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  1. Wow, Anita Lo blew them away...
  2. Perhaps we should say it has "jumped the snark" then, in honor of Toby...
  3. Yes, but that is appropriate since he was in Egypt last episode...
  4. If you want wild freshwater fish (trout possibly being an exception) you either need to catch your own or befriend a fisherman. Most catfish places serve pond-raised fish because river cats have such a gamey flavor. And not necessarily in a good way (depending on size and variety)...
  5. And the Lord did grin, and the people did feast upon the lambs and sloths and carp and anchovies and orangutans and breakfast cereals and fruit bats and large chu...
  6. Thanks JAZ! Your article took me right back to the campus grill in college, where a patty melt with fries was my standard order. The deep-voiced dude at the flattop (who we called 'ch'eatin' since that was all he ever said) did a really good version. I can taste it now...
  7. FYI -- Wilma Kaye's has closed for good...
  8. It's amazing how much those inside pictures remind me of Matsumoto's shave ice place in Hale'iwa... Never had a sno bliz. Can anyone who has had both compare & contrast?
  9. Just a quick FYI -- Ownership has recently changed (Mr. Hays has retired) and the initial report I've seen was of a lesser quality. Caveat emptor...
  10. Greenbrier Barbecue just off I-565. Their barbecued chicken with white sauce is the best in the area, including Gibson's.
  11. Thank you Racheld -- beautifully written!
  12. pogophiles


    "brominated vegetable oil" has always been my least favorite item on the Mountain Dew ingredient list...
  13. Here's the follow-up review of the Capital Grille in today's Tennessean. Couldn't have said it any better myself... Capital Grille
  14. got a very nice write-up in the Tennessean today... Clickety
  15. pogophiles


    From an old Jerry Clower routine: "I can prepare chitlins either way: stump-whipped or creek-slung..."
  16. pogophiles


    Like the smell of cooking cabbage raised to the power of 20... Unless you have extremely good ventilation, I would not consider cooking these in an apartment. And I would definitely encourage that you fry rather than stew them.
  17. I think they do a good job as well. Smith's Foodland here in LaVergne carries their hams and sidemeat...
  18. Don, Do you mean Bigham's Country Ham in Cornersville, TN?
  19. Heh heh...signed copies can't be returned to the publisher for credit!
  20. Here is an interview with one such female: SFA Interview
  21. You may also want to track down the Dutch Maid Bakery in Tracy City if you have a bit of extra time. The place dates from the early 1900's and is effectively a working museum (or was when I was last there). It is also the only place I know that makes Salt Rising bread... EDIT: Scratch that. Apparently the bakery closed earlier this month and is now up for sale. See story here: Dutch Maid Bakery
  22. Hay's Smoke House in Lexington, TN. Wonderful fellow. Former farmer who now runs the local slaughterhouse and has an excellent whole-hog barbecue operation open Thursday - Sunday. Make sure he shows you his smoker -- it is truly impressive. Highly recommended!!
  23. Your best bet is to walk over to the Hermitage Hotel and visit Chef Sean Brock's Capital Grille. Highly Recommended!!
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