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    The wine dinner

    Brunello? You must know me. Sometimes I think posting about wines I have drunk may be as interesting to read as stories about other peoples last round of golf. It would have been a 77 if I hadn't lipped out that putt. I think you're off to a good start. If you are interested in a Western Canadian wine forum PM me.
  2. Coop


    Go to the Gourmet Warehouse for good prices on Reidel. The Cook's Shop on Broadway and Granville has Spiegalau.
  3. Coop

    The wine dinner

    I disagree. I think this is an excellent post. I also think you're dinner sounded great. The line up was excellent. I have one bottle of the Cos 82 left and plan on drinking it soon. Your Shiraz was probably a pretty good choice. I would not have picked an Aussie wine though because for me they rarely go well with food. I envy the fact that you have wine lovers in your family. I had to convert a few friends so I would have someone to enjoy with.
  4. I on the otherhand believe everything I read in the Straight. I know my real friends are the bartenders at the Roxy. They're like family.
  5. My biggest complaint about this show was the dialogue. It's unrealistic and un-entertaining. I want to compare it to Stewwy (the talking baby) and Brian (the talking dog) on Family Guy. Is what they say un-realistic? Of course. Is it funny? For me it's smart and funny, unlike the crap on this show. To some people Godiva's may be funny and witty. It just doesn't work for me. Now that guy who does the Jack FM commercials on TV cracks me up. Not enough to listen to the station, but I love that guy.
  6. The sushi at Zen (only went once) is acceptable but the hot food and the service were far below acceptable. I would approach with caution.
  7. I cook everynight. Last Night . Pizza Margaretta and Pizza Funghi. I buy pizza dough (frozen)from a deli in Port Moody. The rest I do myself. Drank a $10 Negromatro. Thursday. Sirloin steaks with mushroom demi sauce. Goat Cheese mashed potatos and succotash. Drank a Pipasso Valpolicella. Wednesday. Made the Pasta pie with meat crust I saw a lady make on Ciao America. http://www.foodnetwork.com/food/recipes/re...6_25822,00.html Drank a cheap California Zinfandel. The Coop family loves to eat.
  8. Keith, I don't believe drugs are a problem in the TV industry. I also don't believe McGwire was juicing.
  9. Perhaps they should stick to what thier readers know like: Best Massage Parlour. Best Independent Escort. Best Holistic Healer. Best Man to Man Chat Room. Best Overpriced Downtown Condo Development. Best Place to buy Danish Furniture.
  10. I'm sorry but I still don't understand this constructive criticisim thing about something I hate. I dislike the show because the dialogue is unrealistic and forced. It is so bad I hope it dies a quick death. I doubt anything I say could help it. I've learnt to live with Cold Squad though because my wife enjoys it. Oh hang on, people related to the show may read this? I thought it was great. Very realistic. The characters rang true for me. Like those 90's Docker commercials.
  11. I could only stand about ten minutes. Who talks like that? Worst dialogue ever. Makes Dog the Bounty Hunter look like The Godfather.
  12. I talked to Darrel the Knife X guy today. Just walked up to the van and knocked. He's coming to do my knives on the 30th. I could forward you his cell # then.
  13. Any news on the opening of Fatburger?
  14. Coop

    wine for snacking

    With Funions-Clos Vougeot Doritos-Tempier Rose
  15. I find it hard to believe that the nuances that make Barolo such a fine wine to drink (in most cases) would remain after hours of simmering in a pot with a piece of beef. Add some browned onion, carrot and garlic to the mix and it becomes even more unbelievable. I have found it best to use a decent bottle for cooking but anything above that level would be a complete waste. The only time I would use something a bit better would be in a Buerre Blanc or Sauce Bordelais where the wine remains a bit fresher and other then butter is the key ingredient. This is just my opinion and it isn't based on any kind of scietnific experimentation or deep thought. If you want to use a bottle of Settimo Barolo or Corton Charlamegne to make a sauce have at her.
  16. Today I was interested in finding who the Vancouver agent is for Terrabianca wines. I went to Google and searched, "Vancouver Terrabianca Wine". What do I end up with? A bunch of e gullet posts and references to Coop from Vancouver. This is humorous to me but what about those poor people who are actually looking for real information?
  17. Dosa Hut was closed last time I went by.
  18. Coop

    Wine Geek Dreams

    So is it the lifestyle or the winemaking? I remember in the 80's there was a winery (McLester?) making decent wine in a warehouse by LAX. I don't have to tell you how many people make decent wines miles from the 7 figure properties of the Napa and Sonoma valleys. I agree it would be a beautiful way to live, as long as you weren't totally leveraged.
  19. Believe me I am no expert on this. Those are just guidelines I would use. Mrs Coop and I spent our Honeymoon at The Captain Whidbey Inn and ate copious amounts of Penn Cove mussells harvested from in front of our room. This was in 1982 before anyone even thought about eating west coast mussels. I'm not sure why we don't eat more local mussels.
  20. It is a gut feeling based on a little bit of experience with shellfish harvesting when I was young. We would always wait for the very low tides before harvesting oysters. This was a bit dicey though because the lowest tides come during the warmest weather. I also believe that oysters can survive longer un submerged then mussels.
  21. IMO only the ones that remain under water at low tide are suitable for eating. They should also be away from docks and piers. So I would imagine they would be good eating during the winter, fall and spring if harvested from an isolated, underwater location.
  22. I think the only people I ever saw pimping The Tomato Cafe were the former owners. The place sucked both times I went there. The Clement's were a PR machine though. I too like Salade de Fruites but it certainly has a limited wine selection. One bottle of red to choose from. Take it or leave it. BTW the crepes are Sysco brand. Hardly made from scratch. Edited by Coop to remove political commentary about former owners of Tomato.
  23. Ralph I think the real issue here is how often do you visit your Mom? Jordan the country. That's hilarious.
  24. Coop

    Canada Ban on US wine

    As both a Canadian and a wine lover, I would like to say, count me out of this boycott. The truth is I don't drink very much US wine other then what a guest will bring to my house. I just don't think it's worth the money we pay for it here in BC. Any talk of trying to win a trade war with the biggest bully in the schoolyard is just insane. It's also pretty Un-Canadian. We enjoy a status in this world because we are peace makers. To throw that aside because of a trade dispute would be very rash. I agree that we have problems caused by beef and soft wood lumber but with-holding our power and water would only cause us a bigger problem. At the end of the day we don't scare anyone. The only solution is negotiation. BTW speaking of Conundrum, it's no longer available at Hy's because of the screwtop closure the winery is using. The wine steward there think that it will be a dissapointment for the high rollers to watch them twist it open.
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