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  1. Hi, I've tried to compile a list for ages but unfortunately, places and wine lists keep changing...so here's a topic with the latest I come across, and I hope others will join in 2013 (PERTH) (31st January) BISTRO FELIX, Subiaco Veuve Clicquot $25
  2. Hello I am looking for Malaysian restaurants (which serve Malaysian Chinese food instead of Malay food) in Cardiff (and/or the rest of Wales) and would appreciate any information at all from Welsh locals. Thanks in advance.
  3. Out of all the simpler things in life being the best, this would be at the top of my list. It doesn't look special, but the combination of the slightly sweet caramel soy and the liver is absolutely superb (if I do say so myself lol however, it's not my dish but my parents'). I thought I'd share it in this forum I started off with the pork belly - cooked it covered in water for about 30 minutes and then removed and cooled it. I had to tweeze the stubble off the skin which was as big a pain as tweezing my own armpits. (No, I didn't use the same tweezers lol). Then I sliced it into 1cm pieces and placed these into a different saucepan and added a tablespoon of soy sauce and the same of caramel (dark/thick) soy sauce. I added the stock from simmering the pork belly to barely cover the ingredients and cooked this for another 30 minutes, and then stirred in the thinly sliced pork liver at the end. I wasn't sure if it was safe to leave the liver slightly undercooked which was how I remember this dish from my childhood, and how I would've liked it. But it was still quite a nice texture and not too chewy after a minute or two of simmering. The only thing I forgot to add to this dish was ginger! Anyway, I was still in heaven and just couldn't stop eating it...!
  4. superbadkitty

    Dinner! 2012

    This thread is wonderful. Thanks to all you talented and creative people, I'm inspired, to say the least... and salivating as I devour all your gorgeous food photos, page after page...! It's the fourth day, I'm only on Page 16...see you at the most recent post one of the days!
  5. superbadkitty

    Dinner! 2012

    Made it myself. Bent some forks and had some conch shells. dcarch That is so clever!! Love it!
  6. Not a silly question at all. hzrt8w hasn't been around so much lately, so I've taken the liberty of answering. The black beans are basically preserved in salt - a technique used for preservation long before refrigeration was available. I keep mine in a jar in the cupboard and I live in semi-tropical south China. They would probably last longer than me, if I didn't keep eating them! Lol! (at "last longer than me"!) Thanks very much liuzhou
  7. Hi hzrt8w, this is great, thanks very much. I have a (hopefully not too silly) question re the black beans. How do you normally store it after you open the pack (in the fridge?) and how long would you normally keep it for...? Thanks in advance.
  8. This is probably too late, but hope it will help in someone else's future search. There's a place I go to in the 6th called Le Pub Saint-Germain (rue de l'Ancienne Comédie) which has all that (cool/hip, loungey, food...). Not been past happy hours, though it looks like it's set up for night owls. It's got two (or three) levels/sections. Ground floor is a comfy cocktail bar setting and upstairs is set up with (what looks like) Chinese antiques.
  9. Hi, believe it or not...I started storing my favourite recipes on my email account. This was for ease of search/access...and from anywhere in the world. For long and involved recipes, I now take a photo of the handwritten or one from a favourite cookbook using my iPhone and attach it to an email without having to type it all up.
  10. Bonjour, just wondering if anyone here knows if there's a place that serves Hainanese Chicken Rice in Paris? I'm after the Singapore/Malaysia version...
  11. Oh yes, forgot!!! There is a place called "TEN TEN" in Perth that serves (probably the best) Hainanese Chicken Rice. It is not the best, but it is The Best In Perth!! Like most Malaysian Food lol! It's in East Victoria Park (...? I will have to go back and check).
  12. Hello again everyone! I'd forgotten all about my membership here (!) until someone told me about others using my nickname and to Google it. Well, who gives a monkey's, really LOL - but here I am, back again on this wonderful site as a result, and just back from Paris too - more about that when (or if lol) I get ALL those food photos onto my iMac... So many food stories..................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you very much to annachan, rarerollingobject and Simon Lewinson for the recent tips. Just a note re: Hainanese Chicken Rice in Sydney.......... I was over in Sydney before I went to Paris and I was sooooo lucky to have discovered a fantastic food blog by this guy which had AN ENTIRE LIST of Sydney places for Hainanese Chicken Rice. Needless to say, it had saved me weeks (/months) of research and trial. I am not sure what the rules are about posting links here. I am too jetlagged and can't be bothered to read the rules right now lol! Message me privately if you want the link. PS I have since been back to the Penang Food Place on William Street in Perth too - it is by far the best in the whole of Perth for the following dishes: Nasi Lemak, Crispy Yee Meen (SERIOUSLY crispy), KL Pork Noodle Soup, Roti Canai with Chicken Curry (their chicken curry is the best)...... Apart from my personal preferences, there are dishes which are apparently best sellers like "Mee Pok", and I have also tried the deep fried Fish Wings which are EXTREMELY crispy on the Entree section of the menu if that is what you are looking for (crispiness). But their Hainanese Chicken Rice is definitely NOT good. Cheers, The Queen of Kai Fan
  13. Just a quick update: the Penang Food Restaurant in William St has changed hands yet again. I have been unwell so I got my other half to get some take away chicken rice for me recently. When I opened the packet, it was char kway teow instead - and a whole lump of goo at that. So... no idea, really, what the chicken rice there is like now. They weren't at all concerned they had gotten the order wrong - blaming it on new staff. Who knows.
  14. Mmm, thanks... must try on next trip to Paris! I didn't come across it last time I was there so I bought a can of it and ate it for breakfast the day I left LOL. Pathetic, I know - but I was desperate lol. It actually turned out to be pretty good too lol.
  15. So many restaurants, so little time!
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