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  1. 1)split pig 2)Take the feet and shanks off.. 3)take the loins out 4)take out the rib cage and back bone 5)then debone both legs 6)mistake 7)score inside 8)flip and beat the skin with a mallet 9)poke lots of little holes in the skin every like inch or so 10)flip back and season 11)add loins 12)tie 13)cook I like to serve mine with a green sauce
  2. I buy frozen bags of green chiles from this place in New Mexico. I keep them in my freezer and they are great.
  3. So impressive Franci. They look great. Darch, really, super inspiring Last night made a wedge salad with left over creme fraiche and blue cheese. Then made a rice with leftover chile oil and the leftover Goat we made the other night. The blue cheese was leftover from one event, the goat from another. Salad some fresh red, some macerated, some bacon. goat: Have an event tomorrow night for 30 something people. I am sure that will be the source of next weeks home dinners. This is tomorrow's dinner. This is what we have tentatively planned.. Last night I had a dream where I served the lamb with a coffee crust and jelly donut of sorts.. We shall see.
  4. while the steak looks good enough to eat, those potatoes are calling me.. The other day, I was making a lobster pot pie for an event. I used a melon baller and balled out some potatoes. I boiled them until they were cooked enough that after being in the pot pie and oven for some time , they would be perfect. I was very happy with the results.. Are those just cooked in a skillet or were they peeled, boiled and baked.
  5. Really pretty cooking Morkai, the soup looks great Dejah, as does yours Franci, Anna robirdstx, nickrey and Chris. Been cooking a lot lately and not taking too many photos.. Have been recipe testing different deli meats. Here is one of the roast beefs. a 10 lb piece tied up. There were several turkey breasts and a couple legs of lamb thrown in along the way. For an event, we roasted a goat wrapped in banana leaves, made chicken and cheese tamales with a pineapple atole, pork with mole poblano and a few other things. These are spoons prepped for the pozole. With the leftover goat heads and tortilla chips, we made chilaquiles. Before the snow, I bought a couple of dozen clams. Made a simple boxed linguini with clam sauce. black pepper, a splash of vermouth, a pad of butter, parsley, three quarters worth of slice of bacon and a some pepper flakes. Finished with olive oil. It was great. it's about 5 servings, looking forward to lunch. Served that with garlic bread. roasted garlic rubbed on italian bread. with the leftover mole, i braised some chickens thighs and will make tacos.
  6. I taped a few episode of Mexican Made Easy with the Mexican Rachel Ray, Marcela Valladolid.. She literally made, spaghetti tacos the other day. Took angel hair pasta, added a couple of tomatoes, threw in some queso fresco and called it Mexico City Tacos. She took vegetable soup from a can, added a Serrano pepper, made some meatballs that consisted of cilnatro, rice, and ground beef and called it Mexican Meatball Soup. Just shocking that was what she took the time to make. I see her as, the next big Food Network Star. She has the looks of Giada and the annoying personality of Rachel Ray.
  7. basquecook

    DIY Rotisserie

    So cool.. That's great looking.
  8. Really pretty.. is that bucatini? looks a lot thicker than your normal spaghetti
  9. Beautiful meals all.. Franci, can you talk about the charcoal you made?
  10. Does anyone know if Breville makes a commercial version of this oven. We are opening a place soon and would love to have a few of these.
  11. Covered in salt and olive oil.. cooked till crispy Add a little butter, some cheese, sour cream, bacon, chives
  12. I buy hatch peppers frozen.. they come in 2 lb bags, i buy 50 pounds at a time.
  13. Prawn, that looks ridiculous. Tonight, we roasted a pork shoulder for 11 people.. 10 pound pork shoulder was 1.79 a lb. roasted at 325 for 6 hours.. served with this peach and mustard gastrique. Started with some cheeses. a gorgonzola piquante, some sort of pecorino, a vacherin and a brillat savrin. In addition, shrimp cocktail, marinated mushrooms and green beans and this really nice Portuguese Chorico pan seared with pickles.. Caesar Salad
  14. Well, now my mother in law broke her foot today.. So, I had to leave work early and head up the Taconic about a hundred miles to take care of them. We arrived with no food in the house with the exception of two lambs we recently purchased. I stopped by the Portuguese Butcher and grabbed a can of tomatoes, three carrots, celery, an onion, a can of chickpeas a bag of string beans and a bag of potatoes and some chorico. I knew if all else fails there would be soup, They have been broken down and were in the basement fridge.. Apparently, my wife's cousins, raised a couple of lamb as part of a school project. At the end, the sent the lambs to the slaughter. The young kids were told they would be happily frolicking at some farm. As long as we never mention the lambs to the kids, they are happy for us to have the meat. The lamb is beautiful. Seriously, like delicious. I opened a pack of 4 chops and there was some loin with the belly flap. Served with some string beans and mushrooms. Chops were thick, cooked about 3.5 minutes on both meat sides and about 2 minutes on the fat side.. came out perfect medium rare.. the roast was slightly longer. This is what the roast looked like as the butcher didn't remove the chine so, I had to cut as far as I could and then snap the rest with my hands. Lack of knives, left me getting a little more hands on. but i trimmed it prior to hitting the table. To start we had Portuguese Chorico and chickpeas in a tomato wine soup. With lots of shredded collard greens. I took the vegetables and the meat out in order to let the collards cook longer. We arrived at like 4 o clock and at dinner around 630.. It was all really about getting dinner on the table. everyone was super happy, despite everyone's condition.
  15. I am so confused. My father in law had his hip removed two weeks ago so, our yearly Christmas party of 70 people had been cut down to 11 family members. My mother in law brought manicotti made from crepes, marinated mushrooms and her famous and revered caviar pie. It is a multi layer thing whihch starts with a layer of egg yolks, then whites, then there are onions, mayo, and then the whole thing is topped with black caviar. It's really cool when she takes it out of the spring form and places it on a cake plate.. I have an idea of turning it into a parfait and adding a crunchy element but, I digress. For appetizers, we stared with cheese plates. Then fried calamari and fried lemons. We had New Orleans BBQ Shrimp served on toasts. I am terrible with photos lately.. This was my only photo of the appetizers. You can see the shrimp head in the back about to be used for stock in the BBQ Shrimp. We had a 14 pound rib roast. .Covered in fat, then marinated, then roasted Taken out of the oven at 120 Served with a porcini gravey, scallion yorkshire puddings and creamed spinach. We served it family style. For dessert, my mother made a cheesecake, my favorite chocolate mousse cake, (a three layer cake filled with mousse) and 4 types of xmas cookies.. Definitely a fun night. Chocolate cake for breakfast Xmas morning.
  16. Sounds like a great night Norm.
  17. Started with poached egg and smoked trout salad. bacon and burnt rye berkshire pork roast. sliced thin, served with ginger scallion, salt baked potato with home made creme friache. Homemade chocolate chip cookies, baked thin, drizzled with salted caramel, served with a homemade egg nog ice cream. Served with aged Sortilege maple syrup whiskey.
  18. Bought 2 lbs of mussels yesterday and was planning on making a simple mussel pasta with jalapenos and white wine. However, all the mussels were open.. So, that wasn't very good. I read the fish tags and they had been pulled out on the 15th of this month. I don't have an explanation but, whatever. So, I made a pasta sauce with garlic and oil, anchovies, tomato paste, red chile and a little white wine. Topped with cheese and homemade toasted bread crumbs. It was actually fantastic. Salad and cheesy garlic bread
  19. chicken looks perfect Flounder. I bought a whole guy and discovered there was roe. Soaked the filets briefly in warm milk, dipped in flour. cooked in butter. Made a brown butter and caper sauce. Simple green beans boiled, then salted, then lemon'd. radicchio, blue cheese, pickled onions and lettuce. Miss k had a 1/2 lb salmon steak w/ green beans and a mint chocolate chip milkshake.
  20. added some fregola to the soup, along with a small dried chile pepper and a half a pound of squid sliced very thing into rings.
  21. photos are hit and miss but, last night cooked dinner for some family.. Started with a vegetable soup. Swiss chard, collard greens, leftover endive, tomatoes, onions, chickpeas and a two links of smoked andouille. Served with bruschetta topped with salt packed anchovies mixed with parsley, olive oil and lemon juice. And angulas in olive oil. Next up was salt cod brandade. baked, topped with bread crumbs, served with parsley salad with capers, onions and lemon. This was a recreation of the dish as, I took a photo with the leftover salad and an leftover gratin. Coq au vin as the main. It was pretty cool, Donnie Brasco was playing last night as we were making dinner. A punch of salt Donnie. For dessert, individual pavolovas with black berry and whipped cream
  22. Wow, Ann very pretty.. that chicken dinner looks perfect for winter. Got home from a trip around 6 o clock tonight. Picked up three cornish hens and deboned them up to the drumstick. Grilled and then baked at 425. Baked potatoes with sour cream. We also had a small bag of vegetables left over from a crudite. boiled for a little bit, tossed in lemon and olive oil fried chile flakes and chopped parsley while warm. Cooking time is 50 minutes for the potatoes and some prep time during the last 10 minutes.
  23. Pretty meal Franci.. Where do you get your sardines? Away from home again. But, before i went, we had a chance to have a little fried chicken off in our house. Miss A did a twice fry with batter while, i did a traditional buttermilk soak and then dip in flour. I like to fry my chicken at a super low temp. This was miss A's chicken.. mine is missing from the shot.. One thing i got from all of this.. We deep fried Oreida Crinkle Cut sweet potato fries.. I hate sweet potato fries but, these were actually really good. In fact, i may say they were the best sweet potato fries I have ever had. The first time I think I have ever purchased frozen french fries before. I served with curry ketchup
  24. No photos as we were cooking for people and it was a semi business dinner. We catered a wedding this weekend so, we had a lot of fun things leftover to cook with. Leftover cheeses and vegetables and dip to start. We started with the left over soup in little pretty butterfly espresso cups. It was a fall soup of sweet potato, carrots, onions, apple and squash. Roasted, blended, finished with cream and maple syrup. Then we had an extra tin of jumbo lump crab. Stopped by Chinatown on the way home. Picked up lo mein noodles. Replicated the Crustacean Garlic Noodles and Crab. 10 cloves of garlic with one shallot sweated in butter. Added a tablespoon or so of brown sugar, then fish sauce, chile flakes, then soy sauce, then the noodles then the crab and some salted water. Scallions to finish. This is really delicious. I have this large container filled with leftover foie gras chunks. So, I deboned a couple of game hens, pan seared and then tossed in an oven. Made a foie gras gravy, foie, butter, demi glace, red wine, shot of cream, shot of lemon, some black pepper. Served with roasted potatoes and a kale salad with leftover pomegranit seed yogurt dressing. For dessert, we had saved some of this maple marscapone cheesecake filling that we had made and cooked mini cakes in a water bath. Put together a pretty nice dinner in about an hour. Oh and this is a dinner I cooked the other night http://yijiagu.com/2013/11/27/hello-again-ny-bite-club/
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