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  1. Well, I could cut it in to thirds I suppose, but at that point I might as well just roast it. Besides, once you cut it in to thirds and then roast to sear the outsides, you'll have 6 end pieces instead of 2. I guess if I want to do Prime Rib, then I need to stick to tradition.
  2. How long would you SV it for at that temp?
  3. So I did a quick search for a SV whole prime rib and everything I found just turned into, "why waste your time? Just roast it!" Which I would generally agree with, but the kitchen I work in only has one oven that can't be tied up long enough to do the prime rib, so I found a couple of recipes out there and I think my recipe will be as follows... Cut a 10# prime rib in half and salt and pepper the outside. Vaccum seal each 5# roast and SV at 137 degrees for 10hours. Remove from the bags. Pat dry, rub all over with roasted garlic puree, chopped rosemary, thyme & pepper. Roast in a 500 degree oven until dark brown. Now here is where things get tricky, I want to hold it under a banquette heat lamp during service and cut to order (like you used to see at every home town restaurant in the 90's) So my questions are, 1, is it safe? I realize that the SV and the oven should be safe, but then it sits out , although under a heat lamp, lets face it, they aren't great. Still if it sits from 5 to 9 and is gone by 9 then its okay to be in the danger zone since it will be gone in 4 hours anyways (assuming we sell out or throw out left overs. 2, what would my expected yield be after SV. I read you have a loss of approx. 20% when roasting, less if its bone-in, so SV w/ bones what are your opinions? And lastly, what are peoples opinions about the flavor profile of SV beef on the bone. Other info to consider, i will be using a very fresh, very local beef that is grass fed up to 600# and finished on brewers grains. The meat has a very rich flavor, not overly irony, but still much more "meaty, beefy" flavor than the crap at the super markets. Anyways, I would like to get this thing rolling next week, so any helpful tips, tricks or advice would be much appreciated. Thanks!
  4. Have you tried pouring the sugar slowly into a mixer and whipping it. Then transferring that to your vacuum canisters?
  5. Adamsm83

    Veal stock

    Awesome topic! Veal stock is my favorite thing to make. i personally love real dark roasted bones, but it depends on the application. Just a tip, if i make mine at home i will reduce it and reduce it, being careful to wipe down the sides of the pot with a damp towel so you don't get any burnt flavor and freeze it that way so i don't take up so much room in my freezer. When I want to use it i just pull out a small amount and add a little water. Have fun and enjoy!
  6. Just finally got all my chems and will prob experiment tomorrow for the first time with spheres and maltodextrin powders. One question, if I make the spheres i hear that alchol is no friend to the process; so if I were to make a ravioli sized sphere and place it in a cup could i cover it with alchol to make the sphere burst by itself to mix into the drink? Does alchol break down the skin of the sphere?
  7. Most likely you'll have to start at the bottom, but cream always rises to the top. As far as being yelled it, it's gonna happen, but you kinda have to be thick skinned to work in a kitchen anyways. You brush it off keep your head down and work smart and you'll be hard. If i were you i would go into a restaurant and tell them you want to learn as much as you can and that your willing to do whatever it takes to get where you wanna be. Good luck.
  8. Thanks for all the info everyone, I will probably start off with the cheap scales from the head shop down the road.
  9. I recently ordered all sorts of chem's and powders online to start messing around with molecular gastronomy. I am trying to find a digital scale that wont cost me a fortune, but will also be accurate. If anyone has any suggestions I would love to hear them so i don't wast my money, thx.
  10. Just a reminder infants don't have a very strong immune system built up so I might shy away from giving it to your shorties.
  11. I have been doing this for 11 years now starting as a dishwasher and I am now a chef. I agree with what everyone here has posted. If you want to move into some sort of supervisory position you have to realize that people are going to be looking to you for help and answers. When the hollandaise sauce breaks during your dinner rush are you going to know how to fix it or are you going to go ask the chef. You should be fast, precise, and willing to sweat. I know this sounds the craziest, but you have to keep a clear head while doing a million things at once. You need to prioritize in your mind exactly what is going on and deal with each process one at a time while never forgetting the big picture. First I put the water one for the pasta Second I chop my shallots Third I heat my sauce Fourth my water is boiling and and I cook the pasta It does nobody any good for you to stand and watch the water boil Organization MISE EN PLACE
  12. Adamsm83

    Savory Marshmallows

    Interesting idea you have here. What if you were to make a thick salmon flavored cream and bloom gelatin in to that, From there you could put it into a foamer and just fill a half pan with salmon foam and place in the fridge. Once it sets you might be able to cut the desired shapes. This is just thinking out loud though, but good luck. PS. On el bulli's textures site you can buy a gelatin that you can hold hot which could make for any number of great ideas.
  13. Hey everyone this is my first post ever. I am very happy to have found this mass amount of info. All my chemicals are in the mail and will be here shortly. One of my many many questions, is can i make a flavored bath to drop my caviar into. For example a chocolate calcium solution that you would drop alginated cherry juice into to form a chocolate covered cherry? P.S. Youtube is an amazing source,to watch videos of MG, such as ferran making raviolis, achatz working with maltodextrin, and peanut butter jelly time.
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