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  1. Trio of confits advice

    Pheasant legs confit really well, cure them for a couple days in some salt garlic, shallots rosemary and thyme, clean off, braise in duck fat for about 5-7 hours at about 250. remove, shred and add some dijon and cabernet wine vinegar, season and there you go
  2. I made a artillary jam with some for the kitchen staff. Absolutly off the charts hot!!
  3. Actually this process of cooking Sous Vide is done in most of the 4-star places around NYC as well as other places outside the city. David Bouley is a master of this process.
  4. My 2 cents worth: New Green Bo in Chinatown inoteca (Ludlow and Rivington) Pearl Oyster Bar (Cornielia? in the Village)
  5. Dinner! 2003

    How did they turnout..the fish cakes? Did you fry them?
  6. Dinner! 2003

    Dinner for 12 on Saturday Night: Tuna Tartar on Endive Smoked Salmon Croque Monsieur Phyllo and Rosemary Crusted Shrimp Red pepper Mousse, Chopped Herbs and deep fried Prawns in an Orange Crust Slivered Diver Sea Scallops with Chive and EVO Brandade de Morue Arctic Char with Parmesean Polenta, Mushroom Consomme and White Truffle Oil Black Bass in Bouillabaisse sauce with Shingled Diver Sea Scallops Roast Monkfish on Napa Cabbage with a Bacon Butter sauce Braised Short Ribs Buttermilk Panna Cotta with Grapefruit Chocolate Ravioli in Chocolate sauce
  7. If it was a French Bistro/ Brassiere type place it probably was Sauce Choron, it starts with your typical Bernaise reduction ( White wine vinegar, shallots, black peppercorn mignonette, and TARRAGON) it is then mixed with egg yolks and a little water to form a sabayon, this in turn has clarified butter added to it. You then have Sauce Bernaise, now you take a reduction of finely diced peeled seeded tomatoes and shallots, butter and reduce that, it is then added to the Bernaise along with some tomatoe paste and chopped FRESH TARRAGON and Chervil. This is Sauce Choron, a classical presentaion with steak.
  8. Second NY Potluck Dinner

    I want to thank Suzanne and HWOE for hosting this shindig. It was great to finally put faces with all of you. I am in agreement with most, the pecan pie was amazing, my only disappointment, I was in too much of a food coma to eat another slice. Looking forward to next one, potlucks are fun when everyone can cook!!! BTW; HWOE thanks for swapping bottles, looking forward to trying it, but hate to waste it on my roomies.
  9. Second NY Potluck Dinner

    I will bring a camera as well. I have about 2lbs of Brandade, it will be coming. We can go hot or cold, what ever you guys want. I am ready now, a 2 1/2 hour bike ride, got the stomach ready
  10. If I could hitch a ride out of the city, or I could get credible directions for a vehicle-less person, count me in
  11. Second NY Potluck Dinner

    Aquitaine: Will Do!! I am not eating all day to get ready for this!!!
  12. Second NY Potluck Dinner

    I even have some Brandade de morue, if interested. Andre Soltner tried it and declared it very good, so more food is good???
  13. Second NY Potluck Dinner

    I better start fasting now, I have a onion, bacon, cheese tart/quiche that I made a triple batch of in school today. I have one wrapped and ready.
  14. Second NY Potluck Dinner

    Bringing ice is not an option for me, I will though bring a bottle or 2 of vino, maybe some White Burgandy or something along those lines.
  15. Second NY Potluck Dinner

    The tram is running, and since we have issues on the ammount of seafood, I will do the olive cake with roasted tomatoes