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  1. Yes. Just rice and sugar. Its a childhood habit I never got over.
  2. Milagai - True.. I eat more rotis than rice. Although I love warm rice with sugar! I know I know.. I am strange.
  3. Pan - It is eaten with roti traditionally. On steamed rice is what happens when one is being lazy.
  4. My husband is unfortunately insisting on spaghetti night, but I'd love to make this next week. This will work with natural peanut butter, correct? ← Yes it will - be sure to let me know how it turns out.
  5. This is serious business -- arent you local? Will you let me cook okra for you? I can promise a transformation.. you will either love okra at the end of it or hate me for life.
  6. I am so excited.. this should be fun! And hopefully very tasty
  7. Kathy - do you have regular peanut butter.. you can add that and a crushed few peanuts?
  8. Lunch is just leftovers. I am chomping down okra over steamed rice... i know people will scowl at this non traditional combo.. but its SOOOOO good. Off for a meeting.. be back in time to grill. I so hope folks will join me for this dinner.
  9. They are like wafers or papads.. let me go take a pic of the bag. thanks for being here
  10. I dont need much more than one post to get me started. .. ten pages attest to that. Here we go -- Make a marinade of -- melted chunky peanut butter, orange juice, a touch of lemon juice, cumin powder, ginger garlic paste, spice powder mix (i use the same as I did for the malay chicken -- use any mild curry powder from the grocery store) and soya sauce. Mix well and add to the chicken.. Let it sit till we grill/broil this evening I poured all the stuff onto the chicken and mixed it in the bowl. I prefer chicken thighs to chicken breasts.. a fact that has been well documented on egullet -- monica and chicken thighs.. the saga continues Mix well
  11. Cakewalk -- Does this help 1. Heat oil in a pan and add finely ground shallots and ginger -- ginger is the sort of thing that I usually double, like garlic -- but can you give me an idea of how much I should be doubling? -- I used about two teaspoons Add a cinnamon stick and 2 star anise.. and smell paradise -- do you grind them first, or put them in whole? Whole 2 Can I please ask for an idea of amounts used for a given quantity of the paste? go easy on the spices 1/4 teaspoon to 1/2 teaspoon for the most . Add the chicken and continue to cook for 10 -12 minutes or until the chicken is 3/4 cooked. --Do you usually use particular parts of the chicken? Legs, breasts, etc. Does it make a difference? I use thighs. I am not fond of chicken breasts. Cooking times change for different cuts. Okay?
  12. Hey - welcome and thanks for taking the time to post. I miss Indian okra.. it has a different taste. I wonder why that is. If you go to Han ah reum.. we may be neighbours
  13. Wanna make dinner with me? Let me know (if you trust to cook with me that is LOL) and I will post the steps for the peanut grilled chicken for tonites dinner.
  14. Well - I am sipping my tea and looking for interesting pictures to post. I know there are many dog lovers on the board. ... so here is my contribution -- I was in Georgetown last week looking for a new story idea.. and I swear he was posing for me My tea is Ethiopian today. A friend from there brought it over -- nice and spicy with lots of cloves, cinnamon... heartwarming I am recharing my camera batteries so the pictures I am sharing are from tea in India a year or so ago -- Street tea Also here is one of my favorite st johns picture -- a great way to wake up --
  15. Good morning all - ANd what a lovely invitation to wake up to. Yetty --thank you. I was going over my blog and am horrified at my breakfast habits -- coffee and nuts. Hmmm. I was eating better breakfast when I was on Atkins. Suggestions for breakfast would be welcome. Something light.. very light.
  16. Well folks, I am done for the night. See you all tomorrow.
  17. Thanks. I swear I put on pounds just looking at that stuff.
  18. Kew - Your observation is accurate. North Indians use it little if at all.. more so on the coast and in the south. i am from the North but use it because I am so spoilt by southern Indian tastes.. yum.
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