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  1. UAE, Professional Chef. Mine arrived 4/4 and a colleague of mine got his copy about a week later.
  2. Thanks for the detailed reply nathanm -this is exactly what I was looking for! I had thought that by curing the trout first it would significantly improve the safety issue. Quite sobering to read your response on this... I will definitely take your advice from this point and cook to order. It seems a few more trials are in order; will also try at 38C. You're also correct re the temperature of the fish but it is served as a cold starter. It was only meant to bring the fish to room temperature. Thanks again.
  3. Hi All, This is my first post but I've been reading this site, especially this thread, for quite some time... First off, thanks to all on this thread for the wealth of information -it's unbelievable! Special thanks to Douglas Baldwin, nathanm, and Pedro for their hard work and research. Can't wait for 'Modernist Cuisine'! I was hoping for a bit of clarification... We're serving an Atlantic Ocean Trout at the moment and I want to be sure that it is as safe as possible... Upon arrival the trout is cleaned, then cured with citrus, herbs, salt, sugar, and honey for 3hrs. Next it is portioned and cooked sous-vide in clarified butter @45C for 25min. We use a chamber type professional vacuum pac machine and a Polyscience 7306. Calibration is routinely checked with infrared and digital stick type thermometers. The trout is immediately chilled in an 80% ice bath, then is held on ice for a maximum of 48hrs. Any unsold pcs are discarded. For service, they are re-heated in a 45C bath for 5min and served. The portions are generally 15-20mm thick, around 50g. Guests are advised that the trout is served mi-cuit; not for pregnant ladies or immune compromised individuals. Hygeine is quite strict in the country where I am at the moment so I have sent some samples to the lab for validation; would rather be safe than sorry! My question is for the scientifically minded of the group: is this method as safe as can be, aside from serving the fish well-done? Am I being over-cautious by discarding un-sold portions after 2 days? Thanks in advance! Cheers.
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