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  1. What does the wasabi go with? EDIT: My bad, didn't read it properly.
  2. Ignore the blogger, whatever. It's still a horrible way for these chefs to act. These guys are celebrities in this industry and running their mouths like that where anyone can see is disgusting. It's not the way you run a business and it's a very immature way for grown men to act. P.S. I've been to Hibiscus, it really wasn't very good. Mr Isherwood's gave a better review than I would have.
  3. So have a Coke or a cocktail like I did.
  4. I may have had a sneak preview yesterday, perks of the job!
  5. Wasn't my style at all when I visited. Lots of bitter, sharp, odd flavours and tastes. I lean more towards the Phil Howard camp I think!
  6. Graham Garrett really seems like a lovely bloke. Bet it was hard for him with those two.
  7. Headed for dinner here on the 25th after lunch at Dabbous. Hotelypmia the next day. Ridiculously excited!
  8. The Perch is on the verge and definetely worth a visit. http://www.the-perch.co.uk/ The Mole Inn is a great 2 rosette pub. http://www.moleinntootbaldon.co.uk/ and of course Le Manoir www.manoir.com
  9. Gee's is nothing special. A nice location but for the price the food isn't great. It's one of the better restaurants in Oxford though. Luna Caprese is worth a look, a great little Italian trattoria style place. Not many know about it. Brasserie Blanc and Jamies Italian i'd say are the best chain restaurants in Oxford. If you want to leave the city centre I can give some good recommendations!
  10. I can see my ex-colleague Kyle in that second picture!
  11. Hope they don't get that smelly table...
  12. You get a tower of petit fours at Pied a Terre...
  13. 'Thanks for your review, we have managed to get rid of the smell, it strangely disappeared when you left, funny that, just telling it as we saw................. See you soon. Sat. ' Wow, is this for real? That is not profedssional at all, even if it is just tripadvisor.
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