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  1. Carl is a very talented Chef. Market is our favorite restaurant and we goes there all the time. I have a big family so most of the time there are 8-12 of us going and making reservation at Market is not easy. They do not take reservation for large party (over 8) befroe 8.30pm. So when Banker hill opened, I had high hope that we may be able to make reservation for my family a little easier. I was wrong. They can only take a max of 8 at a time and if there are more than 8 of us, we will have to be seated at two different table with no gaurantee that they are close togather. The first time we went, there are 12 of us so we were seated in two seperate tables very far apart. When we arrived they gave us a table so big that it is easily seat all of us so I request to be seated togather in one table instead of two. However, they are very inflexible and insisted that we be seated separately. The restaurant was very noicy with music blasting away and it was very difficult to talk even in a small table for 4. The beer selection was great. The wine selection was OK. The food was normal bistro fare nothing to brag about. For me, it was disappointing because of our expectation since Carl was part owner. It is nothing close to what Market's has to offer. We met 4 of our friends while we were there and they were very unhappy with the atmosphere (loud music) and food (fish and chip - breading more than fish) and whisper to us that they will not return. Since it is Carl's place and I consider him a friend we decide to return a week later hoping that they will change the menu like Market where menu is market driven. Unfortunately, nothing changed. so I will not be back either.
  2. I got to about the 2nd course and just started ordering from the menu. I covered off most of it I think. ← You did great. There are 4 of us going so we can for sure try a few of their dishes.
  3. Using a blow torch to brown may be very time consuming instead using a very hot large gridle (if it is available) may be a lot faster.
  4. Diced tomato with little salt and pepper, than you can add diced roasted bell pepper, roasted garlic etc to the basic tomato sauce.
  5. I am making reservation for Ames right now for 8/22/09. The food looks wonderful. However, I thought it is a 5 courses tasting menu and you showed a lot more than 5 dishes, what happened? Thanks

    Chinese BBQ Pork

    You can stir fry it with leafy vegetable or scrambled eggs. You can add it to your vegetable soup. You can even dice it and add it to your favorite pasta.
  7. I had two great meals at Hane last week. Roger is a great sushi chef. His omakase dinner is wonderful. I would recommend it anyone who likes sushi. Omakse dinner is not cheap - range from $70 to $100 depending on what is available. Roger is a protege of Sushi Ota who is part owner of this sushi bar.
  8. If you had saved some chicken bones or wings or wing tips in the freezer, than you can sear the bone or wings and make a pan sauce that way.
  9. If you like Chino Produce than you have to go to Market Restaurant on Via Della Valle and Mille Fluer in down town Rancho Santa Fe. You can find both of these restaurants in the web.
  10. SV garlic with olive oil and salt at what temp. and how long?
  11. AVFOOL

    "Hapas Tapas"...?

    Diced lox and cream cheese with caper and chive served on top of a deep fried wonton skin cup. Let me know if you need instruction on how to make the wontun cups.
  12. We do it all the time and most of the time quite sucessful.
  13. AVFOOL

    Sous Vide Braises

    I had not SV lamb shoulder but did a lot of pork shoulder at 82.2 C for 8 hrs. and they are "falling off the bone tender". You can try lamb shoulder at that temp and time to see if it is the result that you are looking for.
  14. Tomato season is here. A tomato salad will also be wonderful and easy. Thin slices of different color tomato top with torned basil leaves dressed with Balsamic Vinegrette and top with shaved Parma cheese.
  15. I used my thermal circulator for about 6 month now and clean and dried after each use. However, I am noticing some rust inside the circulation tube. Any idea on how to get rid of the rust?
  16. I had SV pork butt many times at 82.2 for 8 hrs. I believe if you go much beyond 12 hours, you will lost a lot of the flavor. It is very tender and yet keep its firm texture after 8 hr. After 12 hr. it will be "falling off the bone" soft with juice in bag. For 24 hrs at that high a temp., you cook out all flavor into the liquid in bag. If you intends to cook it for 24 to 33 hrs. keep you temp back to 62-65 C.
  17. Since port shoulder need not be rare or med rare to be tender and juicy, that is where the variation in temp to accomplish similar result. I think if you have time 24 hrs at a low temp. is good and if you are concern with time a higher temp will work just as well. I do cut my meat up to about 4mmx4mmx24mm strips and usually put about 3 strips per bag. Reheating at the higher temp also cut the time down. It will be nice to get togather and every one cook their own favorite meat, fish or vegetable and have party periodically will be ideal.
  18. Pork shoulder and other pork product seemed to do very well with SV. I always have a pack or two in the freezer for a last minute meal. I SV pork shoulder with a little salt and pepper at 82.2 C for 8 hours. When it is time to serve I just throw it back in the water bath to bring it back to temperature and add a variety of sauce to finish the dish. Sauce i had used includes Chile Verde, Brandy Apple, Coconut green Thai Curry, Lawry Au Jus, Mexican Salsa and Chili Soy Sesame etc.
  19. One of the best deals in town right now is The Wine Vault & Bistro . 5-course meal for $30, add $20 for a wine pairing with every course (3 oz pours). Portions are not huge, but they are enough. There is talent in this kitchen and the food is quite good. Service is good and the waitstaff is well trained and knowledgable about the wines being served. ← Sounded wonderful, will try soon.
  20. Try filtering your liquid from the bag to get rid of the protein which when heated will turn into scum and it is not very appealing. After filtration, you will have a much better medium to make your au jus or gravy. Good luck
  21. If you like asian flavor, I suggest adding a slice of ginger and a little diced green onion plus a tablespoonful of Hoisin sauce (available in asian market and readily availbale in US super market). After SV, remove liquid from your bag and filter with paper towel or coffee filter to get rib of the protein so if you want to reduce the sauce you can without the scum. You can also thicken the sauce with a litter butter and flour. I think you will impress your SWMBO.
  22. Yakitori on 5th is a good choice for late night dining (they open till 1am). It is Japanese BBQ chicken and its parts, beef, and vegetable on a skewers. It has a great selection of Sake and Japanese beer. It is inexpensive but can get busy late at night. Emerald Seafood Restaurant on Convoy is another place that open till midnight and had a special disconunted menu for after 9pm dining. Sakura is a Izakaya on Convoy that open till midnght also. It had no sign outside so it is hard to find. It cater to mainly Japanese. It is located in the shopping center where Original Pancake House is on Convoy. It tuck away in the back and just look for a Japanese Restaurant with no sign. Here are 3 more restaurant that you can add to your list.
  23. Market Restaurant in Del Mar is a must. Check it out at its website: www.marketdelmar.com You will not be disappointed. However, they are always full so make sure you have your reservation before you go and they are not cheap - starter around $10-15 and entre $28-40. ← Place looks great, and $68 for a 10 course tasting is actually a great price! thanks for the tip ← $68 is for a 4-course tasting menu. Market is overall a good but not outstanding restaurant. ← If Market is good which restaurant do you think is great in San Diego. I am always in search for the best. Thanks
  24. Market Restaurant in Del Mar is a must. Check it out at its website: www.marketdelmar.com You will not be disappointed. However, they are always full so make sure you have your reservation before you go and they are not cheap - starter around $10-15 and entre $28-40.
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