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  1. Hydrogen peroxide. Not sure about dilution proportion. dcarch
  2. dcarch

    Dinner 2019

    Doing The Rounds Top rounds are tough cuts of beef, but they are very reasonably priced. Found some at $1.99 a lb SVed at 131F for 48 hours. Not bad. Tasty tender beef for $1.99 a lb, no bones and no fat. dcarch
  3. I kind of feel that this year's weeds will be next year's compost fertilizer. I don't go too crazy weeding. Are there proofs that weeds can significantly decrease asparagus production? If the weeds compete with asparagus in soil nutrients, I just pour more fertilizer. Takes a lot less time. I weed some to give more room to edible weeds such as purslane, violets, etc. dcarch
  4. These green things seem happy with my DIY LED lights. Look forward to BLTs on Memorial Day. dcarch It's a jungle! Most Almost all have blossoms already Many have bloomed. Ground cherries are blooming Little okras have blossoms too.
  5. dcarch

    Food funnies

    I think I had posted this one sometime ago:
  6. Fresh water chestnuts are a popular summer street food. dcarch
  7. What's the indoor temperature? Peas like around 70F for growing. Yours look like mine in the summer. dcarch
  8. dcarch

    Dinner 2019

    You are very kind. Thank you very much! dcarch
  9. dcarch

    St.Patrick and his Corned Beef

    Posted mine on the "Dinner " thread. dcarch
  10. dcarch

    Dinner 2019

    The once-a-year sous vided corned beef. It was very good. But the potatoes with crispy corned beef fat cracklings were even more memorable. Actually better than bacon with potatoes. dcarch
  11. dcarch

    Click and Grow

    That must be a fantastic BLT you had! dcarch
  12. dcarch

    St.Patrick and his Corned Beef

    What do you guys do with the thick fat cap that you get on the corn beef? dcarch
  13. As a single guy, with a possible change in your career direction soon, if I were you, I would put my first priority in consideration on returns on my real estate investment. Then suitability of needs would be my second priority. With a little luck, the two priories may coincide. If you get a big raise, that's when you will be looking for your ultimate dream house. dcarch
  14. Depends on what kind of fish. I cook the flesh side first. Some fish fillet will curl up if you crisp the skin first. dcarch
  15. dcarch

    Dinner 2019

    I have been busy lately. A recent cook; Roasted duck semi-Peking style. Peking duck is all about crispy skin on steamed buns. No time for making steamed buns, just biscuits-in-a-tube. Not bad actually. :-) Very happy with how the skin turned out. dcarch
  16. Hey schmuck, I am trying to out schmuck you, and out cheap you !!! My goal is first to gain two to three more months of vegetables from the garden, then hopefully year round supply and not having to go to supermarkets. Not easy in zone 6, but doable. Yeah it's my New Green Deal. dcarch
  17. KennethT explained well. Thanks. On a separate topic. I am superstitious about white light. It is an extremely competitive world for plants. Over million years of evolution and adaptation, plants have learned to utilize any and all available energy and nutrition from nature to grow faster and stronger than the plants right next to them. It was said that if plants don't compete, we would have no trees today. I don't believe that plants would only use limited resources (light colors) for survival. I believe that white light is best for plants. Sure, there can be specific colors which will promote some growth characteristic of some species, but who know what else is missing. Can humans live on vitamin pills alone? dcarch
  18. As far as I know there is no such thing as white LEDs. They all come in different narrow band wave lengths (monochromatic), from IR to UV. By modifying LEDs, "white" can be achieved. dcarch
  19. Sure, it is possible most LEDs produce UV light, question is what kind of UV light and how strong. LEDs are monochromatic, almost single frequency (wave) devices. Unless they are specifically UV LED chips, all others are devices using phosphorus coating to turn LED light into multi-light wave devices. The UV light from these LEDs are very weak. As someone has said, for your eyes to be damaged, you will need to tape the LED to your eyeball. dcarch
  20. There is no need to wear eye protection. LEDs produce no harmful rays. I sometimes wear sunglasses mostly because the glare from the brightness. I was lucky. A guy on eBay was selling those used huge heatsinks. I was searching on ebay and Amazon for a long time. dcarch
  21. The Sun Will Come Out, Tomorrow Today, Everyday, ---- Just flip a switch. It has become easy to build your own high power LED grow light. COB 110vac LEDs are not expensive. No more need to have complicated power drivers.. I made 4 COB LED grown lights, each with two 150 Watt chips. Cooling fans and heat sinks and switches. Plus Acrylic rods for focusing. 1,200 Watts of light. So incredibly bright. It's like having my own sun! With only one light turned on No, nothing medicinal or recreational. dcarch
  22. Unfortunately my friends will treat me differently if I wear panty hose. So instead, I do this: dcarch
  23. dcarch

    Dinner 2019

    Thank you! I like skate a lot. It is a mild tasting fish. I think the texture feels like crab meat. It is important to prepare skate properly. The skin needs to be removed, or it will taste like someone did a #1 on it. Sous vide is a good way to cook fish to avoid over cooking. This one was SV at 135F for 40 minutes. dcarch
  24. dcarch

    Dinner 2019

    Cheapskate Valentine's Day dish Skate was on sale. SV skate and shrimps dcarch
  25. Soon $5.00 a lb white truffles? dcarch