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  1. I use glenfidich with milk chocolate- I think it is the chocolate that compliments it the best. I don't even like whiskey, but I do like this ganache. I use molded shells with dark chocolate:

    80g cream

    250g milk chocolate

    30g whiskey

    30g butter

  2. Thank You! :smile:

    The area I'm in isn't humid at all right now, is it supposed to happen so fast (a few hours)?

    If I add glucose to the caramel can it impact this in any way? Or butter? Is there anything else I can add to prevent this? How about making butter crunch and then breaking it- Will the same thing happen? I've caramelized nuts the same way- stirred sugar with nuts until the sugar liquefies, added some butter and poured out on a sheet till it hardens. In this case nothing happened to the coating. Is the difference the temperature the sugar was cooked to? Or the presence of the nuts? Or just plain voodoo?

    Sorry for all the questions, it's just driving me nuts- my whole batch of chocolates currently has orange smudges on top- not very attractive...

    What I'm trying to do is create a creme brulee chocolate- make creme anglaise (based mostly on butter, not cream), add to white chocolate, add caramel pieces, dip in dark chocolate and decorate with caramel pieces. Is there any candy I can make that will stay crunchy while exposed to air?

  3. This is my first post in this forum (Thanks Ilana for recommending it!), over the past few moths I've been reading all 132(!) pages (mostly chocolate & confections related) and I've learned a lot! I've been making chocolates for about 2 years, I've bought every book that came my way, and experiment with new stuff every weekend.

    The first question I'd like to ask is: This weekend I tried making caramel for decorating some chocolates- my intention was to make the caramel, spread it out thinly on parchment paper, then break it up into crumbs, put some in my filling, and sprinkle some on each dipped chocolate.

    I tried 2 ways- first I caramelized 75 grams of sugar with 25 grams of butter, then I caramelized just 100 grams of sugar. In both cases, after the caramel hardened (which took a few minutes), it started what looked like sweating, until it turned to be completely liquid within a few hours. Is this what normally happens or am I missing something? Is there any way to make these hard pieces of caramel and keep them that way?

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