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  1. yes, it is bot healthy and usually I don't do it, but sometimes when you've been somewhere out and you are so hungry you have no choice. In my country we have only fast foods open after midnight, but you can't see it very often and they are at the central places of the cities.
  2. Is it only drinking because I've heard and for smoking, but not casual tabaco...
  3. Subway... I can't decide which one is worst McDonalds or Subway
  4. McDonalds sucks! This food is so tawdry and I can't imagine to eat that kind of food ...
  5. If I have to be honest I don't like fast food, doesn't mother how crispy or not it is. I like home made food and that's it!
  6. Don't you prefer a real coconut juice instead of coconut water?
  7. I love when something salty is mixed with something sweet It is so great when the both different tastes are mixed
  8. I don't like pizza so much, but this one is the greatest one that I've tried ! Thank you about that great post
  9. It is so strange...banana vinegar! I even can't imagine it
  10. Oh, I can not resist the temptation It is unbelievable
  11. usually when I put something baked at the fridge it smell very strange, and it is not a good smell.
  12. I also don't cook with tomatoes when they are out of season, because they have no taste and the meal doesn't get tasty!
  13. You can see everything on TV, it doesn't depend how strange or amazing it is.
  14. barbarataylor

    Yuzu juice

    Or you can make an experiment and you can use it as you want
  15. I want to thank you too, because in 2 months I'll go to Paris and here I found a great information
  16. I would ask him to put some gloves of something like that
  17. I had my best meal was in Bulgaria! It such a beautiful place, I was ordered chicken with some cheese sauce and it was wonderful!
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