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  1. Hello all, and happy holidays. We're working on our next menu for our bi-monthly rotation and we are looking for over the top recipes. We would like to know if anyone has seen the asian equivalent of the gumbopages.com website, or any other resources of the like. Thanks Adam
  2. How about tapas restaurants in Nashville? My sister and brother in law are headed out there pretty soon.
  3. Darth Sushi

    Pirate Sushi

    in the end we didn't have time for a proper photo shoot. I'm not even sure that we had a camera even handy. Everything was very well received, and a few of the rolls may return for different menus down the road.
  4. Darth Sushi

    Pirate Sushi

    Pirate Sushi This is the final draft of the sushi menu for this weekend. Everyone gets a couple slices of each roll, drinks have yet to be determined, and the cheesecake dessert will probably be figured out last minute on wednesday or thursday. The Delicious staff is getting all dressed up on saturday night, and when its all said and done, we're gonna go get loaded, then pillage and plunder Bismarck, ND. I'll try to get some photos up ASAP Bretheren of the Coast Maki jerk red snapper, mango, orange sweet peppers Horn of Africa Maki curried crab, raw red pepper, minced ginger The Rum Fellow Nigiri a slice of fried plantain, drizzled with rum sauce The Saucy Wench Maki adobo encrusted seared salmon, raw pablano pepper, tossed spinach The Ropes End Maki blue marlin, sofrito, cucumber, scallions Dynamite Tuna fresh ahi tuna, dynamite sauce, cucumber, scallions Pain and Pleasure Maki fresh ahi tuna, chipotle cream cheese, jalapeno, tempura battered and deept fried Scurvy Ura-Maki mandarin orange, raspberry sauce, reverse rolled with lime zest Pieces of Eight Ura-Maki grilled asp-aaargh-agus, seared tofu, shittake mushrooms, reverse rolled with cracked black pepper The Briny Deep Maki fresh raw salmon, fresh ahi tuna, unagi, with a spicy tsume sauce
  5. Darth Sushi

    Pirate Sushi

    That's freaking hilarious. Anyway, I think what I am going to end up doing is a pirate diorama in the style of chirashi-zushi, and stylized ship rolls for the second plating. And I've been playing with temari-zushi, to make things like pearls and other round pirate paraphenalia(cannonballs with black tobikko)
  6. Darth Sushi

    Pirate Sushi

    we are trying to create the ultimate warrior. by adding ninja food to pirates, were hoping to add ninja stealth to pirate mayhem. now if I could only figure out what Jedis eat
  7. he's gonna love next months menu, when i whip out the coney island roll with a boiled hot dog, heinz ketchup and mustard, that radioactive green relish and sport peppers
  8. Darth Sushi

    Pirate Sushi

    This is awesome. We're going to have to change our format for our sushi nights, family style platings. I'm going to have to start rolling at 8 in the morning for dinner at 7pm if I'm gonna pull this off.
  9. Darth Sushi

    Eating Panther

    Take a look at Exotic Meats. You may find interesting alternatives there.
  10. Darth Sushi

    Pirate Sushi

    I'm thinking that in this case, that bad puns are the best puns.
  11. As everyone knows, the greatest holiday in the history of holidays takes place on September 19. International Talk Like a Pirate Day. September 19 also happens to be when we have out Sept. sushi night scheduled at Mr. Delicious. The plan is to create Pirate sushi and we wanted to get the egullet crowd involved. We are looking for sushi ideas that fit into the pirate category, no matter how silly they may be.
  12. So about an hour after I should have been rolling sushi, I was still struggling trying to get my gels to actually hold together. I am still not entirely certain what went wrong, but I ended up resorting to a simple agar gel. I still got my flavor, and the texture was still different enough that it accomplished what I needed it to. I am not done with this by far.
  13. What about creating the blush spheres first and then immersing them in the second alginate solution of the white wine. Could you create a sphere inside of a sphere that way?
  14. How would you go about forming a gel around a different liquid, say encapsulating a tart blush wine inside of a sweeter white wine?
  15. I does only one thing, that's for sure... and too much and it tastes like an ashtray (too long in a smoker does the same thing). It is available in many different smoke "flavours" though (i.e. hickory, pecan, maple...). I bet you could cook your rice in tea as well if you want to add that kind of flavour to your dishes. Lapsang souchon tea would also add plenty of smoke flavour... but I'm not sure this is the direction you are taking. ← i will keep that tea in mind. one of the other processes i have been looking at is steeping tea and using that liquid to soak either apple or cherry chips. i change my sushi menu every month, so i dont see why i couldn't try most of this stuff
  16. A restaurant that both Mr. Delicious and I worked at in the past totally ruined any respect that i could have had for liquid smoke. it's simply not versatile enough for what i want
  17. Unfortunately, I abhor liquid smoke. Smoked salt is actually not too hard to come by, although to really dial in the flavor we would have to do it ourselves. we are about to be installing a smoker at the shop. right now i'm leaning towards smoking the raw rice first. My next question is this: Is there a nuetral wood that you could use to burn along with tea leaves for the actual flavor?
  18. excellent. also, i have not heard the term critter in a long time, and I live in north dakota. thanks for that
  19. Well, im working on my next sushi menu at Mr. Delicious and I want to play with smoked rice. I have some ideas about how to do it, including ssmoking the rice itself before I steam it, or else smoking the water used to steam the rice. I'm just wondering if anyone else has tried it, and what the results were. Any other ideas for methods would be greatly appreciated as well. Thanks folks
  20. These are all great suggestions. I can't believe I didn't think of hummus. The only issue with the tomato roses is that I also have to do all kinds of sushi prep and rolling on this particular day. So I gotta be able to make my sauces on Thursday, come in on saturday morning, and put the platter together.
  21. So my girlfriends sister is getting married, and I was asked to whip up a few items for the bridal shower. Im already throwing in some cheesecake from Mr. Delicious, but I also am working up a veggie tray. The only sauce I have so far is a balsamic honey sauce that I've been tinkering with. What I need are one or two more really solid dips(creamy or otherwise), to complete the platter. I have been searching the internet in vain for days, and I just can't find anything that screams Delicious. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  22. Depending on what item we are toying with and how busy the restaurant is, we will usually send an experiment out to one of our hardcore regulars for their approval. If we get the nod from them, and we have enough of the ingredients, we'll send out small plates to every table seated in the house. We were playing with blintz one night, with no ambition to put them on as an added dessert(we've got enough dessert with over 200 cheesecake flavors). We had mixed up some crepe batter for ourselves, and had enough left over to serve the tables in the dining room. Sometimes when testing new menu items, we'll send out one or two for free before we commit and put them on the menu, but usually to our foodie clients. Most of the time when I have received comps at bars and restaurants is usually when a chef or bartender that I know just tells me,"Check this out"
  23. we do add the cheese at the end, the problem comes because we make enough of the soup to last 2-3 days, and have to keep reheating batches of it as we go through the day.
  24. veggies, roux, chicken stock, beer, and cheddar are the main ingredients. we have to heat it to 160 degrees before we can bring it down to a holding temp, and thats when it breaks down.
  25. So, at Mr. Delicious Cheesecake Cafe and Bakery, also lunch, dinner, and sushi, we have been trying to find a way to keep the beer cheese soup we make from breaking down when we heat it up for service. It is kind of a pain, any ideas on how to either slow this down or stop it completely would be great.
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