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  1. Thanks all for a great weekend - it was definitely worth the international travelling - new friends and new techniques - what more could you want. I'm especially pleased with my atomizer (thanks, Kerry) - the poor man's airbrush. On Monday I went to the big craft shop next to the hotel and picked up a bunch of Wilton powdered colours to mix with cocoa butter to play with in the atomizer. Anybody have any experience in mixing your own coloured cocoa butter?

    I really liked the blood orange and habanero ganache. Does anyone know which Amoretti product was used for this? They had Artisan Natural Flavors, extracts, and compounds, and when I went to their website, they have all three in blood orange. I'd like to stick to more natural flavorings when possible. Which line works better in ganaches (and maybe caramels)?

    I did the blood orange - it was blood orange compound and habanero extract and a dash of Grand Marnier - the ratios were very much to taste (and I personally prefer bold flavours). I am not normally keen on orange flavoured chocolates, but the blood orange is very bright. Next time,I think I'll use fresh chili for flavour as well as a kick, and possibly some cracked black pepper - or substitute black pepper for chili (oh, no, the wheels are in motion....)

    I asked Kerry about mixing powders with cocoa butter during the conference- she said that it would be best to process a bit with a food processor for the powders to really integrate in the butter- I plan on trying this as well, since I don't have any colored CB yet, just some powders

  2. After everything I saw and learned in the conference, I had to get around to buy an airbrush, and start playing!

    I went to our local Michaels store and saw that they were all in clearance :biggrin: . I bought the 2 possible models, and am trying to decide which to keep- one is a Badger 350- $20, single action/external mix, and the other is Badger Crescendo 175- $45, that is dual action, internal mix, and has a fine and larde paint tip.

    Is the dual action needed for chocolates?

    For spraying cocoa butter, will the internal mix even work?

    From the 350 specification, I can't understand what paint tip it has (fine? large?), are they both ever used?

  3. We started out tasting everyones chocolates- after 3 months doing Atkins, I think I ate more than everyone! I was very impressed by the level of the chocolates, it was so much fun eating one good chocolate after the other!

    Copy of IMG_1117.JPG

    Copy of IMG_1123.JPG

    Copy of IMG_1132.JPG

    During the conference, I pretty much bounced back and forth between all the demonstrations, trying to learn as much as possible from everyone. I loved making flowers from the modeling chocolate, and will definitely continue practicing to try and get to Patty's results, and thanks Steve for the airbrush demonstration, I have finally decided to get one, and will try to practice at home.

    Copy of IMG_1185.JPG

    This is the picture of the PDF Kerry demonstrated, while cooking- Port wine with Hibiscus/Ginger/cardammon liquer- I loved the result!

    Copy of IMG_1200.JPG

    Bob pinping Guiness ganache into his cool antique mold:

    Copy of IMG_1226.JPG

    Final showpiece:

    Copy of IMG_1280.JPG

    Chocolate remains at the end of the conference:

    Copy of IMG_1289.JPG

    Bob- thanks so much for the organization! I had an amazing time, and am waiting for next year! I definitely feel more comfortable posting, now that I know everyone here.

    I have more pictures I can upload to DropBox, if anyone wants them just ping me your email.

  4. I haven't yet tried any of his recipes, but I really like his flavor ideas and decoration techniques. I also noted that his chocolate-cream ratio looks pretty low for slabbed ganache (it sometimes even reaches 1:1, this is why I was afraid to try his exact recipes), and thought it might work for him for 1 of 2 reasons:

    1. He onlly uses Amedei chocolate, which might have a high amount of cocoa butter in the cocoa solids, which would make the ganache firmer for him, but not for anyone using a different chocolate.

    2. Using tempered chocolate, or tempering the ganache after it is ready, will always result in a firmer ganache which is easier to cut- it might be worthwhile trying the same recipe while doing this.

  5. My flight arrives in BWI at 1:35pm. I don't know how much time it'll take me to get from there, I guess about an hour?

    Aside from that, I will be arriving from a 2 week trip that goes through Vegas, where I will visit ChefRubber, if anyone needs anything from there I can get it- I am travelling with a suitcase anyway.

    Also, I will be carrying around some chocolates with me to bring to the conference, I really hope they will stay ok!

    It will take you more than an hour to make the trip. BWI is close to Baltimore and you're heading south into Virginia. My guess is that it will take 90 minutes or more depending on traffic. Fortunately, you should be able to get ahead of the Friday rush hour traffic.


    My flight back is also from BWI, I'm wondering if it's better to rent a car than rely on public transportation, any thoughts about that?

    Since I'll be travelling for the 2 weeks until the conference, I thought about having a friend send a package with some chocolates to the hotel a few days before the conference. Do you think they will be OK with that? Has anyone tried sending chocolates by regular mail? Or would expediated shipping be better?

  6. My flight arrives in BWI at 1:35pm. I don't know how much time it'll take me to get from there, I guess about an hour?

    Aside from that, I will be arriving from a 2 week trip that goes through Vegas, where I will visit ChefRubber, if anyone needs anything from there I can get it- I am travelling with a suitcase anyway.

    Also, I will be carrying around some chocolates with me to bring to the conference, I really hope they will stay ok!

  7. Just bought the Curley book - I'm enjoying it - lots of nice decorating ideas for enrobed chocolates. What's the Valrhona book like?

    I really like it, apart from the mouthwatering pictures, it explains a lot of basic patisserie techniques, for example what are the 6 techniques to make a chocolate mousse, when to use each and the possible pitfalls. I finally manage to make a Pate a bombe chocolate mousse without having the chocolate clump up :raz: It also has a chocolate section with some nice recipes by Jean Paul Hevin.

    William Curley is one of the best chocolatiers I have tasted- he uses amazing chocolate (Amedei), creates very unique and interesting flavors and manages to get a perfect texture every time (although I do think that his dipping results aren't perfect, I assume they aren't using an enrober).

    I also usually like decorating my truffles with some edible powder that reflects the flavor inside- I made orange powder from orange skins for an orange truffle, peanut butter powder for my PB&J, raspberry powder for raspberry truffles and etc.

  8. My husband's business school had a chocolate & Wine tasting event sponsored by Hershey's, which I helped organize. Apart from the actual tastings (for which we chose Scharffen Berger and Dagoba chocolates), they sent me 6 lbs of chocolates beforehand, from which I made some chocolates:

    The chocolate in he mail:


    PB&J chocolates before dipping:


    I used Greweling's recipe for this, and the peanut butter/chocolate ratio was way too low, and I overtempered it, so the chocolate layer broke a bit from cutting

    Chocolate in the event:


    Caramel & 62% dark chocolate ganache, milk chocolate-Whiskey truffle logs, PB&J (raspberry PDF and Peanut butter Gianduja), decorated with raspberry powder and icing sugar

    Chocolates brought by Hershey's:


    and the tasting map:


  9. A few questions regarding times/dates:

    The conference is planned for the 17th and 18th? Is there anything planned for the 16th? During what hours? I am trying to decide whether to fly in on Friday evening or Saturday morning.

    Also, what should we bring? chocolates for everyone to taste? molds/chocolate/books? Any other equipment?

  10. I love beets! and beet patties :) The beet filling took some getting used to (I thing it was just a bit on the strong side), but I liked the combination. Another thing they made that I liked was a lemon-Tequilla caramel on top of a dark chocolate salted ganache, that was amazing! I have never tasted an olive oil ganache, sounds interesting- is this from Wybauw's book? Were there any fans? Good luck with the zucchini! :-)

  11. I tasted a beet flavored filling, based on Milk chocolate in She chocolate in New Zealand- the color still came out, but not as bright as with white chocolate (which I actually prefer, and no aftertaste of white chocolate). I tried finding it on their website but I guess they stopped making it... (although I really liked it!)

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