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  1. Your food looks so delicious! My wife would probably go nuts for that root marrow. The breakfast hash is more my style, and with duck..? *steals the plate and runs off*
  2. Those could become really cool design pieces in the restaurant!
  3. @gfron1, that sounds awesome! Too bad I live a couple states away... I love watching chefs prepare food. It always amazes me the talent and focus they have. I can barely watch one or two pans on a stove. Sometimes they have several.
  4. @gfron1, I've done the same with some of my own personal projects. (Woodworking, in particular.) It's always helpful to get other perspectives to catch or suggest things that you may not have thought about. As part of your connecting-with-your-food experience, will have an open kitchen so patrons can watch as their meals are prepared?
  5. Loving all of the ideas floating around. I just want to float a friendly reminder @gfron1, don't get too distracted by tons of cool ideas. Trying to do everything usually ends up being a disaster. I'm sure I don't need to say that, but sometimes it's just so much fun to explore everything. I have that high-novelty personality and go off on tangents all the time, so just speaking from my own experience. Based on your plan, I know you'll stay focused on your goal. I can't wait to see how it all turns out. It's so exciting!
  6. @gfron1, I think that's something a lot of new, inexperienced business owners don't even know to do. Check with the SBDC in your local area. There are tons of free resources there that can help you get off on the right foot. They even had free counseling for my wife when she worked on starting her business. When she walked in with research done and something like 40 pages in her business plan, they nearly fell over. Apparently most people just show up and have nothing.
  7. @gfron1, I appreciate that. My wife and I have both tried starting small businesses, and I have to say that it's not just something you go and do on a whim. It takes some planning and organization to do. So, when you started Kumquat, I assume you came up with a business plan and all that. How does your previous experience compare to this time around? I'm curious, because... well, to be honest, trying to create a business plan when you have zero experience running or owning a business is a bit scary and overwhelming. Especially considering that you could be banking a good chunk of your life savings on it. My small business is pretty simple. Just me doing some real estate photography. But a restaurant is a whole different ballgame.
  8. It's been a while since I've visited this forum. I come back to find your discussion on starting a restaurant. I've been very curious to learn about this process, so I'm excited that I found this right on the front page. I'll be following along, and I wish you all the best as you start your newest venture! I also have some family in St. Louis. Once you open up, I'll have to have them stop by and try the food.
  9. ^^THIS^^ I have this textbook. Still haven't gone through all of it, but it is very detailed and has categories for all types of foods/ingredients. Highly-recommended reading! I hear the 5th edition has a weak binding holding the book together. I have the 4th edition, and it's solid as a rock.
  10. All these awesome recipes to try! I haven't posted much on the forums, yet. But I suppose it's about time I did. I typically enjoy a nice bourbon or rum, either neat or with a couple of "whiskey stones" to chill it jut a bit. Lately, I've been enjoying some Plantation "Extra Old 20th Anniversary" rum. Absolutely delicious as an after-dinner drink. I also love Manhattan cocktails. I stick with the traditional recipe, but here's what I use in mine: 3oz Basil Hayden bourbon 1oz+ Noilly-Pratt sweet vermouth 2-3 drops Angostura bitters 1-2 marashino cherries There's something about the Basil Hayden that's just perfect for a smooth Manhattan.
  11. Just throwing this out there... I know quite a few people who enjoy a good Long Island Iced Tea. I'd imagine that they may also enjoy a well-made Sidecar, which could eventually transition into a Manhattan. (Goin' old-school! ) I went through that progression myself, as my palette gradually widened to include a bit more of the bitter/dry/smoky flavors of bourbon. I've yet to find a good recipe for a Sidecar, though... Anyone have one?
  12. I'm a huge fan of trying new cocktails! I'm definitely going to be following this to see what everyone comes up with.
  13. Well, I'm pretty sure there were a few different types of rice in the cloth bags. One of which was arborio, I believe. They were just a different brand. I would not be surprised if one of those types was the Bomba rice, though.
  14. I only saw one other type of rice that was in a (cloth, I think) bag at our local grocery store. Sounds like I may have to look around a little more to find what I need. I'll check on that other type of rice and see what brand it is. Thanks for the advice on storing rice! And for the recommendation on Carnaroli.
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