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  1. Where Little Billy's used to be? Now that's a bad location, location, location.
  2. That was the case in July. Andrey told us he had to dump the tasting menu while the patio was open, it was just too much to keep up with. i geuss now that he has about half the seats he can manage it. Gotim Bru, Montrachet? Do you have a web cam in my cellar?
  3. Coop


    I'm not sure either of them are chefs. More front of the room guys.
  4. I disagree that only wine geeks will search out the unusual wines from the old world. I think if people were encouraged to search them out they may eventually become wine geeks. A lot of the charm of wine drinking for me comes from knowing the history of a wine. That's probably why I find Italian wines so interesting and Aussie wines dull. Perhaps it's also the thrill of the hunt that interests me. If I could find that unusual bottle from Spain, Italy or France at Save On Foods maybe it wouldn't seem so exotic. Chances are if a wine has recieved a medal or award or some other form of promotion, it's already to popular to drink.
  5. Coop

    Spanish Reds

    melkor, are you shilling for name sake Eric Solomon? Just kidding. I agree it's very nice for everyday drinking, another good wine from Soloman is the Bhaltasar old Vine Granacha. Other Spanish wines I love are (please excuse my spelling): Reds. Finca Sandoval from egullets own vserna. Gutrum Bru from Castell Remii Dehesa Gago and Vina 105 from Telmo Rodruigez Casa d'Ermita Numenthia Tores Hecula White. Basa from Telmo Rodruigez Dessert. Moscato d'Oro from Ochoa
  6. After for me too. I am actually loosing wieght and want that to continue. Actually Neils idea sounds good, can we meet there for lunch? Arne, we have policy? Who knew?
  7. For me, they all seem to come from one giant mixing pool. There seems to be little to distinguish one from the other. That being said, they certainly go well with food. Try an Aussie shiraz today, a good Cote du Rhone tomorrow and a Spanish wine like Los Rochas on Wednesday. You will be a much more balanced lush by the end of the week.
  8. I have scorecards from before. The place in North Van sounds good, or The Red Onion on 41st.
  9. I geuss I better keep my Burger Club streak alive (I have been to both outings). I'm in.
  10. Coop

    Wines to Age

    Jim I agree with your points. I do hope that the 99 Brunello's warrant some bottle age, I have put away about a case and a half of the usual suspects. That being said I will try one or two bottles of each this year after they have had a little lie down in my cellar. My comments concern what works for me. I have been less then thrilled by the wines from the 80's I have collected. I wish I drank them earlier. I have only had a few wines that were more then 10 years old that really made me take notice. In some ways it's a science (or art) that takes some time. I have found after investing time, effort and money that I like my wines to be drank within 10 years of the vintage. The only way one can really make their own decision on this subject is try it your self.
  11. I hope that dogging Yellow Tail wines, or for that matter all of the non descript Aussie Shirazs (Little Boomey, Banrock Station, that penguin one etc) goes the way of saying Emeril is a hack on this board. Yes the stuff is OK and some people like it, but isn't it time to get on with our lives. For more or less the same price you can buy the new vintage of Falesco Vitiano.
  12. Mel, thank you for this. Can you tell us what role you think toasting has on barrels? Is it done to all barrels for wine aging?
  13. Planeta La Segreta Rosso 2003 Medium red with violet rim, very young looking. Cherry, menthol, oak, caramel. Soft but tight, drying, ALCOHOL, medium wieght, Dry acidic finish. I like this wine, it's a bit hot compared to past vintages. It is quite different then the measuring post wine for me from Sicily, Morgante Nero d'Avola which is all about leather, saddle and currant. The Morgante is all about balance. I find this wine to be a bit out of balance because of the 14.5% level of alcohol. I would buy it again though. I have found though that Belguardo Seretta di Belguardo 2001 is being blown out in our area for just $6.00 more then this wine. Also good for less money is the 2003 Vitiano from Falesco and the 2001 Monte Antico. I think that this is a wine I will check in with every vintage though.
  14. Many have raved about Cioppino. I have not been but I have read very good things on the board about it. Do a search, it was about a year ago someone from NY NY did a spread with photos.
  15. If this happens it should be a scramble. Each team should have a mix of low handicappers and hackers. We should also do it at a course we don't frequent, so we can drink and drive without fear of emberassment.
  16. Coop

    Wines to Age

    I come at this from a different side. I have collected wines since the early 80's. At this point I can see no reason to drink anything older then 10 years. Wines today are being made for early consumtion, thank god. I have seen 99 Brunello's on many wine lists in the last 6 months. Even they can be drank upon release. Save yourself the dissapointment, drink the wines while they are still alive. Age them for a couple of years if they have had a long journey to your cellar, but don't wait too long you could get hit by a bus.
  17. My 1001st post. missed the 1000, anyways you are correct I was thinking of the intersection.
  18. I haven't eaten at la Belle Auberge but I saw Bruno Marti on City Cooks. His little discourse about not seasoning his food with salt and pepper told me all I needed to know about the place.
  19. Can you do me a favour, send some of your enthusiasm over to the WOW Planeta La Segreta Rosso 2003. I picked this wine so more BCers could participate. It's an interesting wine, and it's available at all the specialty stores. Everyone has their own personal favorites and if they like I will pass them the cupbearer tag for next week. The wine forum is very friendly so don't be afraid to post your notes. BTW in case any of you think Monastrell is not Mouvedre, I'm ready for you!
  20. If you want granache or granacha as they call it in Spain, run don't walk to the LDB and pick up Los Rocas at $15.95 a bottle it's a better wine then most at $30.00. We tasted blind with the Penfold's grenache, mouvedre, shiraz blend and it won hand's down. For mouvedre, try Hecula at the same price.
  21. No Westwood Plateau though it's the Morton's of golf courses. Expensive and dissapointing.
  22. Oh gawd not the Dr. This sound good but may not comply with the forum police. If it does I am in. BTW this weeks WOW or fortnight in reality the Planeta 2003 la Segreta Rosso is available at all the specialty stores and is by all accounts a very nice bit of grape juice for 23.95.
  23. I can bring Coop jr a legit 6 and a fine eater, too young to drink though.
  24. On the subject of Cleveland wedges, I bought a 588 lob wedge (60) for $88.00 bucks at Golf Town leaving me more money to waste on wine.
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