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  1. My kids tried it on their cereal many years ago. Once. They were very careful to avoid the "poison milk" thereafter...
  2. No problem finding it in Nashville, I just replenished about a week ago...
  3. Sorry I didn't see this in time. Yes, Margot is quite good if not exactly cutting edge. Hope you went and enjoyed yourself!
  4. I really wish that this had been borne out in last night's episode, because Kristen deserves to still be there based on her food versus Josie's...
  5. pogophiles


    Definitely add Lucano to the "pie-spice" category.
  6. IIRC, the Brennan family in New Orleans split up a long time ago, with one side taking Brennan's and the other side taking Commander's Palace, among others...
  7. pogophiles


    Maybe this poem will help: Song To Grits When my mind's unsettled, When I don't feel spruce, When my nerves get frazzled, When my flesh gets loose- What knits Me back together's grits. Grits with gravy, Grits with cheese, Grits with bacon, Grits with peas. Grits with a minimum Of two over-medium eggs mixd in 'em:um! Grits, grits, it's Grits I sing- Grits fits In with anything. rich and poor, black and white, Lutheran and Campbellite, Jews and Southern Jesuits, All acknowledge buttered grits. Give me two hands, give me my wits, Give me forty pounds of grits. Grits at taps, grits at reveille, I am into grits real heavily. True grits, More grits, Fish, grits, and collards. Life is good where grits are swallered. Grits Sits Right. Roy Blount, Jr., 1982
  8. Thanks kayb, but you info is quite dated. Wild Boar has been gone for years and Chappy's just recently bit the dust. The good spots right now include The Catbird Seat, City House, Capital Grill for food and Patterson House and Holland House for cocktails.
  9. Saw it this weekend and really enjoyed the film. May finally be able to eat sushi with my wife now, as it quite piqued her interest! Highly recommended!!
  10. Only if you get the chicken with white sauce. The real go-to spot is Martin's in Nolensville. Highly recommended...
  11. Edward J - Your analysis assumes that the customer's check is limited to the amount of the coupon, which is not necessarily the case. I have used exactly one groupon, to visit a restaurant that I had wanted to try. Paid $30 for a $60 groupon. Total bill before tax and tip was ~$125. The discount built in to the groupon made me less likely to order on the low end of the menu.
  12. This. There is always a jar of the chicken flavor in my refrigerator...
  13. Peanut Butter Clif Bars are the best; pretty much the only energy bar that I like...
  14. This is much better if you work a couple of cans of tiny shrimp or crabmeat into the cream cheese before topping with the cocktail sauce. This snack almost always makes an appearance at my parent's house over the Christmas holidays. To really make it shameful add some butter to the cream cheese along with the canned crab. Note that an essential element of preparation is that you use your hands to smush this together so that your body heat helps to warm the cheese and or butter slightly.
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