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  1. I live within a minute walk from a very good (but very expensive) butcher, 2 minutes from 2 supermarkets (and 10 minutes walk to 4 others)and 15 minutes walk to the market so I do try to shop almost everyday. It's not so much because I want the freshest things or anything like that- it's mostly because I never quite know what I feel like having that day and because shopping once a week means we throw a lot of things out. Things happen or we don't feel like eating what we'd planned and it ends in the bin. Spoilt, huh...
  2. For steak, Prime at Le Meridien is said to be the best!
  3. When I go out for dinner, it's with people I know and I usually do not like communal tables. However, it also depends on the occasion, the people I'm with and the 'other' people. If I'm with my boyfriend, I never do this communal table thing. If I'm with these 2 girls I'm really good friends with, then definitely a YES. We backpacked when we were younger and communal tables tend to be the norm. In general though, if I'm having dinner in a nice-ish place, I want to eat with my partner(s) and definitely do not want our conversation heard or to hear anyone else's conversation...
  4. Yum, nothing better than fish & chips. Think I'm gonna get myself some tomorrow! I agree with another poster that the Aldi near you seems to be well- stocked up. The one where I live only has the 'crappy' stuff. Not particularly tasty, lots of additives but extremely cheap. Actually, these days, the meat and fresh items aren't cheap anymore compared to the normal supermarkets (when they are on sale). Looking forward to the rest of your entries!
  5. The canales look lovely. I've never actually tasted them but I imagine a caramel-y, densed cakey-pudding sort of texture. Yum. I've never seen it in the bakeries here but who knows..someday... Baked a chocolate chip pound cake today. Recipe here
  6. Looks like quite a few of us had Indian last weekend! I love Indian food, could eat it everyday. My boyfriend doesn't like spicy stuff though so we mostly make bastardized dishes like Tikka Masala and Butter Chicken. I usually eat it with rice, he eats it with naan or prathas. This time, we had jasmine rice instead of basmati because I couldn't find my bag of basmati. Of course, once I put some water into my jasmine rice, I saw my bag of Basmati sitting right in front of my eyes.... Also made a bastardized stir-fry. Onion, red chilli, curry powder and a pinch of salt with green beans. Saturday's Dinner Lamb Chop. This will not happen often. Lamb prices are so high. Can't justify 11 euro for 2 lamb chops for a simple dinner!
  7. Everything looks so yummy here.. Haven't actually decided what to have for dinner yet and you guys are making me hungry!
  8. I visited a toko (Asian grocery store) earlier this week so we've been eating Asian almost every evening (and sometimes lunch for me as well!). Besides pho, I also ate kimchi fried rice, Pad Thai, UFO noodles (out of a box) and nasi goreng. Tonight, I had curry laksa. My boyfriend had pizza as he's not a noodle person haha.
  9. It depends if the skin adds flavour. Sad to say, I almost never discard the skin because of health or caloric reasons. I probably wouldn't bother cooking chicken (unless the skin doesn't add anything to the dish and the chicken is supposed to taste 'that way') then! I could never eat a roast chicken, Hainanese chicken or fried chicken for example without the skin. I find chicken skin in curries quite pointless though (unless it's a dry Southern Indian one then it's yummy).
  10. Baked a rustic but oh-so-beautiful cake today. I just love the texture and the bittersweet richness of it. It's an adult cake so probably not the best for children birthday parties. I felt like I was eating good chocolate from the chocolaterie hehe. Recipe for the Earl Gray Torte here
  11. dcarch : BEAUTIFUL! love the colours
  12. Made a pot of this and it was so good! Salsiccia & Savoy Cabbage Soup Recipe here
  13. I miss eating out at night. My parents, aunts,uncles, cousins, kids etc. would often have a meal and drinks at 1am..sometimes even 3 am. We'd have Indian-style bread with curries, fried noodles, tandoori chicken, claypot lou shi fun and whatever else anyone wanted. Where I am in The Netherlands, after clubbing, you either grab a kebab, fries and recently, there's this wok place (bad Chinese food in cardboard containers) which opens til about 3-4am on Friday & Saturday. It's probably unhealthy but then again, if you live in Asia, you generally don't drink on a regular basis so that kinda evens that out, I guess! Here in NL, we probably go through 2-3 bottles a wine a week between the 2 of us (and that's excluding clubbing). I never drunk anything back home except at weddings (and even then, not much) or when out with friends (also never to the dying puking terrible hangover stage).
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