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  1. Hello guys, I would like to share a few photography tutorials that my studio partner Robert and I produced: I hope you can find them useful: 1. How to photograph fruit still life with natural light 2. Macro Photography with extension tubes 3. How to photograph wine bottles Cheers!
  2. Here is the perfect cookbook for you. "The Gourmet Bachelor" by Chad Carns Each recipe is paired with particular wine. for example: Coriander-spiced duck breast pineapple relish- paired with Pinot Noir, Carneros Tuna ceviche crisp plantains red pepper sauce- paired with Albino, Spain The book is about simple ingredients and global flavor. It has a great wine section and beautiful photography. The book might not be out yet. I think release date is May 2009. I get see cookbooks way before they released (I am special like that) well… check it out The Gourmet Bachelor.com
  3. I like the name of your blog. A lot of people correlate the two: sex and food. I often get comments during portfolio review: “chocolate is like porn to me” or “this lobster looks better then sex” … I remember being 20 and taking my first photography course. What caught my eye was a couple of raw chickens in my mother’s sink awaiting their fate. I just became a vegetarian and had a sad feeling in regard of such sacrifice. I took them out and did a study that revealed resemblance to a female nude. The photo series of chickens in various positions (including doggy-style) was later proudly presented to my professor. It’s been over 10 years since… and my sub consciousness now is somewhat less horny. Or perhaps it has matured and visually less obvious. You asked: do you think that textual food porn needs to be posted with visual food porn? In my opinion it doesn’t have to relate directly to the description. It could be something that relates conceptually. Just find the balance. If a picture can add excitement the to the textual description it will create a stronger content. But if the picture is not as strong as the story then let imagination create the image. Good Luck….
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