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  1. I accept -- I am coming over today LOL Yes, I am talking about tikkis -- you are correct.
  2. Well, you can do potato and pea cakes that are panfried? My son loves them --no deep frying and all the goodness of vegetables (God forbid )
  3. I hardly use the flat fenugreek seeds except for tempering and if that is what you guys have, I am not sure what other suggestions to give. The dried leaves cost just a few dollars and are really worth it- the aroma and flavors are truly wonderful
  4. No not with the seeds -- do you have flat brown seeds?? I am not sure if I have seen red fenugreek -- can you describe it? Do you have a picture?
  5. Yes - If I eat at all that is. i have terrible eating habits I think. This blog is forcing me to eat well . I try to eat salads or a light veg meal for lunch -- else I need a nap and then no work gets done
  6. Alright my friends, lunch is served. I hope you are all hungry. This is my version of Fenugreek laced potatoes. Simplicty is such charm, dont you think Step 1 Dice potatoes into small dices. Add some oil into a pan and pan fry the potatoes on high heat. Add the fenugreek -- handful of it. Add the turmeric, red chili and salt. Saute for another few minutes. (sorry for the blurred picture Cover and lower heat. Cook till potatoes are done A dear friend had got me some strawberries on Saturday so that is what I am having for dessert
  7. Yes - coriander was a good two heaping teaspons, 1/4 teaspoon turmeric and 1/2 teaspoon red chili. Salt -- take a pinch and sprinkle lightly over the whole dish. Does that help?
  8. YAY. It is a south Indian dish and one that I adore. It is easy to make, good for you and also has such pronounced flavors. It is a Monday night favorite at our house. If Ammini is reading, she can give you the historic origins, I am sure. The seeds are used in tempering mostly. I used the dried one a lot. Its dried leaves and is sold as Kasoori Methi in stores (Kasoori Methi Fresh methi is used in stirfrying and also stuffed in breads. My favorite. Just one thing, it is a pain in the ass to clean -- very gritty. BTW - Most Indian stores are now selling it frozen as well. And its not bad.. trust me. Stay tuned in a few minutes I will be making potatoes with fenugreek (dried leaves). It is again - simple, flavorful and easy to prepare. this is just my style and people I am sure can make it more complex. I agree. I finally invested in a Sumeet (Indian brand) food processor. It comes with a few wonderful attachments. The spice grinder and chutney maker attachments are to die for. Its been two years and no dead motor yet. I have killed many a coffee grinder. I love the flavor of shallots -- I have begun to add it in everything where I need a garlic onion flavor. I like the sweeter red onion -- I am sure there are reasons people prefer the yellow one. I guess for Indian cooking the red one, in my humble opinion, holds its own with hearty spices.
  9. For personal taste, I prefer making the yogurt at home Its simple to do. WHen I do buy it, I get Stoneyhill (I think that is the right name). .... dont you have that happen when you being picking up something by just recognizing the box and forget the name. Or maybe I am just getting old
  10. A city of all seasonings -- Mumbai You can see more pictures from these restaurants on my site -www.monicabhide.com Okay - the onions are red onions. I dont like using the yellow/white onions. I think the red onions add a nice sweetness. You are right, the Indian ones are tiny but so wonderfuly flavorful My wok like pan is a Kadai -- let me see if I can find pics -- its a deep small wok (like thing). I fill it with oil 1/2 way and then use that as a deep fryer. I think this is the way its done in most Indian homes. I dont know anyone who owns a deep fryer.
  11. I think I got all the answers in to last night's posts. If I have missed you, its not by design -- let me know and I will try to respond. Well good morning - I have to rush out but wanted to get started first. Here is what I am drinking for breakfast -- I love their coffee. Starbucks is nice but a bit too strong for my tastes. What works well with them is this -- Take some starbucks coffee ice cream, throw it in the blender with some heavy cream, a bit of milk and ice. Blend it all and serve in a tall glass as sinful cold coffee What I wish I was drinking This is Indian style hot coffee being served in Goa Portugesa in Mumbai. I just wrote about them for the WP. Let me know if you want to see the piece, I will send it on, or post it here. Great seafood and yes, nice coffee.
  12. I think I feel in love with it years ago. I love the flavors -- the spices may be the same as Indian but the tastes are different (although well within the Asian taste zone ) Biryani -- hmmmm -- maybe. Not sure yet. I will go ahead and post some shots of this marvelous biryani I had in Delhi on my last trip. SO hang on for a few.
  13. Is that a trick question Add as much or as little as you like. I make the water and then add the coconut rum. Just a tad. By the way, if you head to Nirvana on K street, they are making these and serving them with chili vodka. NICE
  14. Not to mention that the hands that make the gol gappas have to have stuff under their fingernails that you cannot recall. Once I asked the guy to wash his hands (at a street stall in Delhi) and he promptly stuck them in a bucket of water that had used dishes soaking in it. Ofcourse, most people now head to Haldirams in Delhi where they make the water with bottled water (for hygenic reasons) and the servers making the treats wear plastic gloves.
  15. Yes - They are being used as "shots" in many places now. Yum.
  16. Wow. What a pleasant surprise. HEY. Good to see you here. Now I need to kick this up a notch. The professionals are watching Good to see you here my dear.
  17. Cilantro Chutney -- I make mine with cilantro, mint, lemon juice, a touch of garlic and on occasion grated coconut. I used to hold events at Whole Foods and here is how we served it -- Take thick slices of warm french bread, spread on some sweet cream butter, top with the chutney and then place a thinly sliced English cucumber on top -- YUM If you want more specifics, PM me and I will send you some stuff.
  18. Yes ofcourse, I remember you -- you were going to school there yes? I use a wok like utensil for deep frying. I dont own a deep fryer at all. Its simple and I love it. We dont fry that much usually -- once a month maybe.
  19. The Indian style chicken uses a just a bit of fenugreek and sounds like a number of folks have a lot of it. Okay so tomorrow I will make fenugreek potatoes where you can use a lot of that lovely ingredient and do the Malay chicken for dinner.
  20. Dorie (whose books I drooooollllll over) -- Thanks for stopping by .
  21. At the Indian store. Its still not at its best. I hope to get better okra sometime. Any DC eGers reading.. where do you buy your okra here? I am assuming if Whole Foods carries it, its pretty good there.
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