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  1. I believe Mr Heather could have made his case a bit more positivley.
  2. Quadrilateral? On four planes? The one that really seems to piss of the Kiwis is Asparagus. I thought the 2003 Villa Maria SB had a nice hint of asparagus. In a very positive way. Stuart Devine was insulted in his forum here.
  3. I was only saying lets look beyond Vij and Tojo. They don't need our love, others do. This board should be more about what's new and now.
  4. Fluffy you have no reason to apologise. Your post was honest and thoughtful. You just stepped into a once in a gullet time maelstrom. Believe me this place isn't ever like that.
  5. How about Barnyard. Perhaps a barnyard in the Cote Nuit smells different then the feedlot beside I 5 near Colinga. Still it can't be good.
  6. Coop

    Wine consumption

    More if we have an evening activity with our kids!
  7. Am I the only one who feel's a bit uncomfortable reading this thread? It just seems as organic as the 99 cent a pound Peruvian Asparagus I saw today at Kin's Farm Market. As much as I love to see the chef and his commis participating, I just get the feeling it's a bit of an advert. I think my love for Italian food and wine is well known in this and the Wine forum. This sounds like the kind of place I would love to go to. I loved it when Andrey cooked there as Bogas' replacment but I just feel that maybe it would have been best to maybe just post about the place and then just wait to see what people who eat there think.
  8. The Italian Pho story was like an urban myth in our family. If it actually exists we will have to eat there, have our pictures taken, and buy T shirts.
  9. Is this the place that was originally "Italian Pho"? I have heard of a place on Kingsway that bastardized the sign to read this. If it is it's the holly grail of Pho joints for my two teenage sons.
  10. You know if I was in the mood for some Irish food, I'd lock on the trucker hat, adjust my e gullet messenger bag and take my 250 lbs of love down there. Fortunatly the urge for Irish never seems to come over me.
  11. canucklehead feel free to borrow my e gullet trucker hat.
  12. I'm not sure that Vikram Vij or Tojo are the greatest thing since sliced Naan but ask the average Vancouver foodie and I think you would find that they worship the ground they walk on. Is that the kind of opinion I expect to read on this cutting edge forum? I hope not.
  13. Where does one go after cookin/eating this menu item? It seems nothing could be left to try.
  14. Did you mean aside from Vij's or beside Vij's? Rangoli? I have heard that Tamarind is pretty good.
  15. Shameless but usefull. where can we pick up Terminal City. I haven't read it since my source burnt.
  16. In regard to Ba Le its in a little mall on the corner of Fraser and Kingsway. Also in Surrey, in the T and T food fair. Just east on Kingsway is a place called Ben Do. Their subs are really nice. There also is a rather high stakes card game going on in the afternoon.
  17. Coop

    Education strategies

    Has anyone seen Karen MacNiel's Food and Wine show? Does that women actually eat? Ever?
  18. I have always thought of the Broadway and Granville Cactus Club washrooms to be the finest in the city. And as Elvis Costello sang, "My Aim is True".
  19. Coop

    Wine consumption

    Mrs Coop and I drink about 8 bottles a week. For the most part it is for educational reasons. Also Mrs Coop needs to drink just to stand listening to me.
  20. Advertorial, my ass. Advertisement more like it. The mans in the pimping business!
  21. That's it Ling. You can say what you want about other places but to say Kim Phung isn't the best, well that does it! I haven't been to Pho Lan but how could it compare? I'm going to talk to the owner (Mrs Kim Phung) and have you barred. I'm sure she will say something like: "Never Darken my Doors Again". I believe she will be posting here soon about her own special tendon and tea evening.
  22. Lee, perhaps you should have said, exactly what you said. I think it's important to say exactly what you think about a place. If we all candy coat our reviews we will become the Georgia Straight. Well without he adds for "rub and tugs". BTW for about a year after a big blow out dinner at West my wife and I found everywhere dissapointing, Oddly enough even return visits to West for lunch weren't as good. Cru and Parkside actually got us back on track though.
  23. Coop

    Education strategies

    Wine books serve one very important function. They make you look scholarly while you are drinking. If you really love wine your first responsibility is to drink it. If you want to go to the next level then you need to take some notes. If you want to expand upon that buy some magazines. If you still want more. Go to a tasting, but you must be brave and make some notes. If you are feeling nervous about making notes pretend you are incontinent and make them in the washroom. If you still crave more buy The Wine Snobs Handbook. Read it and live by the rules it advocates.
  24. Over rated Spelling Under rated punctuation and capitalization.
  25. Cougars and hockey wives are bad? Am I the only one with some love for the older sisters?
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