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  1. nightscotsman, sorry to hear your Cascadia experience wasn't a good one, especially after hosting us at such a nice olive oil tasting party earlier in the day at your place. Can you weigh in as to how crowded the restaurant was when you went? Were there many empty tables? Did you see the chef, or hear if he was in the kitchen that evening? It sounds like although the presentation is good, and many of the ingredients, but not all, sound northwest, (infact the menu sounds like it *should* be delicious), they need to improve their seasonings, flavorings, saucing, salad dressing, and desserts (as well as cocktails). And that Decidedly Northwest, in being simply prepared local ingredients, in this case simple might be tooo simple and it needs more complexity?
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    neither could I, that's why I asked.
  3. I'm sorry to report that this year is the worst year ever for tomatoes in our garden. We got a very late start planting, and now they are late to ripen. And they are not as sweet as previous years (even the sungolds aren't as sweet). Very disappointing. But I'm bringing some of our tomatoes, sad as they are, to the olive oil tasting party tomorrow and hope Jim's olive oil will enhance them.
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    What do you mean by mush steak?
  5. Mr. Heron really likes penne cooked crisp like that. Whenever I make penne (or similar), I always make extra, so the next day I can pan fry some up for him. He prefers it that way, as well as mac & cheese pan fried crisp the next day, as well. I should take him to El Greco... he would love that.
  6. stella, it's been about 25 years since I've I waitressed, but I still have nightmares about it (had one even a couple of weeks ago). I walk into the resaurant and every table is covered with dirty dishes. I'm the only one there, and I'm trying to clear off and reset tables when customers walk in and sit at the dirty tables. I'm overwhelmed trying to take orders, clear tables, bring out food, remember coffee refills, play hostess at the same time, collect money, and tips are not good. Yikes! Another one I have is "bar rush" nightmare. It's 1:59am and the restaurant is basically empty and then a minute later (when our bars close), people start pouring in and all tables are intantly full and I'm trying to wait on everyone at once, and of course I'm the only one there to wait on everyone. I like your cake dream much better! Just before I wake up I sometimes know I am dreaming about wonderful food and postpone waking up so I can enjoy it a little bit longer.
  7. oh, that could work for me in a large way. I've been aching to sample the doughnuts there... *sob* I actually had a 'free birthday dessert' card from Tom Douglas that I didn't use during my birthday month :-( maybe I shouldn't mention that here on egullet I might get ejected from the club... I've noticed that Tom Douglas doesn't keep his online menus up to date. He's had the same Dahlia menu online since way before April, as when I went then, the menu was already out of date. No cobb salad, no steak sandwich on the menu when I went. If you have your heart set on a cobb salad, I'd call first. The bacon Tom uses at Dahlia is fantastic, so if he would put the Cobb back on the menu I know it would be fabulous.
  8. oh m'gosh. The tacos at El Riconsito....yummmm! I finally made it there yesterday, and only by accident as I happened to spot them as we drove by at 15101 Ambaum SW in Burien. I've been wanting to go for months though. I think they are probably the best tacos I've ever had. My favorite was a tie between the asada (grilled steak) and abobada marinated pork (their version of al pastor). The steak pieces had a nice crispy grilled exterior, with a juicy flavorful interior; the pork was not very crispy but delicious none the less, and chopped onions were also grilled in with them. They are served each on 2 soft corn tortillas. I also had a cabeza (beef cheek) taco that was good, but not as heavenly as the other 2. These little things are only $1.20 each and make a great snack or lunch. Although they were a bit on the juicy side, the great flavor makes up for the messiness and several napkins I needed as I ate them...and juicy is much better than dry (which I've had at other places). I can't wait to go back again. The place is very casual, and tables seat up to 4 max. I think.
  9. Thanks for bringing up Ponti. You're right - it's a great place, but doesn't get talked about much. When I was there (which was a couple of years ago), I had their Thai Curry Penne with Dungenness Crab topped w/ Seared Scallops, tomato chutney & fresh basil. It was excellent. It was one of the cooler months when we were there, and we sat next to a window that overlooked an outdoor dining area which looked nice for the summer months. I've also eaten at Phonecia on Alki Beach in W. Seattle, although have not ordered the fish before. I like that place, and the owner is very nice, too.
  10. I was just in Sitka last week Mike, I love that place! It was one of the stops on my Alaska Exlporer Cruise out of Seattle. As far as whale blubber... I have mixed feelings on that one. I've read somewhere in the past that the Makahs don't particularly think it is tasty, at least the younger generation. Laurie, I enjoyed so much reading about your dinner at Cascadia. Especially pleased to see they have an affordable dining option, too. Now that you've dined there, would you agree their cuisine is "Decidedly Northwest"? I think they have an interesting marketing idea. The rain window you described with falling water sounds intriguing. How done would you say they served their salmon? Was it at all translucent in the center, or rather cooked through and through (just curious). As for Northwest Cuisine, I'm also in agreement... that for the most part, it's fresh local ingredients in season, tastefully prepared. I also include the Pacific Rim/Pan Asian influence theme as part of the northwest cuisine, as well. I think ingredients only found in the northwest might include our pacific razor clam and geoduck? Does anyone know? Unfortunatley we can't claim exclusivity to the Dungeness crab as it's up and down the coast, but ours are pretty nice. We do have hood canal shrimp which are heavenly, too. Just curious... does anyone know when/where fish tacos became so popular? Didn't used to see them much a few years ago, and now they are a regular menu item everywhere (was it in the southwest)? Anyway, with our growing Mexican population, I hope we'll get more mexican influence in our northwest cuisine as well.
  11. Hi seawakim, Welcome! I second the reccomendation on Flying Fish for great fish. I also tasted a couple of amazing fish dishes last month at Matt's at the Market (Pike Place Mkt). I had Pan Roasted Halibut with olive-lentil cake, & tomato coulis, and my husband's was Seared Skipperjack w/ black beans and corn salsa. Skipperjack is similar to tuna, only darker in color. They were both excellent and were specials at lunch time. They also serve dinner. A couple of years ago I had an especially nice plate of halibut (w/beautiful presentation, but not quite classified as breathless) at Anthony's Pier 66 location (upstairs). The view of the sound up there is gorgeous, too. I would gladly go for that meal again. Trying to remember where I last ordered ahi...I don't think I've had it recently.
  12. Yesterday I called Mistral to see if they will be open next Monday (which they won't be), but I had a very nice talk with Chef/Owner William Belickis who just happened to take my call (I didn't know it was him though until the end of the call when I asked who he was). He's such a nice fellow and during the course of our conversation he mentioned that he likes to read eGullet! (He also gave me permission to mention that). I hope he will be persuaded to post on eGullet sometimes instead of just read. Thanks Ben for the great review of your meal & pics, and Mistral is at the top of the list of places I want to go.
  13. Hubby likes to put them on his cereal in the morning (or rather have a little cereal with his blackberries ). I have just been eating them with my fingers. I was thinking of making berry shortcake with fresh whipped cream. Does anyone know if there are different varieties of wild blackberries? The ones yesterday were so dark, juicy and sweet, but most important... they did not seem to have a lot of seeds. I've picked some in other areas that seemed to have larger seeds in them, which I did not like as much... Can anyone clarify or is it my imagination?
  14. Just an update on our Northwest Bounty so to speak... Wild blackberries are in abundance right now and PERFECT for picking (and I think for the next week or two as well). Yesterday on our walk in W. Seattle we feasted on some of the ripest, sweetest, sun warmed delicious blackberries I think I've ever had. They are basically everywhere, but particularly found in parks, and edges of other green belts in the city, even neighborhoods (like mine), or empty lots. We ate to our hearts content, and called it dinner (I reminded myself of a bear eating them right off the bush). We didn't bring a bucket, so we'll go back out today buckets in hand. If you haven't picked them before, a tip to get the ones that are sweetest and ripe is that when you touch them, they basically fall into your hand. If you have to pull or tug on them at all, they are not quite prime, and will taste a little sour (those need some more time to ripen before picking). Anyone else been picking blackberries? I've also started hearing reports that some wild mushrooms have been spotted & picked (boletes/porcinis in the higher elevations), as well as some chanterelles (maybe Mason country?- which is normally a good area to find them).
  15. Clever Steve Klc. However, you were the one who first brought up Cascadia/Kerry Sear in this thread after first trashing the Herbfarm. Back to the Herbfarm then...
  16. Steve Klc, could you please elaborate on your meal at Cascadia? How long ago were you there?
  17. Steve Klc, good points, and you'll get no arguments from me. I think the descriptions of the food sounded excellent. It sounds like they need to work on all the other issues raised. I think the 30 day cancellation policy is unfair, and that's just the first reason I don't see myself going there...I think Steve covered many of the other reasons as well. I didn't recommend Cascadia in Seattle as I've never been there so cannot comment on it first hand. I have heard good things about it, though.
  18. Hi Jenaya, Welcome! I just checked out your very interesting website. (recipe section, plus you've helped make some interesting sorbets for Cassis Restaurant, mmmmm). Glad to have you here. I'm checking out Procopio next time I'm at the market, too. mamster what the heck is Wonder Freeze?
  19. southern girl, I've never been to Herbfarm and reading your review was a real delight. Thank you for sharing your meal with us with wonderful image provoking details - your writing is beautiful (I'm actually swooning over the first 5 courses which I would especially enjoy sampling). I am sorry to hear that you got stuck for a $50 charge though. I do not like to hear that, and will read the thread you referred to. And I hope the owners will consider shortening or eliminating the long staff introduction show as that is something that would definitely deter me from going (I hate to sit for long periods anyway, and that added 40 minutes would not be welcomed by me). I especially enjoyed reading your description of their preparation of salmon and their technique of roasting it for 20 minutes at 170 degrees, as well as the description of the sauce. I have always cooked salmon at a high temp. and will be interested to try this lower temp method...thank you for those details. I hope we will be lucky enough to hear of your other meals in the Seattle /Eastside area.
  20. Dr. Revenue- Given your long term friendship, it is possible that Chef Hans Rockenwagner accidentally chose the wrong words when writing his email, and that he was sorry to hear about your experience (rather than reaction) at the restaurant while he was away. Especially when English is one's second language it is not uncommon to use a wrong word or phrase. I have numerous friends & family that speak English as a second language, and it happens all the time. With email it is even more difficult to tell if a wrong word was used. I hope this is the case in your situation, as I wish all the best for you.
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    Yum... Thanks for the great idea! I'm going to try that with our garden tomatoes & local crab... (or prawns as helen suggested).
  22. Chef Hawksworth, When you refer to your local pine mushroom, is that the same as the tasty and elusive matsutake? mmmm...
  23. Living in Seattle, Northwest Cuisine to me means mostly simply prepared fresh Northwest ingredients such as salmon, halibut, dungeness crab, mussels, steamer & razor clams, as well as geoduck clam, berries, wild mushrooms and whatever local produce is in season . Does your restaurant ever serve razor or geoduck clam, and if so could you please give a brief description as to the preparation? (ie...pan fried, sauteed, or another method?...I didn't see it on your online menu). As opposed to Bux, I have to say I like the fusion of Northwest-Asian cuisine...and consider it to be an interesting & tasty part of the Northwest cuisine. I will tune in to Bux's question and your response there with regards to your views on Northwest Pan Asian/Pacific Rim cuisine.
  24. Chef Hawksworth, What are your favorite northwest ingredients and what influence does Pacific Northwest cuisine have on the menu items you create? ps...I'm in Seattle and am looking forward to visiting your restaurant. Thanks for participating in this Q & A.
  25. Hi Chef Hawksworth, What is your favorite way to prepare salmon, as well as sauce (if you recommend one) to accompany it? Also, which salmon do you prefer? (ie. Alaska Copper River King?) Thanks!
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