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  1. It's that time of year again... I am cake hunting for my son. Last year after posting here I was lucky to find someone who made us a gorgeous Nemo icrecream cake! this year the party is outdoors so we cant do icecream The cake can be in the shape of batman (preferred) or a cake done up with batman stuff. Anyone ???
  2. Yum..okay. I am told its hard to locate.. but I will call them. this does sound good.. takes me back to where i grew up. I am glad I asked thanks all
  3. Thanks Joe -- we cant go till late.. how expensive is this place?
  4. Thanks Bill -- I did not know that. I think we may try Lebanese Taverna. What's good on the menu?
  5. I am not familiar with them.. pray explain :-)
  6. Hubby and I are kid free tonite... the little one is off for his first ever sleep over! So we are looking for a recommendation in Tysons for dinner.. NOT expensive please
  7. Mark Bittman takes on Suvir Saran -- Passage to India with ease -- Part of Mark's new book - Bittman takes on America's chefs, this piece appears in today's New York Times. Enjoy!
  8. Standing on tradition, chef reaches for the sky I am a huge fan of his work and would like to wish him much success. This is wonderful.
  9. We are still deciding -- is there a a good reasonable brunch anywhere.
  10. I was wondering if places are doing a good brunch for mother's day.. what are folks up to?
  11. And with that picture.. folks I am going to signoff from the blogging process. This has been an amazing experience... I have learnt so much and feel so delighted that folks wanted to share this experience with me. I hope you enjoyed your visit to my home. The title of the blog should now be obvious to folks.. thoughts without a thinker.. I have provided you with a random smattering of my life.. People question what is authentic and traditional and what is not. WHen my monkey grows up these will be his traditions and this will be his mom's authentic cooking. To each his own. Indian cooking, as with any cuisine, is about having a love of ingredients. Love what you make and I promise it will turn out well. I want to than Soba and the rest of the eG forum hosts and mgmt team for giving me this honor and hope that I will be invited back someday to do some more blogging. I will be around making posts today but this is the last picture I am posting for now. Enjoy and once again many thanks.
  12. Hi all -- Plans change.. and ours did. I had grand plans of the zoo, I am told I need to weed the lawn. Oye. His highness wanted egg curry for lunch not dinner. So here it is. Step 1 - Grind onions to a fine paste and saute along with garlic in some oil/butter combo Step 2 -- Add ground tomatoes and continue to cook until the oil separates from the mixture.. you can add some water at this step to help move things along. Step 3 - Season with turmeric, red chili and freshly ground coriander powder. Step 4. Cook for another few mintues Step 5 - Add a cup of milk and bring to a slow boil Pour over boiled eggs. Serve hot with bread and a nice summer salad. This silken curry is our favorite.. anytime.
  13. Yes - I was down with the flu that day -- yuck what a bad pic of me. Nate Lankford is a really fantastic photographer.. I just dont like my own pictures
  14. This is his recipe not mine. i made it with chicken thighs and it turned out quite well actually
  15. I belong to a foodie group and we select a different style of restaurant once a month to eat at. Tonite we chose Ginger Reef that was recently written up in Bon Appetit. Ginger Reef is a fun little place in the down town We started with Carribean Sunrise a rum based cocktail Seafood fritters for appetizers & their ribs were really quite good -- Fried red snapper was, well, snappy Rum soaked bread pudding provided a filling end Goodnight all. See you in the morning.
  16. Good to know because lately I have been frequenting an Indian place that uses quite a bit of curry leaves in the dishes and I have been eating them. Never occured to me to ask whether it was okay. One of these days I will certainly pay for my cavalier attitude when it comes to trying foods. I just go for it. ← Oh -- did they not tell you about the side effects of eating these???? Gotcha
  17. Well we are well on our way through breakfast this morning. The weather is dull and the day is full of errands I did not do in the week! Eggs - ala Monica -- With minced green chilies, diced red onions and minced cilantro. For brunch we are having poha or beaten rice. Traditionally this is a south Indian dish. i fell in love with it when I went to college in south India. It is simple yet hearty. Here is poha raw. Okay so first step -- moisten it a bit in a colander -- In a wok heat some oil, add the mustard seeds. When they get mad and sizzle, add some curry leaves, chopped onions and a handful of peas. (People add many other things here.. this is how I like it) Season with turmeric, red chilli and salt. Toss well. ANother few minutes and its done. Enjoy!
  18. Good morning! Glad it worked out for you. How is everyone today? It is pouring outside. I am going to make coffee now. See you all in a bit.
  19. Thanks Stan... what a sweet post. Tomorrow we will be doing a unique dish for brunch. We have dinner plans so I will post pics from that. Sunday -- temple in the morning, zoo in the afternoon and egg curry for dinner (per my monkey)
  20. Dinner is served. For those who cooked along, I hope you enjoyed it! I am posting pics now and then going to join my guests. Will be back on later tonite. Monica's Raspberry Walnut salad -- On a bed of fresh baby spinach add raspberries, blackberries, red radishes, tomatoes, walnuts and anything else you like. Pour raspberry walnut vinegerette.. and enjoy. It is a very simple salad but one that is a favorite in our house Here is the chicken -- 1. Marinating -- 2. Cooking in the oven 3. Under the broiler for a few 4. ANd we are ready to eat -- I hope you all enjoy it
  21. Okay -- it is drizzling here so I will make the chicken in the oven. Look for pics in a few. (and we are having dinner guests at the last minute.. hmmmm... hope they like Malay curry LOL)
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