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  1. I want to start off with two "good" examples. At the larger supermarkets in Sweden you can buy meat from deer and moose. Most often frozen, but always organic and always have lived their lives in the forests roaming free. Since, moose and deer aren't farm animals here. Same goes for all the saluhalls. There is a lovely organic farm about a 15 minute drive from us, out nowhere. Their pigs, cows and chickens run around outdoors and do things they are supposed to be doing. Their prices are higher than a supermarket, but the meat is so much more tasty.
  2. Please don't lynch me! I am new here and I don't know the etiquette yet. I have been reading about all fantastic venison, lamb, seafood, etc in your posts and I wonder how you feel about the environmental factor concerning the meat industry and factory farms? Am I starting a food fight?
  3. About storing the chanterelles I have tried three methods: 1- Saute them in a dry pan. If you add too much fat ,then wont be good as long in the freezer. (a little fat is ok) Package and freeze. 2-Freeze in the entire mushroom, whole as they are. This is perfect, except it takes up way too much freezer space. Where as method 1 shrinks them to nothing. 3- My favorite method is drying them and then packing them. I have a dehydrator, so it takes about 2 hours at a low heat. Otherwise, you can lay them out all over your house and wait a few days. Just don't stack them on each other, since all that liquid wants out, they easily spoil if the process takes too long. The beauty of method 3 is you can easily grab a hand full is you making a risotto, stew, quiche, sauce, etc. I always have a glass jar here my stove, hjust in case. I use them on pizzas, sandwiches, sauces, pancakes, etc. Delicious!
  4. I agree, the cravings are just different- like a moose stew wouldn't sound good on a really hot day after a swim in the ocean. But, a peppermint sorbet would! Just back from Siciliy, when we asked the apt owners (of the apt we rented) how the oven works, he said, "It is 5 yrs old and no one has ever used it. It is too hot here." The exception, for me, being drinks. It is lovely to drink something really hot when you are out in the summer.
  5. Just checked on H&H homepage and if I wanted a half-fresh H&H bagel, they would FedEx a dozen to me overnight for a mere 158 USD. Being a bit over 13 USD per bagel. So, enjoy your fresh warm or toasted bagels and don't think about me with my bread with holes.
  6. I am getting hungry just reading this. Yesterday: Janssons Frestelse. For those who don't know... a mouth watering side dish (that we eat as a main course) of chopped potatoes, anchovies, heavy cream, onion and bread crumbs. Mainly eatten at Midsommar and Christmas- but I love it all year. Snap peas from the farmer's market near my office. Tuesday: Gas Grilled sour dough pizzas with parmasan (I smuggled home from Sicily), Italian sausage, chanterelles (dried from last fall), leek, tomatoes, spices. A bunch of aurugula on top. Monday: Root veggie mush. Or what would be a real name from that? Mashed root veggies. Though not in season, we were craving. Chick pea- falafel type patties.
  7. You are all so spoiled! I have grown up on DC and NYC bagels- moved to Sweden (22yrs ago) and they have these things called "bagels" and they ALMOST look like a bagel, but are, as some of you write, a baked boring bread with a hole in the middle. Taste so awful if you are exspecting bagel-taste/ feeling. My mother comes once a year (from the US) and fills suitcase with bagels and onion flats for us. My kids were in NYC last year and got addicted too. So, the luxury problems you are contemplating about: toasting or not, though I admitt I enjoyed reading the posts, You are all spoiled!! And yes, I am putting you down, since I am just so jealous. The thought of a really warm, fresh baked REAL bagel with soft melty cream cheese....Mmmm.
  8. You can tune the flavor towards more salty or more intense by adjusting the amount of Turkish Pepper candies (which are salty) and the licorice powder (which is just... pure unsalt, unsweet licorice). For a batch of custard using 8dl liquid (milk and heavy cream) I used about 10 candies. I don't usual measure... so this is guessing, about 3-4 Tbsps of the licorice powder. I could have gone more salty, but my mom was next to me saying, "that is a lot of salty candies..." So, I got her hint. This ice cream is lovely! Thanks for the Welcome!
  9. Home baked ice cream sandwiches with a newly made vanilla ice cream is such a classic. Gooey soft brownie like sandwich and extra vanilla beans in the ice cream- Kids woof them down.
  10. I made an amazing salty licorice ice cream yesterday. Using Turkish Pepper candies and crushed and melted in the custard and powered licorice. We ate it all before the day was over.
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