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  1. I know schmaltz has been used quite often in the cooking of European Jews, although today it is regarded as a health hazard among the younger generation. If I think of the ultimate fatty pork snack, its good 'ole southern pork rinds like Paula Dean makes'em: homemade pork rinds recipe I can't think of anyone that is more iconic of traditional American cuisine than she is; and she presents her recipes with such motherly affection that it really does inspire to overlook whatever is unhealthy in fried pork fat.
  2. Irenesh


    Well, talk about whetting one's curiosity (Totoraku). There is something so special about "private" restaurants. I came across a thread here earlier about a private apartment being turned into a restaurant and test kitchen. I think the general public is looking for just that kind of exclusive dining experience.
  3. I gather from the replies here that the amount of each ingredient is not critical. I highly recommend the Wikipedia article on Syllabub. For anyone that has access to old cookbooks, there is a nice list of references as well.
  4. I think you have sent inspiration sparks to many a thread viewer here. Cooking what you love, serving guests, teaching, and making a good profit all at the same time - dream job indeed. I am interested as both a host and a guest. What I wonder is how one goes about advertising such an enterprise - website, flyers, word of mouth... It is so special when a private home is turned into a public venue. Brings personal relationships back into the corporate world. Perhaps one can take a building and turn each apartment into a unique restaurant! Call it Restaurant Mall!
  5. Irenesh


    You asked for regional specialties: Trinidad and Tobago - Hops bread (served with butter and cheese) Egypt - hops was used to heal liver disease and stomach upset
  6. Irenesh


    Enough said. Is hot ice cream really worth ingesting something that should not be eaten? I highly support recipe experimentation, but we all know that not every product of modern science to hit the market has had a positive effect. I say science experiments should be left in the labs, not brought to kitchen tables.
  7. Chef Cruz is certainly beyond culinary talent - his dishes are visual masterpieces. The first thing that catches the eye is the stylish elegance and zen-like presentation. It is a known fact that the eyes eat before the mouth, and what a first taste one gets from his elegant arrangements. Anyone visiting the restaurant must take a photocamera - there is just so much to record!
  8. Looks like we are still waiting for a recipe here. I recently learned pasteles can be ordered online from San Juan (like almost anything else these days). Surely that does not satisfy your request for a recipe, but at the least you can enjoy an almost-as-good-as-home-made version.
  9. Irenesh


    Agreeing with whitetrufflechick here. I would leave the first and third photo only - they are quiet alright. Nice to see a Mahwa restaurant reviewed. I used to go skiing here every winter!
  10. Irenesh


    The design of the restaurant itself is spectacular. Surely a setting that inspires relaxed, pampered dining. It should be noted that McCrady's is very committed to environmental issues such as a sustainable environment. They are quiet tedious in their recycling program. No wonder Opinionated About Dining named them one of the top restaurants of '08 for North America!
  11. Masarepa is also known as masa precocida and masa al instante. Masa harina is used to make torillas, while masarepa is used to make Arepas.
  12. Dukka tastes delicious with flat bread. As far as amounts of each ingredient, hazelnuts are the main ingredient, followed by sesame seeds. Spice amounts are to taste.
  13. Irenesh


    Triscuits, like any other simple food, can be quiet gourmet when used properly. Use gravlax and cream cheese atop a few Triscuits and you have yourself a 5-star breakfast!
  14. Anna, next time just tell them it's cooked without the application of heat. Certainly sounds better to sensitive individuals. I have read that it can be prepared over a period of up to 72 hours, but don't take my word for it.
  15. I have never tried a cooking vacation, but like Chris, have lived in various locations and adapted local cooking customs. I would think that a place with a good reputation would give you your money's worth.
  16. I have heard that pectin is very healthy. As far as chemicals - they're everywhere. Why worry about it?
  17. One is just better off cooking at home. Fast food has become so industrialized that even the simple things come in spray cans.
  18. aliénor - there must be something special about the first thing that enters your mouth after such a powerful experience. It may have made the special flavor you could not reproduce again.
  19. Irenesh

    Cooking With Tea

    I have heard of tea leaves being ground up and used as a rub for meats, but have never tried it myself.
  20. Irenesh

    My first spit-roast

    That looks great! Seems like a wedding that is truly one of a kind. With the open pit and all, a Medieval theme for the wedding works really well.
  21. Irenesh

    baby shower

    Ice cream scoops in a wine glass topped with assorted canned fruits make a great dessert. I would suggest a colored fruit punch as well - sky blue for a boy and bright pink for a girl. Good luck!
  22. The sodium and fat content are major sources of flavor in spam. It is like taking the cheese and oil out of pizza. You may as well eat white bread with tomato sauce!
  23. Feast has a nice one-page website that includes an email for suggestions. I am sure they would appreciate reading the comments above and would take suggestions into consideration. Private restaurant businesses have enough pressure as it is, getting feedback from locals is a wonderful way to cater to the needs of the community.
  24. There is an interesting article on the web - The Scientist and the Cook: Mind-Opening Recipes that deals with cooking as a tool for teaching chemical engineering. The use of the culinary arts as an aid in presenting advanced subjects is quite fascinating. Do you think this can be a successful approach to teaching mathematics to school-age children?
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