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  1. Folks, here is a photo of a volume of "Modernist Cuisine" and my copy of "The Photography of Modernist Cuisine" to give you an idea of the size; also included are a coffee cup and a 165mm Takeda Nakiri for reference. It is a large book! As far as the pics, here is a snip from a blog: "Spoonhq – Food PR & Restaurant PR Blog says: At the same time as paying homage to the exquisite visuals of the original Modernist Cuisine book, Nathan Myhrvold has opened up The Cooking Lab photo archives to share a large number of stunning, never-before-seen images. The book will feature 399 photos, spr
  2. Well boom-chaka-laka.... My copy has landed! Well it looks like perhaps the price went up. If I remember correctly, I put in my pre-order the day it was announced and available for pre-order at Amazon (US). I paid $89 from Amazon and now the price at Amazon is $103. Wow.... My opinion, this book probably has a limited market. Who would buy this book? So depending on the price you got, it's roughly $90 - $104. The book really is a coffee table book of pictures with pretty much no text. Some double-page spreads. So who would buy this book? Would someone who likes food photography buy thi
  3. Well, I should be able to shed some light on this, my expected arrival date is 10/1/13. :-) Todd in Chicago
  4. Ttogull.... If you look in my "Meal Planner" report above, the following items have been cooked traditionally and were then vac-sealed for freezer storage: Sauce Kung Pao Masala Pesto Poblano Mole Soup Coconut Curry Squash Marmite Consomme I can tell you that I've not had any problems with those items. I think as long as you can vac-seal your items, and it is not an extended period of time, I think you'll be just fine. For sous vide cooked items, I believe you can freeze them for longer periods of time. I've had a beef tenderloin that was cooked for a year before we ate it, and you wouldn
  5. Bonkboo.... Probably about 95% of my sous vide cooking is done exactly this way; meaning I cook quantities of items and freeze for reheating later. My "go to" reheat temp is 130 F. I typically find that putting pretty much anything in at 130 for about 30 mins will reheat the food through, particularly if adding some additional finishing such as searing (blowtorch, pan, grill, etc.). The only exception is if for some reason I've originally cooked something at a temp LESS than 130 F. Obviously, I only want to reheat AT or LESS THAN the original cooking temperature, or more appropriately the
  6. Todd: Both login methods appear to be broken; I get a 500 Internal Server Error. Jmasur.... Thank you for reporting this, and our webmaster will review this as soon as possible. Please, anyone that is reporting problems for the site, please send an email to: webmaster@modernistcookingdb.com Fellow eGulleteers, eGullet was kind enough to let us post about our site here, and I really want to make sure that we respect the purpose of this site and want to make sure that "support" is not handled here. Please do feel free to post about how this site helps you as it relates to the topic "Sous Vide:
  7. Seannymurrs.... I know you have ruled out the SVS, but I'll give my .02 anyway. At time, the higher priced units were not an option for me, and to be quite honest, I don't think there were that many options about 2 1/2 years ago when I got my SVS. Note, I do not have the demo but the full model (demi came out later). I'm glad I have the full model as when I cook, I normally in "batches" and want all the space I can get. My SVS is permanently out on the countertop, due to it's looks this is acceptable with SWMBO. Even though I would LOVE to have a Pol Sci pro, there will be no lexan tubs si
  8. Fellow eGullet members and sous vide enthusiasts, Announcing open free registration to the Modernist Cooking DB site! A short time ago, we announced a request for pilot users for a new website we created to track your sous vide efforts and your freezer inventory. We had several pilot users and fixed some bugs along the way, as well as adding some great features. Thank you to our great pilot users who inspired those additional features and helped find the bugs. The pilot period is now over and registration is now open for anyone. The site is free, and we hope that you enjoy it as much as we
  9. At what stage did you store it? I am presuming frozen? PK PK.... I completely made the sauce and then portioned it into smaller bags and sealed and froze. Here is the Crab eggs benedict it was used on. Cheers... Todd in Chicago So you made the sauce including the foaming in teh iSi? or up to that point and then froze? Did you iSi it after you defrosted or just warm and put into the eggs? thanks Rotuts....at first I thought you were just referring to some yummy tasting food....but now I think otherwise! LOL! My wife picked up on it right away...she's a keeper that one! ;-) JMolinari.... Oop
  10. Ok...guilty pleasure, but I'm not alone here, love the FOF, and the DFOF, but I was not too keen on the fish bites that I tried. I only got them once, and wouldn't get them again. Couldn't really put my finger on it, but think I just like the texture of the FOF with the soft bun and the cheese so much better. Also, as far as the "crooked" fish on the bun, I swear, I receive mine like that all the time! I wonder it they actually are instructed to make it that way! Any Mickey D insiders here that can share the secret? ;-) Cheers... Todd in Chicago
  11. LOL! Forget the camera, come on over to Chicago and give the class!! :-) Todd in Chicago
  12. At what stage did you store it? I am presuming frozen? PK PK.... I completely made the sauce and then portioned it into smaller bags and sealed and froze. Here is the Crab eggs benedict it was used on. Cheers... Todd in Chicago
  13. Team.... I also FINALLY made the olive oil poached salmon over smashed potatoes with bois boudran sauce. We liked it, and would have it again (which is a good thing since I have enough for 3 more dinners (saucewise)), but I fudged the potatoes which came out without enough texture and a darker color. There were still pretty good, but I know what I did wrong. Cheers... Todd in Chicago
  14. Well my friend, I'll let you know as I went full bore! The thing is, is that most of that is recovered. I think the original amount is something like 7.5 sticks of butter here in the US, and from what I recovered as SOLIDIFIED on the top, I weighed and found only about 1.5 sticks as "missing". I fully believe that those went in the can with the used veggies. I plan on clarifying this evening, so will let everyone know! Cheers... Todd in ChicagoI made the Marmite consommé a few weeks ago. Just had some over the weekend, and it was good. Very funny the stunning amount of vegetables that goes
  15. Yes it does. Here is my version that I did for Valentine's dinner. i used a New Zealand rack from Restaurant Depot. The rack was given a dose of salt, pepper and garlic powder, bagged, SV at 53C for 3 hours, then seared, coated with honey and mustard and herbed bread crumbs per Thomas Keller's Ad Hoc at Home and finished for 10 minutes in a 220C (425F) oven. The sweet potato was cut in half, coated with EVO and roasted cut side down for 30 minutes in the same oven. The bok choy was cut in half, seared cut cut side down with some garlic slivers in some canola oil and then covered and steamed i
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