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  1. Chef- It seems to me that successful chefs manage to train people to execute their vision when they aren't present at the stoves. How do you find cooks who can allow you a day off now and then and how do you train them to prepare the food to your exacting standards?
  2. It seems that a repetitive complaint surrounding restaurants is service and yet it recieves passing mention in newspaper reviews. (You did write that this is one area that the owner can improve when you are recognized) Is it too qualitative a subject? If not, how do you operationalize it? Would you and your colleagues like to write more?
  3. Close .. Donna is Chika's S.A. Don is however a partner in the biz.
  4. As someone who does live in NYC, and has taught in the public schools, I will tell you that this is inaccurate. NYC kids are no different than DC kids or Arlington kids or Chevy Chase kids. Frankie may have been hamming it up for the cameras but his aggression towards the women was a super loud cry for help - as I said before, it was sad.
  5. That was the saddest part of the episodes I've watched - That kid 'Frankie' claimed he was 10. Shall we wager on when this reaction formation breaks down and he comes out? High School or college?
  6. Truman Nabors


    Craft is NOT participating in RW for dinner. Only for lunch.
  7. 1 question - Was it hamachi or was it tuna? They are two different species of fish.
  8. But isn't this the idea behind craft?
  9. I have had several happy experiences at restaurants where in the moment all was well and there were no complaints. Yet a week later I couldn't tell you what I ate. Therefore, these are not great or even good restaurants. The sense memory factor is my standard. At a certain price point I want food that stays with me forever without notes. The Pesto Sauce at Cibreo in 1990 The Tomatoes at Ducasse in 2000 The Sea Urchin at Gramercy Tavern in 1998 The Sea Scallops at Bouley in 1995 The Duck w/Pommegranite at Union Pacific in 1999 And so on. These are few and far between but if a meal is forgettable, it can never have been great.
  10. If you bring a magnum would you expect to pay twice the corkage fee? (and so on: Jeroboam, etc.) If you bring a half/bottle would you expect to pay half the corkage fee?
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