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  1. Wine professional in what way? Sommelier in a restaurant I could help with...
  2. Disagree completely with you. You're out of order 'marching' into the kitchen. It's the waiters responsibility to deal with the guest; they are the link between the kitchen and if an issue arises it should be the front of house you discuss it with. Successfully dealing with it is what's worth the tip.
  3. Ever been to Le Gavroche in London? They have table centerpieces made of cutlery, some of it's pretty cool.
  4. I work in a 2 star and we're so far ahead in terms of food, service and surroundings that either we should have 5 michelin stars or Fischers none...
  5. I work in Oxford but you'd need a reservation where I am. I'd recommend The Perch or The Trout, both good pubs doing good food in Oxford.
  6. Wow, find it hard to believe he called you and said all that!
  7. I live in Oxford and work at Le Manoir aux Quat'Saisons so could give you a hand.
  8. Went with a few work colleagues the other week, lots of theatre but I think I prefer food thats more, well, tasty han theatric. Had a few extra things ... Pork Belly Cauliflower & Chocolate Risotto Rhubarb... Choc Mousse
  9. le champignon sauvage isn't far from evesham?
  10. I was in the background of the last episode!
  11. Had the best meal of my life here a few weeks ago, helped that we're in the industry and know one of the headwaiters! HAd 12 courses all in I think, then tasted a few more in the kitchen. Struggling to remember it all though!
  12. The actual restaurant isn't a money maker at all
  13. A colleague from where I work has recently gone to work there as a chef de rang, he does less hours than me and gets paid more money. So good for him!
  14. Guinea fowl Grouse Pigs trotters Bacon Black pudding Partridge Chicken Other lamb cuts
  15. Double that is standard at Le Manoir aux Quat'Saisons, shouldnt affect service if you are organised.
  16. So it was still a tea bag? They just put in the water for you? How is that really any different?
  17. I think its taken seriously mostly in the high end places, where a member of staff can be stationed in the caferterie or similar, their main responsibility being the teas and coffees. It depends of staffing levels and pricing, because once you get a table ordering 5 different types of tea (which all take different times to brew, different amount of leaves etc...) it gets a bit complicated.
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