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  1. Glorified, that sounds like a trifecta of gross.. So, what do you think it was, the online friend? Do you think it was actually turkey? Whats up with the winking? So strange. I fortunately have had limited bad meals at people's homes. Most of my family are really talented cooks. Most of my friends are either cooks or at least interested home cooks. Even my one friend who has very little kitchen experience cooks up a schnitzel with an arugula salad that is really nice. I live in New York City so, if someone is a bad cook, we usually just meet at a restaurant or they order in.. I am also lucky in that most people don't like to cook for me because they know I cook myself. .So, I usually either get people's A games or I just have them come to my house.. I guess the worst thing I had at someone's home was over cooked lamb. My sister is a gluten free vegan so, I usually just drink when I go to her house and my wife and daughter and I usually grab something to eat before we head on over. But nothing close to some of these horror stories.. Last week, we met at this terrible gluten free and vegan restaurant and we stopped for posole and Barbacoa prior to meeting them.. We were so stuffed.. I had a bloody mary and a side of polenta fries.
  2. stunning.. can you talk about whats going on here.
  3. beautiful, B. What a cared for dish. Tonight, a slice of that leftover meatloaf for Miss k. Traditional, I serve my meatloaf with a simple water and salt polenta, a red sauce, a bowl of ricotta cheese and broccoli. I had a customer meeting me at my house at 7:15, miss k had an art lesson at 8, i got home at 6. Steamed an artichoke, mayo, meatloaf for miss k. For the two of us. I had a request for green curry mussels.. Nothing special, coconut milk, water, lime, a dried thai chile from last summer. fish sauce, a scoop of green curry, brown sugar was the sauce. I sliced some green cabbage and blanched. green beans blanched. made white rice. added the green beans to the simmering curry, then the cabbage, then the mussels.. they were really pretty. fish tag said april 30th. served over white rice.
  4. beautiful, Mr. Soba. your mayo looks really nice too. Dinner tonight was simple. Up since 3 o clock this morning with house issues, i am tired. Dinner for two people. While Miss A was washing arugula, i made a quick meatloaf for sandwiches. A simple grilled half a duck breast to split with this really lovely local arugula, some pickled onions. dressing consisted of .. shallots, sugar, sherry vinegar, mustard. by the time we were eating dinner, the meatloaf had just a few more minutes to go. perfect amount of food.. froze the other half.
  5. two separate meals tonight. miss k and a had salmon and sweet potatoes.. two more ingredients on her list. i had lamb stew over rice with some ramps thrown in.. in terms of the eye ball or the consistency, i gave miss K, a fork full of perhaps 1/6 of the eye on it with some rice.. She ate it and loved it.. i have yet to tell her what she had.. She wants this for dinner tomorrow night.
  6. This morning, added the a 8 more ounces of cider, added some water, brought to a boil, skimmed off the top and have it cooking on low for a couple of hours.. Not as scary this way.. Eyes and tongue and all are in there.
  7. I have had a lambs head soaking In a garlic and cumin run for two days. Today, I took the head out, placed in a cast iron pot with lid, threw in a bag of rancho Gordon black beans, one leek, avocado leaves, a tube of tomato paste, a leftover 3/4 bottle of cider, leftover baby carrots, Bay leaves, cloves, cinnamon and some garlic. Added some water to cover the beans. Cooked for like 4 or 5 hours at 325. I can't wait to eat this. Had some beans as I was cooking. The house smells so good, the beans are perfect. So delicious there is a lot of liquid at the bottom.. tomorrow i will remove the meat from the head and it will just look like a regular pot of beans.
  8. Any major differences than normal? Do you cook the sofrito before adding it to the meat? Eggs, breadcrumbs, cheese.. It's from Naples so are there things like, pinenuts or currrants in it, or I may be thinking more Sicily.
  9. Dcarch, i love how creative and interesting your plating is.. Really, it's so unique and artistic.. Good stuff. can you talk about your two dishes up page.
  10. I made a few lentil patties for Miss A to have for lunch and freeze. I mixed the balsamic chicken livers and onions with the lentils, a little egg white and some flour. Then dusted the patty with flour and pan fried non stick pan. since she had soup tonight for dinner and didn't have lentils, she won't be sick of these.. plus they freeze, i am sure. If I had time I would have baked in the oven. They came out great..
  11. Buying those two lamb has been such a treat. Miss K has somewhere to be later tonight and she has homework.. So, quick dinner was needed. Dinner in less than 20 minutes. Chops with left over lentils. Nothing pretty.. Defrosted. Salted. Grilled the four chops fat on the fat side to get things going.. Heated up some lentils on the stove top.. Also pulled out a lambs head for the weekend.. Making a garlic paste with some cumin when i have time later tonight.
  12. This looks. so so so good.
  13. I was hoping to follow MM! So, yeh, some of the uglier food, I've made and photographed. However, it was really damn good.. Add my lack of photography skills and having to have dinner ready in an hour, I give you the following. Miss K had the last of the "wine chicken" she likes.. just heated up some P-Dutch noodles and mixed with butter. A classic version of coq au vin: So on my way home from work, my wife called to tell me she needed iron in her diet.. Or the dr. said. So, she listed lentils and chicken livers.. I made a pot of lentils.. Chicken stock, white wine, a tomato, onion, thyme, a ton of whole garlic went into a clay pot at 400 for about 45 minutes. Right before, i cooked down some onions, added 2 pounds of chicken livers from Pigasso Farms. with some butter, sugar, salt, pepper, thyme, wine and then a nice balsamic. Let it cook down and served on top. It was really good I realize this could be someone's worst nightmare.. we thought it was delicious. Miss K while not wanting a plate, enjoyed her few forks
  14. simple dinner tonight.. the Portuguese Butcher had these super thin pork chops. I bought 5. Did a simple butter. Just mixed a squirt of anchovy paste ( a rare thing to find in my fridge) into butter and mixed. While the chops were finishing, i topped with anchovy butter and deglazed with tarragon vinegar. For some reason, i have not been purchasing lemons. I have been purposely denying myself. Getting rid of vinegars. I guess it's a way of experimenting as I was tempted to thrown in the bottom half of a jar of cornichons to deglaze the pan. Served with lettuce salad.
  15. Ann, i love the idea of the salad in that crust like that.. And the prime rib looks perfect.. Last night, I fired up the big green egg.. Skewered shrimp, three at a time in two places, with wood soaked in water for an hour. Put whole squid flat on the grill and skewered the tentacles.. Grilled them after they had been soaking in olive oil, thyme and garlic. Mixed them with rancho gordo beans, olive oil and vinegar.. Tossed in some lettuces too that were given out free at the Baldor show yesterday. Still so full from the weekend, even after only eating one small cup of oatmeal yesterday.
  16. I would like to hear more about the premise of the book.. As of right now, what I am taking from this is, a person who has not experienced a subject, has the desire to write a book about that subject. Would I read a book about sex written by a virgin, if only for the comedic value. Nor would I take seriously a man's first hand account of what it feels like to be a woman going through child birth.
  17. Love seeing holiday photos.. Really pretty as always Soba, rotus, Kim, Anna, MM, Franci, Norm, Magaretz, Paul and Dejah. And well, everyone I missed.. It's truly inspiring reading this thread. gorgeous day Saturday so, we had dinner in the backyard. So the lamb shanks were browned and then left to cook in the clay pot for a few hours.. it was fall off the bone tender and I let it cool. The next day, i heated up the mixture in the oven for about an hour.. Before i threw it in the oven, I also put a half a bag of pre-cooked Rancho Gordo Yellow Eye Beans.. These were fantastic. We sat in the backyard and had quiet a feast. I plated table side and brought out my squeeze bottle of leek oil.. Side was peas with bacon, milk, shredded brussel sprouts, onions and ribbons of spring lettuces.. This is a beautiful dish and perfect for this time of year. Onions sweated with chunks of bacon making sure not to brown, throw in shaved sprouts, then milk, then peas, then ribbons of lettuces. A little salt a little sugar. Hit with a little mascarpone. Then, last night, the inlaws gave us like a thirty minute warning that, they were heading over for dinner so, we were able to put the leftover sauce over pasta.. With more ramp oil.. We had leftover Lagunitas Breakfast Stout Ice Cream, banana cream pie and a pear brandy caramel.
  18. Do you have photos or a thread on knives you have made dcarch
  19. making lamb shanks tonight to eat some time in the coming days.. Couldn't find white wine so, i poured a beer in.. 60 minute, dogfish. tomatoes, thyme, carrots, onion, homemade chicken stock, chunks of bacon, some salt packed anchovies. tossed it in a clay pot and baked high then super low. still going. at some point down the line, i want the leftover lamb meat as a ravioli filling..
  20. Lots of great food.. Can you talk about these guys.
  21. That looks really nice.. your making me want to defrost my chile verde and make chilaquiles.
  22. I made a stock from the backs of 20 or so game hens.. I deboned the birds to the drumsticks and then froze the backs and bones for stock. I made a stock with the bones, tomatoes, chayote, onion, a little cabbage, carrot, cilantro, spinach and potatoes. The next day, I added beans that i had soaked and cooked separately to the stock and cooked for a half an hour. Grilled this really nice slice of Pugliese bread. Brushed with salt packed anchovies mashed with a leek oil and bit of sriracha.
  23. Looks beautiful Steve.
  24. Miss K wanted sushi tonight and Miss A wanted a cheeseburger. A juicy lucy to be exact. I picked up three quarters of a pound of ground beef and martin buns. Toasted buns. Onions, lettuce, pickles, mustard, mayo, a shot of sriracha. The meat mixture had 90 percent beef. So I added a pad of butter, a small spoon of hot korean bean paste, pepper and a little of my brisket rub. Miss A had a juicy lucy, i had a 5 ounce burger flattened on the pan and topped with cheese. Burgers tonight with extra rolls and cheese for a later time, came out to $9.40.. I walked to the store and had the burgers finished before the 28 dollar order of sushi arrived. I like cooking.
  25. Looks great, Blether.. That meal looks as Japanese as Apple Pie.
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