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  1. I once walked into the back door of a grill/lunch bar at a large university. The smell was so foul, totally disqusting. The flies took up a collection and bought a screen door, for fear one of their comrades would wonder into the place.
  2. Throw their butts out. A friend of my mother once said I did not know how to cook because I refered to notes on a recipe card and used measuring cups.
  3. The French treat Americans like anyone else with bad manners. We are not being singled out. Repeat five times.
  4. Perhaps this in one of the reasons I avoid restaurants who advertise "Home Cooking" or maybe it's all that damned grease.
  5. Volume measured in Fluid ounces ----------------------------------------------- = Specific gravity Weight measured in ounces
  6. Great! If you only knew the specific gravity it is done easy on a calculator. But to find out the specific gravity your self you would have to know the volume and weight. Your empiracal method will work just fine. I hope you share your findings. I have taught too long to answer a question. But I will help you find out.
  7. I've been in a baking class, and told that a pint of water, or ANY liquid equals a pound. The above is flat WRONG! (See preceeding post)
  8. The answer: It all depends on the "specific gravity" of the liquid in question. The specific gravity of water is one (1) If your liquid in question weights twice as much as an equal volume of water the specific gravity in this case is two (2). If the specific gravity of a liquid or material is less than one (1) the liquid or material will float in water. Oil floats on water. Hence, the specific gravity is less than one (<1) If the specific gravity is, say .5, a quart (which is a volume measure) would weight sixteen (16) ounces. Get the idea?
  9. Don't count on it being sharp forever. Some of my sharpest knives, I have to steel daily. Only use your steel on one side. You can look and see which side is correct. I will see a couple of guys making sushi tomorrow. I will check out their knives and get what info they are willing to share.
  10. chefvic123

    Wondra Flour

    The Wonderbra is a central European invention. Specifically a German invention. Know as "Das stoppen floppen"
  11. chefvic123

    Wondra Flour

    I'm back! I was requested to report on my making of fried oysters, actually Oyster's Bingo. See www.chef2chef.com for recipe. Everything with my son's meal went fine and we wished we had a lot more to eat. It's good to leave a meal with the feeling of wanting more. I will make again. Next time it will be with an AP flour to compare the differance. I allowed the oysters to take on as much flour as they wanted. Next time, I will not use as much flour. I think it would be a great component of a mult-course meal. If you try the recipe and invite me over, make portion sizes four times larger. I'll bring the wine.
  12. chefvic123

    Wondra Flour

    My son, when he was four or five, I prepared an Indian dinner for him and perhaps I was a little carried away with the curry. So fishing around for comment from him, I asked how he enjoyed his meal. Of course, he said it was just fine. The little politician. He also mention, next time don't use so much curry. I was shocked and am still in wonderment. He was an early reader perhaps he read the recipe and took notice to a new ingredient. I have no idea. He just finished War and Peace yesterday. He is a happy little twelve year old and I will fix a special meal for him anytime. Edit: This old rock thrower misspelled Peace. No wonder I was not allowed to paint the signs.
  13. chefvic123

    Wondra Flour

    I had to pinch myself to see if I was awake and not dreaming. Today is my son's birthday and he wanted me to prepare a special dinner for him. I decide on fried oysters in a white wine sauce. Just a moment and I mean only a moment ago I was thinking about the flour I would need. I then read all the glowing reports about the Wondra product. I checked my pantry and sure enough their sat a box of Wondra unopened. So guess what? With out any testing to prove the recipe my son hopefully will have fried oysters tomorrow night. I am kind of excited about them myself. But I was born excited about food. I use the Wondra for gravies. It is a pass-it-down thing from my mother. And mom's mother was an inn keeper, back when all the carriages had one horse power. Wondra is a Gold Metal product and is about the only processed food in my personal kitchen. It contains wheat flour, malted barley as read from the label. They are not giving away any proprietary secrets here. Damned my curiousity. Sue, I read you rather technical comments with a keen interest. Put a small quantity of Wondra in the palm of you hand and test taste it. See if it does something curious. The moisture from my tongue seems to make the Wondra disappear or reduce in volume. It is like a portion of it simple disappears. What ever.
  14. Well don't trust a guy who confusses olive oil with coffee. When I wrote "cold press" in the earlier post I knew it was wrong, but I could not think of the term I was looking forl. It is "Toddy cold brew" I think the system cost about $30 and makes the best coffee anyone can imagine. You can make very, very strong coffee without any acid or bitterness of any kind. All brewing is done at room temperature. I can go on and on about the many advantages. Is there a down side to it? Yes. It take about 12 hours to brew a pound of coffee. The coffee is in a consentrated liquid form and you must delute it when you drink it. Or stay up for about a week. About sharing what I may learn; I would have to get written permission from whom I am working. I will ask as soon as I can, which may be after I turn in a final report. Track this down on www.google.com There should be something under cold brew coffee. Maybe under Toddy cold brew coffee. I was on a coffee project about 12 years ago when I learned of the cold process. The subject just came up and I was amazed. The people I was working with in California sent me about a 1/2 gallon of it all brewed up to Ohio. It was sent by some super duper express delivery and I received the coffee made up and still very warm. Just right for drinking. I still remember the taste. Very strong and very mellow. I think someone once told me the process is used by primitive people in South America. So I guess if you don't have a coffee pot and you improvise and make what may be the best coffee drink in the world. Maybe we should all throw away our pots.
  15. Freefaller, I am so happy you mentioned the container from in which you drank the coffee. I will be running some test on coffee from different brewing devices. Last week I ordered the most popular pots for the various brew methods. All except the type that brews coffee at room temperature. I think it is called "cold press" I will write up the test to use chinaware. Thanks again.
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