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  1. This just in......Milestones is over rated. Sorry Neil.
  2. I just keep re-reading Mr Heather's post, and I still can't believe he told some of us not to darken his doors ever again. I keep thinking he would edit that part out of his post but it's still there. I don't think any part of this will cause his business as much damage as his own post. Just my opinion from a distance.
  3. Just so you know Kirin is actually Mandarin.
  4. I believe when talking to reporters or insurance companies retail prices would be used.
  5. I have missed out on pretending to be a food critic on the many DOV posts, but I'm not going to miss out on pretending to be a detective. My geuss, the butler, in the cellar, while having congress with a hostess, notices the secret tunnel and escapes with the bordeaux.
  6. I have never been to any of Sean's restaurants or have I participated in any DOV events this year. I have a big problem with what is being said in these threads. First off I think the Irish Heather has probably come out well ahead monetarily because of e gullet. I think the buzz the restaurant has recieved here far out wieghs the harm a few negative posts could cause. It's obvious that people tried your place because you joined this community. I think it's wonderful that you have made all this effort to focus on food in your establishment. That being said I believe that the people who posted about thier poor experiences meant you no malice. I think they were being honest. In the past I may have done the same thing. Now I would temper my displeasure because I know the pain it can cause a chef or owner. In terms of being anonymus I have always signed my posts and most people on this board have met me personally. If anyone ever has a problem with my posts you all basically know where to find me. I have a real problem with the way you have charicterised some of the posters here. I hope you aren't that way with all of your customers. I fear you probably are. If this becomes a place where customers square off against people of the industry we all know who has the most to loose. In conclusion if I do ever end up at your place and you decide to comment on my drinking habits like you did above then we will have a real problem.
  7. Coring involves seperating the lobes and removing the fatty cores. It's well worth the effort though. If you get veal kidneys serve them rare or medium rare. If you get beef kidney braise them in a sauce and serve them like stew.
  8. I was indeed a punk. Still am in a under cover sort of way. I think most people my age who had thier share of disco and pop became punks and whatever that was that followed. I wish I had more to add to this thread but bars just aren't my thing anymore. Vintropolis seemed okay the one time I went there. I also love Subeez. They have decent food, Full Sail IPA and a pretty pumping sound system. Could use a cleaning though.
  9. I lost a few evenings between the St Regis and the Railway Club during the 70's and 80's. It was too early to go to the Love Affair. Where have all the uber gay roller skating waiters on roller skates gone?
  10. My advice on Earl's is to enjoy the pizza, cheap wine mark ups and the unattainable hostesses.
  11. I used to go to the Drake and No.5. Can't say much about the food or beer. Very cutting edge entertainment though.
  12. For me numerical vintage ratings are as dangerous as wine scores. Try a couple of different bottles and see what's in the bottle. I know in one case 2002 Crognolo (from Sette Ponti in Tuscany) has recieved excellent notes because the selection was very strict so there was no Oreno. Same thing at Belguardo. So village wine in the rhone may be acceptable while the greater cru may be poor or non existent.
  13. No it probably won't suck. If it's like 2002 in Tuscany it was very wet. Selection of grapes was very important. If the price is right try a bottle. Be careful about putting away wines from this vintage. The only 2002 wine from the Rhone I remember having was a Vacuerayas from Perrin and it was very nice. just a little lighter then the 2001.
  14. Coop

    Education strategies

    Buy a book, open a bottle, make some notes. Repeat regularly. I have been for about 25 years now. Recomended reading: Adventures on the Wine Trail by Kermit Lynch. Michael Broadbents pocket Wine Tasting Guide. Wine Spectator. I don't believe everything I read in this bi weekly but it's a good read. Gambero Rosso if you dig Italian wine. Some sort of wine atlas is a great idea, it's all about terroir.
  15. Salmon Shop! Thanks Arne. As for the T and T on first, I found the fish there very fresh. Most T and T's smell of death. This one doesn't.
  16. T and T on first at Nanaimo (?). My first choice is always the place across from Oyama in the GI market. I'm happy to pay a little more to get good fish. Is it Longliner?
  17. Thomas Haney Secondary School cafeteria. Do you mean the place on Thurlow? Was the word Beaujolais in the name? Chef as my son jokingly calls him is currently rehabing an injury. Evidently the food is greatly improved, especially the chicken fingers.
  18. I don't get it. If I go to a place and it sucks, why would I go back? Why would I not share this experience with my fellow e gullet members? Sometimes I hesitate to really flame a place here because I feel for the people and what they have invested in their restaurant. If we are all going to walk on egg shells here we will soon become pointless.
  19. In bold text! How did I miss that.
  20. We talked about it in a previous post. I can't remember which one.
  21. The kidney's in mustard sauce at The Cafe de Paris are all time favorites of mine. i have made them at home. The coring is quite an involved procedure.
  22. Fleeting hint of urine. What are the kidney's job? I'm no doctor, or do I play one on TV, but I think there is some urine involved.
  23. I bought a pair of bottles today. Any idea on the grapes? We tried to read the back label but the print was much too small for our presbeopia inflicted eyes.
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