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  1. We don’t usually buy tots, but I came across a bag of green onion by Ore-Ida. Terrible! They were dry and had no flavor at all.
  2. My mother's favorite are red skinned Spanish peanuts. Always on the lookout. They got scarce in CA, but here in GA, no problem. We went in a local grocery here and they had these on a big rack. They are pretty good, and they make brittle as well. It's good,especially with these peanuts, but they need to cook it just a little longer, it really sticks in my teeth.
  3. When I was living in the Monterey/Santa Cruz area, a new coffee place opened up called Verve. Been hooked ever since. Now that we are in Georgia, I still have it shipped. The 1950 blend is our usual, Streetlevel is the one I started on, and their holiday blend the past two years has been great.
  4. I always brush the tops with either melted butter or heavy cream and sprinkle with turbinado sugar. Helps with browning and adds a nice crunch.
  5. RWood

    Dinner 2022

    It is a Lloyd pan. Mine is a 12x12 square. They make a lot of different sizes. Their website is Lloyd pans. I did get mine on amazon, no shipping with Prime. It made a huge difference in browning the bottom and edges.
  6. RWood

    Dinner 2022

    I’m still adjusting to this kind of cold after being in CA so long 🥶.
  7. RWood

    Dinner 2022

    Grandma style pizza. I’ve had to move indoors for pizza since there’s a windchill of 12F tonight ❄️❄️. My Ooni is on hold for awhile.
  8. I was in Florida for a few days, so i haven't gone back to check the molds. Before I left though, I did the ice tray crack on them and they did release some. And the transfer sheets are on there, but you can see bloom in the background. Since these are just for family giveaway, if I have time before Saturday, I may attempt filling a few. I was gonna put a couple in the freezer and see if they will come out first.
  9. I'm wondering if this is the texture you are referring too? It looks like a caramel to me, but says it's a ganache.
  10. RWood

    Food Funnies

    If this isn't the right place for this, please move. I couldn't figure out where to post. I was scrolling on Instagram and came across a photo of a really nice looking tartlett. The recipe was included but in French. So, I hit translation, and this is what it came up with. I don't think I'll be making tart dough this way 🤣. My mom and I are still laughing!
  11. Let's hope 🤞🏻🤞🏻
  12. I will do that, I put one in my Amazon cart. It was really overcast and damp that day too, so it may help. I'm thinking I'm going to have to figure out a lot of stuff here. I'm really dreading trying macarons 😬.
  13. I don't have a hygrometer. Once the holidays are over, I'll try to figure it out. Hopefully I'll get a fridge in there so as to try her suggestion. The molds are still on the rack. I can get a photo. I thought about chilling a couple to see if I get any sign of them wanting to release. A few are decorated, some not, and some with transfer sheets (which is gonna suck if they are wasted 😡).
  14. Well I was wondering that ☺️, wasn't sure what point you meant. Unfortunately, I don't have a fridge over there yet. I I left them on their sides on the table. The room wasn't terribly warm so I'm just not sure about it. I have rarely put them in the fridge at that point though. Maybe I should start.
  15. I've been wanting cake for a couple of weeks now, so I finally made a marble loaf. This is some random recipe I saved, but I liked the texture of this one.
  16. Well, my machine is doing it. I usually use the temper 2 mode on the Rev Delta, which is the full temper mode. Add the seed at the beep and let it go until I need to remove any leftover. I've always had good luck with this machine and it seems very accurate. I used to check the temp with another thermometer but haven't done that for awhile. It's just so frustrating that the drips on the paper where I was working and on the utensils were totally fine, and the molds were not.
  17. So for Christmas, I decided to make chocolates. This is the first time since we've moved that I've done anything with chocolate. I've been used to dry California weather, so I'm wondering if the Georgia humidity is my problem. We have a second detached garage with a room above it. I'm turning it into my hobby room. I have my Rev Delta set up along with all my other equipment. I tempered milk chocolate, tested it, molded about 10 molds. The test was still fine and the molds looked great. I turned the heater to around 66F so the room wouldn't be too cold when I came back and went to the main house for lunch. The room was probably about 70F while I was working. I came back and every mold had bloomed. The test was still fine, the leftover chocolate was set around the edges with no bloom (the center had a little because it was thick). The molds were on their sides on sheet pans on a rolling rack. They were nowhere near the heater. Needless to say, chocolates have been shelved for this holiday. To much going on to fight with it right now. Anyone in a humid area have any ideas? It's the only thing I can think of that might be the issue. The bottom floor of the garage is very humid, we've had mold issues on some stored furniture there. We are looking at dehumidifiers anyway.
  18. I'm actually making a grandma pizza tonight. Which is similar to Sicilian, thicker crust, but toppings are put on in different order, etc. There are many recipes online for this type of pizza. I'm a big fan of Tony Gemignani. I use his pizza Bible for a lot of my pizza dough and sauces (he has all the styles in there.) But, I used a recipe from a guy on YouTube (page is Kitchen & Craft). It came out very tasty. He does have a Sicilian on there as well.
  19. Red wine poached Pear and Frangipane Tart for Thanksgiving. No pumpkin lovers around here 🤷‍♀️
  20. RWood

    US Thanksgiving 2021

    I'm cooking the majority of the meal (as usual). I putting a turkey on the grill to free up space, we have a Cure 81 Ham since my mother doesn't do bird. I'll be making my cornbread dressing, brussels sprouts, mashed potatoes and a poached pear almond tart. My mother will make my grandmother's cranberry relish, sweet potato casserole and squash casserole. We're gonna have probably 15 people here.
  21. RWood

    Dinner 2021

    My mom's cousin is moving back to Georgia from California like we did. My mom is picking her up now, and I made a quick cheese board for dinner to have with our champagne 🥂.
  22. Nice! I'll give it a try. Thanks!
  23. The recipe calls for two egg whites whipped to soft peaks then folded in, so that's basically raw egg whites in the marshmallows. I've made them like that several times, and they were fine. But, I thought I would try the dried whites just too see if there was a difference. I felt like it would be less of a worry since they were being shipped.
  24. When I make marshmallows, I like the Smitten Kitchen recipe that is a whipped sugar/gelatin mix, but had two beaten egg whites added at the end. So, since I was mailing them and was iffy on the raw egg whites thing, I used egg white powder. The brand I had was from King Arthur, and the marshmallows didn't taste any different. I don't know how they would taste by themselves though. I was planning on using it when I try the toasted marshmallow experiment.
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