put on high heat. grill is until brown and nice on both sides. then place in the oven, 25-30 minuted at 100 degrees celsius. after that repeat the first step placing the breast, this time only skinside down, in a cold pan without fat and create a nice crispy skin. you wont be disappointed!
  16. That's actualy an excellent idea though the cooking time should adjusted Heat the sausages to 75°C before filling into the cavity! thanks to al of you for the tips! would you say it is safe to do this process if the pig is eaten the same day?
  17. hey, actually i own the under pressure book. problem is: this is a meal for an event so it is crucial that the piggy is in one piece. i have seen the rather catchy video of heston blumenthal sous viding a whole pig in a hot tub but would be very interested if someone has done something similar or could post sone infos, especially concerning food safety. thanks a lot!
  18. anyone a suggestion about a product this big? thanks!
  19. hey, i once again have a small question. i want to sou vide a whole suckling pig, 18kg ( 36 pounds) in weight. i thought i would make it like heston bluenthal did: 24 - 36 hours at 61 degrees celsius. my question is: he is roasting the pig afterwards to five it a nice crust. how long should it be roasted and would it be ok to put the sous video pig direcly on a rotissery without the process of cooling it down if it is eaten direclty after the rotissery process? thanks in advance!
  20. what device are you using?
  21. i did sous vide it myself! so actually it is precooced by me. just want to make sure its no safety issue.
  22. one small safety question i have: i found a piece of sous video and pre-cookedpiece of meat in my freezer, about a year old. its a piece called kasseler which means its already smoked and cured. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kassler i would not eat a piece of meat that old normally, but wanted to ask if there is any problem with a cured and sous vided piece of meat like this? throw away or try? thanks in advance!
  23. actually that is the size of a slicer i already have and want to move away from. i have an italian omas machine which simply is too large. so i think i`ll have to check out graef or so for a small and handy device.
  24. hello, yeah i am looking for a small but solid slicer which isnt to heavy. the current one is almost 30kg. thanks!
  25. Hello, right now i am owning a rather huge cutting machine used in a butcher shop. its a great tool but to be honest, its huge and heavy so i dont use it as often as i should do. the time has come as i think the great machine and i should depart for the sake of good and i am currently searching for a smaller but equally good machine. since i am located in germany there aren so many choices, maybe a graef cutting maschine. i wanted to ask the experts what machine you would suggest for me? thanks in advance! one more thing: i would like to have a machine that is not out of plastic.
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